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1 Month Anniversary

Today is American in Davao’s first month Anniversary of being a .com.

As I mentioned on my first post once American in Davao moved from Googles Blogspot it was from the advice of Bob Martin and RandyC to move to my own domain.

Well I took their advice and the hits that come from readers of  Expat Interview and now the visitors and page views have jumped higher than I imagined.

As of today according to Google Analytics American in Davao has had

1,815 visitshappy-anniversary1

954 different visitors from 61 different countries

8,601 pageviews

To some Bloggers and Websites these numbers are small, but for me it is a lot higher numbers than I ever reached when my Blog was on Blogspot.

I want to Thank all my visitors and all their comments and support. Without all of you, I would be just writing to myself.

14 Responses to “1 Month Anniversary”

  1. johnray says:


    Congratulations!!!! That is something to be proud of…I hope I get my traffic going up as I have my own domain.hehehe..

    • Bruce says:

      I am sure you will. Just be careful, there are a lot of traffic generating sites that give ads and credit for visiting other sites in their group, but most of all you get is 00:00 time on site and 1 pageview which kills your bounce rate, or your hit/pageview ratio and average time in site.

  2. zelot66 says:


    Well, I’m glad that you’ve finally got a ‘rush’ to your site. I still remember reading your article in the Blogger showroom where you proposed we pay a visit to each other, do some clicking in order to support everbody. And i remember well, I gave you ebook on internet marketing.

    So, changing to .com and reading ebook really paid! Hahahaha….

    I’m going to change to .com soon and I hope I’ll get the same ‘rush’ to my site as you do.

    Take care bro.
    p/s: your site link is still on my blog. I hope that will help you.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for your friendship and assistance. I proudly tell people of our friendship and how you show my link in a site for business information. I have not seen any visitors refered from your site, but maybe oneday.
      I still get a bunch of 00:00 visits but not as many. Expatinterview gives me most of my better hits.

  3. rick b says:

    Hey Bruce

    i really do think the new site looks excellent…sure you are right to change, us guys eh…from usa (or uk for me) we aren’t frightened to venture abroad to face new challenges are we…glad you are going for it Bruce

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for visiting. I see you have been busy. John had liked my template he tried to use it for one of his sites. I do like the changing photos.
      Send my reguards to your family and hope to see you soon at FoM.

  4. gagay says:

    whew! ccongratulations Mr. Bruce..hope u could have great stay day after day here in Davao..TGIF!

    Gagay, MD

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you. A lot of days is a challange, learning new things about the culture and life here, but I try to take them all as a lesson to be more of a resident and less as a visitor in a foreign country. I hope you will continue to rvisit, read and comment. Also please tell your friends, that is how a site grows with readers that enjoy and comments to help me know where to go with the content.

  5. Hi Bruce,

    Congratulations on your first month’s anniversary. May you have many more one month anniversaries. Regards.


  6. I see that you are very active here on your site Bruce! Good to see! I am having some troubles at work, cause of the current crisis :). Who knows I might be considering a move too, to the Philippines or somewhere else in South East Asia. The Philippines are the highest on my list at the moment. My currency are very weak at the moment so my savings will be a lot smaller over there than just a year ago.

    ps. I clicked on a few links here! Hope it helps!

    / Stefan

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for the support.
      For you, being a programmer, you can always look for contracts and work online, from anywhere. This can suppliment your savings. The nice thing about Davao is the saftey for foreigners. Mayor Dutarte is strong on anti crime here.

  7. Yes Bruce, I have been a few times in Davao, so I know that I already like the place. I am happy that I have been four times to the Philippines. It would make a move easier.

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