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A Call for Help – Typhoon Pablo

It has been about 5 years since the start of American in Davao. I have tried to write informative and helpful articles for my readers. I enjoy when followers of this site comment about some value they find with my posts.

I try, with time permitting to answer all requests and questions with as honest information. Recently I was going to let American in Davao close since it costs money to keep the registration and hosting current to have this site online. Also working twelve hours a day and being in Las Vegas it is difficult to writ

e articles about Davao and/or the Philippines, not being or living there.

Not too long after I posted an article about closing the site, a long time reader and friend who is married to a beautiful Filipina offered to take over the registration and hosting to keep my information available for all to read.

With this said, I have to ask my readers for some help.

As most of you know, Tuesday December 4th Typhoon Bopha/Pablo, a category 3 typhoon with winds up to 110 mph,  slammed into the eastern coast of Mindanao.  The flooding and winds caused damage and flooding all over the island. Elena’s brother Junior lives in Bislig Cit, which is in Surigao del Sur on the eastern coast.

Junior had a small two-story house which lived him, his wife, 3 daughters and four grandchildren. All that is left is the slab and the clothes on their back. Junior used to have a good job at a lumber and wood pulp company in Bislig but a few years ago the company went bankrupt and closed down. Since then, Junior does day work in construction when available plus they have a small garden where the grow vegetables for their use and to sell the excess to the local neighbors.

Now with everything gone and the city devastated they have nothing. They are living in a shelter at a local elementary school. Food and supplies are few and far between since relief efforts are divided throughout the island.

Our whole family is trying to help but there is so much needed. We are trying to send clothes, food items and building materials to get their live restarted.

I am asking my readers, especially those I have helped through this site and my assistance to now assist us with our endeavor. I have also decided to assist the City of Bislig. One half of all donations will not go to Junior but to a relief effort in the City of Bislig to help the others in need.

Please help. Just click the PayPal Donation button and donate whatever you feel in your heart. Let’s give the people in Bislig a hope for the holidays and a better 2012. I thank you for all that can help the people of Bislig.

Thank you and Salamat to all and to all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

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