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A Day at Costa Marina, Samal Island

Last week was my friends Luis wife’s Venice’s Birthday and invited us to join his family to go to Costa Marina Beach Resort on Samal to celebrate her special day.

So last Wednesday morning we drove to Luis, loaded him, Venice and all the food into the car and drove to the wharf where you get the boat to the Resort.

Once there we met up with Venice’s mom, sister, brother and he sisters little boy. One the boat there was only one other group of 4 people.

Since we are in a gulf, the water was smooth and the trip only takes about 15 minutes.

When we arrived we met Sonny, the manager of Costa Marina. He is a nice man and over the day we talked a lot and got to know each other better.
Once there we set up on a nice tree shaded table and in true Filipino tradition started to eat. Luis had made roast chicken and Spanish rice. There were lots of other goodies too. Being only about 10:30 in the morning I was not too hungry but I did force myself to enjoy some of the rice and chicken before it was all devoured by the rest.
We sat, talked, joked and then everyone decided to get into the water.

The resort has very clean changing room with changing, toilet and shower booths. Since there was nobody else there Elena and I went into the men’s and Elena stood guard as she helped me change and I did the same for her.

The water was warm with a mix of sand and coral to walk on. You needed flip-flops or something to protect your feet. The water was also very shallow and even after walking out 50-60 yards it is only up to your waist. There were some cool currents to find and they felt so good. Even with warm water, it was refreshing getting out of the hot humid air.

After I dried off and got changed, Sonny came by again to see if we were all right and I mentioned I wanted to walk around to take some photos. Together we started our tour and he pointed out all the places there.

Samal has many of these little beach resorts along the gulf side. Some are very upscale and some are very affordable. The first time Luis invited us to Samal we went to Paradise Island which is next to Costa Marina. It is also owned by a family member from Paradise.

Sonny explained if you want to be around a large busy crowd, go to Paradise Island. If you want a quiet day at the beach and to relax come to Costa Marina. He also said he will turn people away if he feels it is getting too crowded.

We walked up to the restaurant building, then down a path towards a building that can be used for parties. Along the path there was an area where there is massage therapists available on weekends.

The paths and area was kept very clean. They also have these net coverings above the restaurant seating area to keep leaves and other falling debris from falling into your food.
He showed me where the cottages for overnight stay were located and from the outside they looked very clean. They all have Air cons and TV.

By the time I returned, everyone looked worn out and ready for our return to the mainland. Also the clouds were moving in with a hint of a rain strom in the near future so we packed up and walked down the jetty to wait for the boat.
There is a nice covered sitting area about half way down the jetty. While waiting I saw 2 larger boats tied up in the gulf. I am not sure if they are tour boats or used to bring larger groups to the resort.

From such a quiet and relaxing day it was a little shock to get back into traffic on the drive home.

So, if you’re looking for a nice relaxing day, go next to Paradise, I am sure Sonny will take good care of you. Mention my name or this blog to let him know I recommended you.

I lost their web site URL, so if someone has it please let me know.

6 Responses to “A Day at Costa Marina, Samal Island”

  1. Bruce says:

    Sonny sure is a GREAT guy. I talked with him for hrs when I was there.
    Be sure to say “HI” from me next time you are there.


  2. Bruce says:


    I am glad you enjoyed it there too. Hope you are all well and look forward to your next visit.

  3. Alan says:

    Do you happen to know rates for cottage stays and or have an address for this place ?

  4. Jace says:

    A friend and I stayed October 2 and it was a bit disappointing.

    Plus side – there were very few guests so it was quiet, compared to neighboring paradise resort.

    Down side –
    no flexibility / notion of customer service at all

    we made a last minute booking via their davao office and found out that their davao office didn’t give a heads up to the resort that we were coming over.

    we would only be allowed to check in early for P500. there was no guest ahead of us, the cottage was empty. we were given an outright 10% discount, but we weren’t allowed to check in early without charge.

    we forgot our goggles and asked if they had any to rent out. they did not. the neighboring resort, paradise island, might have goggles for sale and we requested that they ask. the supervisor we were speaking with, not only did not give us feedback but we never saw him again either!

    food was disappointing.
    they only had 2 choices for the fish although they listed like 4 on their menu. we ordered sinigang na bangus and received a very small fish. we asked if they can get a fisherman to procure fish for us and they’ll cook to our liking. hello it was an island, wouldn’t you know a fisherman or two. so they said they can procure fish for us, even if we make our own procurement they are not allowed to cook it for us, even if we are willing to pay extra.

    take note of their published rates above. they had to cable tv, their shower was not working and you had to pay more for a cottage that had hot and cold shower. in my experience with resorts in palawan and batangas, they had free flowing coffee, tea and water. this place had none.

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