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A Flash From The Past with the Help of Facebook


The other night while I was doing some things on my computer, I noticed I received an email from Facebook. The message was “Are you the Bruce from Hemit, CA?” Well I was kind of shocked. I had not lived in Hemit since 1992 and moved from California to Florida in 1997. It turned out it was from an old friend Debbie who at the time I lived there was dating my friend Bill.

Around 1990 I moved to a little town in Southern California called Hemit. Hemit and San Jacinto are two little towns in a little valley in Riverside County. It was a farm area and a retirement community too. I was renting a nice little 2 bedroom duplex in a small rental community of duplexes.

I do not remember who was living there first, but I became good friends with a man about my age named Bill. We got along well and had something in common; we both enjoyed Country Westbrandin-iron-largeern Dancing.

For a while we would drive together to a club we enjoyed called the Brandin’ Iron in San Bernardino. The Brandin Iron was a very nice club because of a large dance floor and over all a friendly crowd. After a while Bill started dating Debbie. She was a sweet lady and really liked Bill. There was times Debbie would come to Bills home with all the items needed to cook a nice meal and many of these times, I would be invited to the dinner. I remember on Easter I was invited to a wonderful Easter dinner. As I am a joker, Debbie had a great sense of humor and we would always joke with each other. About the time I was moving from California they told me they were engaged.

Well, I moved to Florida and we lost touch with each other. And now living half way around the world, I have lost track of many old friends. And with my poor memory, I am lucky if I can remember old friend’s first names, let alone last names.

In America, not like here in the Philippines, unless you had a close and long friendship, as life goes on and you move from place to place, state to state or as for me, to another county, you forget many of the old friends you have made. You have some friends and after you move you make new friends and many old ones are forgotten. So you can understand how shocked someone I had not seen, spoken to or had any contact with from 12 years ago, how shocked to get the email and find out I was not forgotten.

Well as soon as I received the email, I opened Facebook and saw Debbie was still online. I sent her a chat message and then eventually on the phone talked for a while catching up.
It turned out they have been married 12 years. Bills 2 daughters I had known as teens are married and Bill and Debbie are grandparents. The also are retired and have a travel trailer and spend their time touring the US.

Debbie was also shocked to learn I am living all the way in the Philippines. I explained what had happened in my life and why I am here.

I am amazed as forgetful I am that I had made such a impact in a friendship  and someone’s life that one day someone typed my name in Facebook and found me.

Maybe with Facebook and the internet I will find and be found by others from my past.

4 Responses to “A Flash From The Past with the Help of Facebook”

  1. Hi Bruce,

    I’ve been over here in Austria 8 years since retirement in Canada and joined up on Facebook a couple of years ago without much enthusiasm.

    Then, just in the last 6 months or so, many old friends have found me and I have found others. It gets to be fun. When a name from the past comes into your memory, do a search and see who you can find. Good Luck!

    • Bruce says:

      So far only one friend found me. I guess I was not as popular among my friends as you were. I thought of searching but cannot remember a lot of their last names.

  2. Quickroute says:

    I think if you have a common first / last name your chances of being found are a lot less. I have connected with a lot of people from high school and a reunion is in the works.

    • Bruce says:

      I do not know, maybe I made such an impression in my past friendships, except the one that contacted me, maybe nobody else wants to find me. 🙂

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