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Affordable Accommodations in Davao

I receive emails often from readers about places to stay when visiting, planning an extended stay or actually moving to Davao.

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many places here in Davao. For Hotels there are many from high rated Hotels to small inexpensive ones.

If someone is planning to stay for a few days or just one or two weeks I would suggest a hotel and there are many sites that list the hotels and give discounts.

For someone planning to stay for one month to a few months, a hotel can get quite expensive.

Also if you planning to move here and need time to look for a house or apartment rental, you need time to learn the city and decide what part or area you prefer to live.

I do suggest if you’re looking to buy or build a home, taking the time to look around the different areas of subdivisions are even more important since you do not want to buy and then decide you prefer to live elsewhere.

dscn2590One nice option here for monthly rates if you’re visiting, or just a decent place and price as you get your bearings is an Apartelle. An apartelle is a term for a small efficiency type of apartment. They come in different sizes and amenities.dscn2584

As a way to help and advise some of the email queries I received I had visits a few of these places and I found one that I was impressed with. It is called Jun-Del Apartelle. It is in Bajada in the Rivera Village Subdivision. They have two buildings, one when you first enter the subdivision and one around the corner.

Larger unit

All of their units have cable TV, an aircon unit, a decent size CR (bathroom) with lavatory, flush toilets and a shower with a water heater unit, a refrigerator, queen size bed, built in wardrobe and a table with chairs. They also have wifi for internet access. Rooms are cleaned daily and bed linens changes every week.

They also have at both locations a small store to buy drinks, snacks and some canned items.

dscn2583The location nearest the entry to the subdivision has nice and comfortable size rooms with all the items listed. Out front they have a nice area to sit, a TV and a pool table. There is also a community kitchen to use for cooking and an area to do your laundry with clothes lines to dry. They also have a covered roof deck to relax with an area for a massage therapist on call to come and relieve any tensions.

The other location has 2 size rooms with kitchens. The bigger accommodation has a Queen size bed, small couch that can be opened for an extra bed and phones. The kitchen comes with a rice cooker, electric burner to cook plus pots, pans, dishes, flatware and glasses.

There are also smaller units with a  single bed and kitchen.dscn2589

It also has a nipa style gazebo to sit out at and parking inside the compound.

Both locations also have nighttime security. Laundry service is avaliable for a small fee. During heavy rains, at times, it is difficult to get a taxi. If this happens the owner will come pick you up with their vehicle.

Currently the rates per month are as follows:

Units without kitchens:                   12,000 Php
Larger Units with kitchen:
Ground Floor: 21,000 Php
Second and Third Floor: 18,000 Php
Small single bed units w/ kitchen 12,000Php

As you see from the photos both locations are bright and clean.

I have gotten to know the owners and if you need, I can contact them and check availability and make reservations for you. If you’re already in Davao, I would be happy to drive you there and make introductions to get you the best deal.

When checking in they need one month’s deposit and a months advance.

10 Responses to “Affordable Accommodations in Davao”

  1. It’s better to stay for a few days in one hotel. Move around to get a feel of the city. Rental prices can vary and the closer you get to the downtown area, the more expensive it is. (I guess this is the same in any other place in the globe.)

    • Bruce says:

      That is why I siad to learn the city. But Jun-Del is nice, clean and affordable for monthly rentals. Shorter term is best in a hotel, even though Jun-Del had a daily rate of 800 pesos.Long term you would want a house or apartment.

  2. Samuel Peterson says:

    The post is very helpful & informative, thanks for telling us about these affordable accommodation in Davao.

  3. paul says:

    I found this website doing a search for apartments for rent in Davao. I left a short comment for Bruce asking about the above apartment rentals. Bruce drove over to my hotel, picked up my girlfriend and I, drove us over to the apartments. He was very considerate, and engaging about Davao in general and helped us find this cute apartment to rent.

    Kudos to Bruce, and thank you sir for your time and help, it was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife, and I hope that we become friends, which I already think that we are.


    • Bruce says:

      It was my pleasure assisting you. I enjoy helping others and that is why I keep writing and keeping this site active, even if
      I hardly earn any money at all.
      I feel, my experiences and ability to assist others is something I like to do for expats or visitors to my new country and city.
      I also enjoyed meeting you and your lady, and getting to know you. and YES, I consider you a friend already.

  4. JR says:

    how many person can occupy the room?! We will be going to Davao and there will be 9 of us…is it possible that we can occupy just one room.

  5. Thom says:

    Hi Bruce,
    I’ll be in Davao for about 6 weeks… mid April to the end of May.
    I’ll be by myself and need a place to stay. Could you check availability for me? I would want a room with a kitchen and not a single bed.
    Thank you

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