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Again,”A Little Help From my Friends”

A while back, I posted a similar request. The reason for this is the following:

I have written on this site for over two years now. At first, it was about my family and my adjusting to life here. I would fill the article with photos. When you first move here, everything is new and different.
Over time this site and my writings has become more about the culture and life here for an Expat. But, it is difficult at times to think about new subjects to discuss. I have even gone into areas I felt were too taboo to discuss and have been surprised to get positive comments and rarely arguments from my feelings.

Now, I ask my readers to help. If there are things you would like to know about, information to share or just questions about me, my life here or life here in general, please let me know.

One friend and reader asked me to discuss the Filipino sense of humor, since many times our jokes are not appreciated or misunderstood. I looked online for Filipino jokes, but most I could find were in tagalog and I did not get them translated. If you are a Filipino reader and have jokes that are funny to the Filipino, could you send me them and I will post them in an article and discuss the differences in our sense of humor. Send them through the Contact Me form on the top of the site so I can see, and edit if needed before posting.

I thank you all for following my little site and continuing to read, comment and show appreciation. At times I even get a few donations to help support the cost and time spent here sharing information to you all.

12 Responses to “Again,”A Little Help From my Friends””

  1. ian says:

    I’m not sure if this qualifies but it took me quite a while for me to figure out what my wife meant every time she said her friends ” got a nose bleed” lol
    Turns out its a term used here for a filipino who is reluctant to talk to a foreigner because they will ” get a nose bleed”- or in other words, feel inadequate about their usage of English and are embarrassed about speaking it. And its always said very jokingly
    Its really hard for me as a foreigner to pick up on local jokes coz the filipinos are very reluctant to offend or insult me [ not coz i’m so prissy but just coz i am a foreigner-who they generally treat with way more respect than deserved ! lol]

    • Bruce says:

      I did a few articles in the past. The tough part is, as soon as it is read, I get emails and comments of other uses and misuses of English here. It would be a never ending story, but all are welcome to share.

  2. Marcel says:

    One issue that is specific to mixed couples living abroad and this one irritates and gets me upset quite a bit is that my wife insists on speaking Tagalog even in my presence when topic pertains to me. I am quite reasonable, if we were in Philippines or here in Canada where there is large gathering of Filipinos its OK but lets say when there are two Pinoys and myself, it really gets me upset especially when both other parties have good command of English. I am even less tolerant than other people would be because I have emigrated to Canada myself and English is also my second language and I strongly insist on using English because that’s only common language between us in this case…
    Obviously, I do learn Tagolog little by little already and it won’t be an issue once we move to Philippines one day.

    • Bruce says:

      It gets worse once you move here. If you are able to learn the language, it will make life easier for you to understand, but I am afraid once your able to talk and understand the language, you will only hear an English word when there is no Tagalog word to fit.

  3. ian says:

    I’m not sure you are less tolerant! It really bothers me, and I consider it outright disrespectful and inconsiderate. I wdnt do it to her . I am talking about situations where everyone speaks one common language [ usually English] and 2 of them insist on talking to each other in a language that the other doesnt understand. But I find that by standing my ground they will include me in the conversation. Altho when they get excited they do forget and lapse into tagalog/visayan, which i think is natural, but if I ask nicely and and dont act like a tyrant they will just say “sorry” and switch back to English. And if its a topic of an intimate/personal nature I just excuse myself for awhile.

  4. Steve in Davao says:

    I see the same thing. I just walk away and do my own thing. If they ask where I’m going, I answer “somewhere I’m included in the conversation”. I always get sorrys, we laugh and I get included. All in good fun, of course.

  5. rich says:

    im like really looking forward to it. no one will talk to me cause suppose of l don’t know the language, thus i don’t have to talk to them and i get to play the ignorant kano card at all times. all the while knowing exactly what their talking about :))))))

  6. Tom says:

    My comprehension of the language is not good but occasionally when they are talking away I will suddenly look toward them or chuckle. Now they are not so sure if I really understand them or not. 🙂

    Another thing I have discovered if they start talking about you they will almost always stop talking and look at you then resume. I don’t know why but I have observed this on numerous occasions. 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      I get laughs when someone is talking in Tagalog or Bisaya and laugh, I will laugh and say Talaga (really) Pegsure (sure) Diba (ok) Char (slang for Not Really)
      Some ask if I understood and I say no, you just heard 50% of my language vocabulary.

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