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Agco Hot Springs Resort, Barangy Ilomavis

As I mentioned in my Christmas in Kidapawan article, on Christmas Day our family and their extended families went to Agco Hot Springs. We hired a van and driver, but because we had 22 people we needed to use 2 motorcycles, one with a cargo side car.
It was about an hour drive from Kidapawan. There was a delay at one point, the road was so steep, the motorcycles had to stop, unload and the passengers and cargo had to walk up the hill. Thankfully it was not a long walk.
Agco is about 1/2 way up Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. Mt Apo is a dormant volcano and because of this, there are many natural hot springs.
The drive up gave some beautiful views of Mt. Apo and the surrounding hills and valleys. As you can see it was a cloudy day and late in the day we also received our daily rain storm too. Along the way the local people would smile and we would wish each other Merry Christmas wishes.
There were many cars, Jeepneys and motorcycles heading up for their Christmas outings too. Some were overloaded in true Filipino style.

For me it was nice to have my camera handy to take photos of the views, the people and the different types of houses here in the Philippines. We also saw many banana plantations, coconut palms, and a few rice paddies too.

At the resort they pipe the hot water into one of the pools. You can sit or stand below the outlet and enjoy the hot water. I guess it is about 150 F (66 C.) degrees or maybe a little higher. From the hot pool, there is cascading troughs where the overflow is cooled and pours into the main pool. There is a kiddy pool too.
At the Resort they have grass covered gazebos and roofed sitting areas around the pool area. There are also rooms to rent for the day and for overnight. They have shops to buy food, snacks and beverages too.
We were able to set up an outdoor picnic area in a courtyard surrounded by some or the rental rooms.
Most of us at one point got into our swim attire and headed for the pools. I skipped the main pool and headed for the hot water. Once there someone called to me “Hey Joe, come try the hot shower” I jokingly replied, “my name is not Joe, but I will come anyway”.

The water was almost too hot for even me, but it felt so good and relaxing. As I talked to the men who called me over, I lowered myself into the relaxing hot pool.
Finally we all went back to enjoy our lunch and the showers before our drive back home.

13 Responses to “Agco Hot Springs Resort, Barangy Ilomavis”

  1. Darrel says:

    I was raised in Cebu/Manila. My parents were missionaries to Cebu and I went to boarding school in Manila. Oh how I would love to go back to the Philippines if only for a visit. I’m new to this… do I ‘follow’ your blog? I want to stay in touch
    Salamit po (sic)

  2. Bruce says:

    I am glad you found my blog and enjoy the content.
    About a visit, all you need is the time and money.
    There are many ways to follow the blog, save it to favorites and remember to visit, subscribe to the RSS feed and it will come into your outlook or any RSS reader or join MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog and follow through there.
    Since I am trying to increase readership and maybe make a few centavos, please tell your friends to visit too.

    There are links/buttons on the blog to email me or join some of the blogging groups.


  3. macky says:

    geez, i know i’ve been there twice. i’m positive of that. but for some reason, i cannot recognize any of the pics. i don’t remember any large structures. maybe they built them after my visit or my hikes killed any brain cells responsible for memory. very odd.

    dipping in that warm pool sounds nice about now, though.

  4. Bruce says:

    I am not sure when they did the construction. Maybe it was not Agco but some other Hot Springs.

    What Ever the reason, have a Carne Asada Buritto for me and relax.

  5. Chris says:

    Woh… Such a nice place to hook up… Hope I have the budget to visit in kidapawan and see it by myself with my family.

  6. Bruce says:

    Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.
    I do not remember the costs, but I do not think it was so expensive.
    I hope you do go someday and will enjoy the place.
    Hope to hear again from you.

  7. rick bowden says:

    Hey Bruce you are doing well with your Blog, Macky commenting (hi Macky)

    I started and finished off my hike up Apo last year from this Agco resort although didn’t take much notice because the first visit was when i was excited about the trip up Apo and it was 6:30am and on the return i was too exhausted to swim and appreciate it but yes Macky i think it is the same place, just had some developments, as Brice says an hour off through Kidapawan.

  8. Bruce says:

    Yes, now that Macky comments, I am in the big leagues (joke, but glad to have Macky)
    About Agco, it is nice for Filipino Standards, less for American,but I enjoyed the hot water and the Filipinos I got to meet and talk to, which is my favorite pastime. I love meeting and chatting with Filipinos.

  9. arjaeuse says:

    hello… it’s very nice Hot Spring there in Kidapawan.. Keep Blogging! u know while writing this comment I was in Davao and I went to Digos.. hehe.. 🙂

  10. Bruce says:

    Salamat for visiting and commenting. I hope you will become a regular reader and give your comments. I am adding you to my MyBlogLog communities and friends and will follow your blog too.
    Thanks again and tell your friends please

  11. James says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I forgot to mention, my father was born in Kidapawan. His parents used to be Monkadista, a Christian religious cult based in the town the locals dubbed as New Israel in Kidapawan. I think new israel is not far from the place you’ve vistied. It’s a very nice place they say. I hope we’d be able to visit that place as a whole family again someday.

    We have a family farm in kidapawan too. mostly rice paddies but because of family feud we had to give it up. Most of my grandparents family (father side) are from kidapawan. my father had plenty of story about that place he grew up. he only got to wear slippers when he was in third grade; he and elder brother were chased by an anaconda as big as a coconut log but that was long ago of course. hehehe. this is a place rich of memories for my family.

    sad thing, this family will only have somewhat of a reunion when somebody dies – funeral.

    by the way, thanks for commenting on my site. hopefuly we’ll meet in davao. that would be great. after davao visit i might stay in manila for work but i prefer davao. not safe in manila especially with kids.

  12. Bruce says:

    I did not get to see much of Kidapawan. We stayed at my brother-in-laws home and only ventured out to the main drag and nearby to get the lenchon. The only excursion was to Agco.
    It is interesting about your family and would love to read more about it.
    P.S. your link was to White House on Samal. I do not know if that was where you intended to send me.

  13. James says:

    Hi Bruce,
    That is one thing I have not done my research on. The discussion regarding the Monkadistas in Kidapawan is vague to me but is widely discussed in my family.
    Whereas, they originated from Samal. Maybe chapter was established also there long time back. But, my family had old history with them too. BTW, I’ve read few of Fr. Tom’s blog posts and they were nice to read too.

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