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Alive and Safe in the Philippines

I made it.

Tuesday morning my mom picked me up at home at 630Am in Florida to take me to the airport. We went out for my final goodbye dinner the evening before and after dinner we loaded most of the luggage.

My flight itinerary showed my first part of the trip was from West Palm Beach to Vegas with one stop. Well the stop was Chicago. So it was north west to Chicago then wait to empty the plan and wait to reboard the everyone.

Then my next leg was Vegas to Manila with one stop too. The stop was Vancouver, Canada. The flights were long but as comfortable as a flight can be.

As usual I could not really sleep, so it was a LONG flight. Plus they are always offering food. I felt so bloated by the time I arrived I Manila.

At Manila I walked from the international terminal to the domestic flight. Then onto my final destination, Davao City. Of course there was another wait and a delay.

Waiting in a lounge, I met a few people that can help in a lot of ways. The most interesting was a Lady that had been a professor and is a share holder of the University. She gave me the name of the largest architectural firm in Davao, and told me to use her name as reference. She also will talk to the department head of the Architectural Department to see if they have use for my talents.

Elena meets me as I came into the baggage area. I had planned to just use to carts and move them myself, but then relented to have a porter help. Good thing since the porter realized my baggage would be in the international baggage claim.

Once home it was trying to figure out what and where to put my stuff. In the Philippines there are no closets. They buy wardrobe cabinets. Well Friday we went and bought bigger ones than she had and gave the original to the girls.

There will be a lot of things to get used to here, so many differences, but with the love of Elena and her nieces and nephews, I am sure I will adjust.

I now have joined the rest of the world now. I have a cell phone. Yes, anyone who knew me, I was the ONE person in America without ever owning one. In Florida I had a friend that got me a new Motorola Moto Q phone with a full keyboard so I will not get frustrated sending text messages.

I hope to be more active posting articles to journal my new life here.

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