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Almost to the end of the Final Chapter

It has been a long time since I wrote anything here. As I had apologized before many times, one reason is the long hours I work and on my free time catching up on chores and much missed needed sleep.

About me, I was working the 5:00am to 4:30pm shift, which I liked, since it is almost normal working hours. Then in June when they rebid all the shifts, I am now on a 3:00am to 2:30pm shift. I still have Thursdays and Fridays as my days off.

For my routine, I get up at 1:00AM, have a cup of coffee while I talk on Skype with Elena, leave at 2:15am to be in to get my cab by 2:40am and be on the road to be available by 3:00am. Then I come in by 2:30pm, gas up car, turn in paperwork and cash. I then stop off on the way home if I need anything from the market and am home by 3:00 to 3:30pm. I then make a light dinner and eat it while I talk to Elena and then go to bed.

Work has been slow and the rides and tips have been down. Because of this, the last two weeks I worked both my days off. This is to earn extra income to make up for the slower days, also to earn more shift credits to cove the days off when Elena gets here.

Now the most important part of this chapter:

Elena has finally received her VISA and purchased her airline tickets. She will leave Davao August 8 and in Las Vegas August 9. The reason for the day in Manila is to get her CFO sticker put in her passport so she will to be able to leave the country. In case you did not read or forgot, the Commission on Filipino Overseas has a mandatory seminar to all Filipinos immigrating or leaving to work in another country. Elena attended the seminar months ago and now just needs to present her passport and visa to get her sticker.

The holdup was this, On May 8th Elena went in for her interview at the US Embassy in Manila. After the waiting, she was called in for her interview. She was told everything was good except one problem. Her passport has her name as Maria Elena Libres Linder but as the Philippine Government agencies do many times had her name on her NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) report as Ma. Elena Libres Linder. This abbreviation is due to the fact that many Catholic women in the Philippines have Maria as part of their first name and to cut down on typing they abbreviate Maria to Ma.

This is fine in the Philippines but even though the Embassy is in Manila, they are so bureaucratic they have no common sense and because of this, Elena had to return home, go to the NBI and get a new report showing her as Maria Elena A.K.A (also known as) Ma. Elena.

Of course, nothing is easy when you deal with any government so when Elena went to the NBI she was told, even though a regular NBI report is done the same day, the A.K.A. has to be requested by Manila. After two weeks passed, she received it and sent it by next day courier to Manila. However, the format was wrong so Elena was notified two weeks later by the Embassy the format it was needed. Again, Elena returned to the NBI and had to wait another two weeks until she could return to pick it up.

Well now, all that is left is for Elena to pack, say her goodbyes and get on a plane August 9 to fly here to Las Vegas. I am so excited I am telling everyone I know and thinking of the items I need in the apartment for her arrival.

I originally thought about renting a car to pick up Elena at the airport since I think she would not be able to hold her luggage while sitting behind be on the scooter, but about a month ago, I felt my savings was good enough to go buy a decent used car. So now, I am the proud owner of a 2003 Buick Century.

In the future, I will post articles with pictures of us experiencing Las Vegas together and write about her views, opinions and experiences adjusting to her new life in a new country.

Thank you all for staying with me, even with my lack of postings.

51 Responses to “Almost to the end of the Final Chapter”

  1. Marcel says:

    Wonderful news Bruce! My wife and I hope to meet you in about 2 weeks.

  2. jimmyd says:

    Congrats, Bruce. I’m very happy for you. I was getting worried!

  3. karori3 says:

    Hi Bruce

    Congratulations, finally it is only a matter of days now to wait for Elena to come and join you and your family there in Vegas. Good luck and god bless….

  4. Norm says:

    Well it’s down hill from here Bruce! Congratulations and best wishes. And be sure to post some pictures when your wife arrives. I still like following your site.

  5. John in Austria says:

    Yahoo! Congratulations to you both Bruce for your patience. Governments are the bane of us normal people! Best wishes to you both.

  6. Neal in RI says:

    That will be one fine day when you meet her at the Airport.

    Don’t forget to do your prep, Rice Cooker and Rice. When my Wife first got here in 1984 she didn’t eat rice for 2 days and then I found her in crying by herself, when i asked what was wrong she said “I want to eat Rice”. Uncle Bens does not count!

  7. Jeff says:

    You can see we are still out here pulling for you and Elena. I have a friend here in Ohio who’s wife came here in March from Cebu. He did not seem to have as much trouble as you have had but it did take a while. Be sure to post Elena’s thoughts of America and some photos of you two. Best wishes Bruce.

    • Bruce says:


      As we know with Philippine Govt agencies and US agencies nothing is easy, As I say here, they want you to stand on your head as you cross every i and dot every T.

      I will try to keep up with her thoughts and comments of Elenas new life here and will try to keep up on photos.

  8. Kevin says:

    That’s good news– all your hard work is paying off now. Keep us up to date.

  9. Lonnie Carreaui says:

    Bruce, glad to hear things are on track.

    • Bruce says:


      Yes, everything is in works. Elena fly’s to Manila on Monday Aug. 8 and has to get her CFO sticker. She then gets on a plane the afternoon of Tuesday Aug. 9 and with the international date line, she arrives here the same day.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Wohooo, finally. Great job Bruce.

  11. roy says:

    Yehey, congrats Bruce! I am happy for you & Elena!

  12. Ben says:

    Congratulations! Your and Elena’s long wait is almost over.

  13. Congratulations. Long time since I visited your site!
    i got my job back here in March this year so I am getting back on track again. Now just need to look for a partner in the Philippies!


  14. Serge says:


  15. jeffconnely says:

    It is always great when you purchase something and it finally arrives.

    • Bruce says:


      But I do not think of my wife as a purchase.

      • Neal in RI says:

        I find your comment on “Purchase” pretty out of line and offensive.

        • jeffconnely says:

          Neil in RI:

          Well,first of all the comment was not for you so it really does not matter what you have to say on the subject. I sent a explanation to Bruce and explained myself. As for “purchase” that has been a fair assmuption to what most people tell me. Tell me how did you meet your wife? Online no doubt, right?

          • Neal in RI says:

            After scrolling down I did see your post to Bruce.
            If you make offensive comments for all to read you should expect comments back at you and if you don’t like them too bad.

            You are so friggin wrong on how I met my Wife but it isn’t worth my time and effort to tell you how I did meet her.

          • Bruce says:

            To me and others, purchase makes the relationship as Master buying a slave. There are many relationships where couples met online. Is Eharmoney a wife for slave site?

        • Bruce says:


          Thanks, I agree.

  16. jeffconnely says:

    I suppose I did not post that correctly. I read and write about the life of men who have found wives on line from other countries. I hear a lot about older men who look for Asian women on line, meet them once or twice and suddenly they are madly in love with these women and marry them. I just find it totally unbelievable that you can find love that quick, so I question their motives. It seems the Asian women are very submissive and the men seem to just love that and then the women come to the states and are at a loss as to how to live here since they see other women who do have a say and opinions about their own lives.

    • Greg says:

      Jeff, your generalizations are quite offensive. As a younger working class man that never even considered marrying a woman from outside the US, until I discovered the woman of my dreams happened to live in the Philippines, I can tell you that while every stereotype has some slight basis in reality, most of what you say is pretty far from reality.

      Filipinas, including my wife, are not at all submissive. At least no more submissive than western women. Tbere is a tendency towards shyness around strangers, especially because of a lack of confidence in their English skills, but I can assure you, my wife and all of the Filipinas she has befriended here, have no trouble expressing their anger to their men. And if we do something stupid, our wives have no problem telling us the error of our ways. Since I have personally met Elena, Bruce’s wife, I can tell you Bruce also can point out this rumored ‘submissiveness’ is pretty much non-existent.

      Now a filipina generally will not quarrel with her husband around anyone else, nor criticize him in public. This is a cultural characteristic—-most do everything possible to keep disagreements private, and expect the same respect from men.

      And the term that implies we ‘purchased’ our wives, it is actually quite the opposite. Many American women now demand a $15,000 wedding, a $5000 wedding ring, and a $2500-$4000 honeymoon. Now that is a true purchasing of a wife. My Filipina wife, on the other hand, even though offered a full wedding with all the formalities, chose a practical ceremony, I had to be adamant and demand that our wedding rings not just be plain bands, and declines a honeymoon (which was offered, as I wanted one.)

      And before you tell me my experience is not important because your comment was not made to me, I will tell you that your generalizations are wrong, as by posting them on a public forum, your comment was made to me, along with everyone on this board.

      And with this apparent lack of respect for Philippine women you have, why are you even visiting a forum about them?

      However, I will not hold your ignorance against you: I think we all need to offer a wide latitude to the mentally challenged. Special education school programs have allowed those such as you to be more productive members of society, but the programs only taught what you had the mental capacity for.

    • Bruce says:

      There are many reasons of the reltionships. I looked for and married a lady closer to my age, Elena is only 12 years younger. We have a good marraige and it has become more solid away from the Filipino family and friends. The reasons are not mine to comment on here. I did write an article “Dynamics of a Filipino Forigner relationship”

  17. Rick Levy says:


    You must be counting the minutes, dude. Needless to say (well I’ll say it anyway)I hope that all continues to go as planned.

  18. Franc says:

    Congratulations. Good to hear its all coming together.

  19. Jonnathan says:

    Contratulation Bruce (sorry for the friendly introduction) but after reading your post (I met it by chance) I feel we have lots of things in common …wife from Philipines… some delays… etc. But the delay in your case was due to a sort of printing error Ma for Maria… then it was fixed… and now your wife is heading for USA.
    In the case of my wife and I, it was one problem after another. Yes. easyly solved when pinpointed but time consuming. On top there was a problem in issuing passport renewal in the Phillipines, particularly for people not living in Manila or nearby…. Now I read what Jeffconnely wrote.
    He assumed lot of things. He wrote “I hear a lot about older men who look for Asian women on line, meet them once or twice and suddenly they are madly in love with these women and marry them. I just find it totally unbelievable that you can find love that quick, so I question their motives. It seems the Asian women are very submissive and the men seem to just love that and then the women come to the states and are at a loss as to how to live here since they see other women who do have a say and opinions about their own lives.” This may be true in certain cases but not about the Filipino ladies that I met. Through my wife I met lots of couples He is english/American/Canadian/etc.. she is Filipino… OMG they outspoken… they have their own opinion etc etc… Perhaps it is because these ladies have received college education while in Phillipines… so perhaps I am also not getting the real picture either.. But the american ladies are not that smart either and lots of them look very carefully about how much money are in the pocket of her future husband (both american) I know I have seeing it.)

    • Bruce says:


      I have trouble understanding any marraige where the couple only knew each other a short time and then marry. Elena and I met online in 2005. After 6 months of video conferencing I flew to the Philippines to meet her. I had then visited the Philippines and her home and family twice while waiting for a Fiancee Visa. Then when my occupation disapeared I moved there. Even with all that time, there was a lot to learn about each other.

  20. jeffconnely says:

    Neal in RI: Just what I thought and it really is not your place to respond to something that has nothing to do with you. My comment was not offensive just from what I have read and written about over the past few years. If you want people to know the truth about your marriage you should not avoid explanations which seems like you are hiding something. I take no offense from others. I am a writer and listen to what many people have shared with me.

    • Bestvue says:

      I also thought your comment was very offensive. Is it every time you see a westerner with an Asian wife you think she has been bought ?
      Although agreed that it does happen what gives you the right to classify all in the same boat.
      Married to a Filippina, Met in UAE, Courted for 5 years.

    • Greg says:

      You are a writer? And you present what ‘many people have shared’ to be fact, without verifying the reality of their statements? That journalistic standard lacks professionalism (Dan Rather lost a career over a similar low standard), unless you write for those wonderful publications available in the supermarket checkout lane.

      Goodness, sorry again, I know I have no right to respond to your comment, since it was not meant for me, even though it is posted for all to read on a public forum.

      I don’t know if you are able to understand the concept, as it requires at least an average IQ, but when you insult a group of people, making statements that are not factual (well except you read about it, write about it, and most lacking credibly listen to people saying it, which of course in a simple minded person, makes the fallacy true) those people have a right to correct your misinformation. Clearly fiction is what you write.

    • Bruce says:


      You opened a can of worms and I thought of just deleting all the back and forth comments, but left for all to see everyones feelings. It sounds like you were scammed in a relationship and bitter. Some work out, some do not.

  21. Nagmamahal says:

    Tang na tong si bruce, nagmamahal lang….

  22. Louie says:

    I am so glad to hear that Bruce. I am so happy for the both of you with Elena. Vegas is one of the most beautiful place in the world.

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