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American Feast in Davao

Last week, for my anniversary, Elena told me we would go to the Marco Polo Hotel for our celebration dinner. Since we have the privilege membership at the hotel, we get one free meal at their restaurants.

Elena checked her email to see if they were having one of the cuisine specials this month and they did. This month they are having “Wild Wild West” American Buffet at the Café Marco.

We also have a couple we are friends with and the husband only likes to eat American style foods, so we invited them to join us. So we met them at the hotel that evening.

dscn2598Both we Kanos (Americans) eyes lit up when we saw the buffet table. There was a huge Prime Rib of beef, a large turkey and a leg of lamb.

Since I love the soups they have there, I started with a small bowl of sweet corn and salmondscn2600 soup, which was delicious as their soups usually are.

After the soup I headed to the meat table. I got a slice of rare Prime Rib, a few slices of turkey breast and some leg of lamb. They even had mint jelly to compliment the lamb. I then got some roasted potatoes to compliment my plate.

dscn2601All the meats were cooked and seasoned perfectly and if you did not know better you would think you were at one of the fine dining in America.

If you follow this site and hear me talk about foods and eating here, I am a big proponent of having fresh vegetables with my dinner, but that night was different. I ignored everything else. I skipped the vegetables, sushi, sashimi, rice and all the other wonderful items and just thought about the beef, turkey and lamb.

After I finished my first servings, I got up for round 2. Again I got Prime Rib, Turkey and Leg of Lamb with more mint jelly. I did get a few more potatoes but less this trip. By the buffet table was one of the Chefs supervising and I had to compliment him for his food and told him he could compete with some of the better chefs in American restaurants.

Both our American friend and I were in heaven. The taste was just like back home. I decided, even though I try to eat until no longer hunger and not until full was being put away for this evening and after my second helping, I got up for my third. I did cut back, I skipped the turkey this trip.

After finishing the third plate I went out on the balcony to relax a bit and settle my stomach with a cigarette. After this I went to the dessert table and took a selection of their delicious desserts. They have little parfait type desserts in shot glasses and there was also cream Brule, chocolate soufflé, napoleons and other treats. After I enjoyed my small plate, and being the glutton I was that night, I went back for some of the others I missed on the first trip.

As we were relaxing and chatting over a coffee and dessert, I was still thinking of going back for more beef, but I kept myself in control. Control, ok, maybe that is the wrong word for this evening.

Even though eating at the Café Marco at the Marco Polo is expensive, even with one meal free, it is always an experience. The foods, the staff, the ambiance is always wonderful. If you live or plan to visit Davao, and have the time and budget for an evening of good foods, do not forget the Marco Polo. If you have a larger budget, I hope you will invite me and Elena to join you.

10 Responses to “American Feast in Davao”

  1. don m. says:

    so how much was it per person????????????????

    • Bruce says:


      It was 999 Php per person, but with the Privilege Card, one meal is free. Both our friends and we have a card so there were 4 and we paid for 2.
      When you visit, Elena and I would welcome an invitation from you to join you for dinner there. 🙂

      • don m. says:

        how do you get the privilege card?

        • Bruce says:

          Just go to Marco Polo and ask. Elena knows the people there, so ask us to go with you and she will assist.

          • don m. says:

            Just wait four years and I will live close enough to visit. I have now lost 65 pounds on my diet. I will need to eat more by than. lololol!!! At least the stock market has been flying high the last couple of days. My wife has been cooking a lot of squid the last few days so the food you are talking about sounds a whole lot better. My wife just had her tonsils removed so I think this will not be the year for the trip to the PI. Insurance covers a lot of the bill but even a small per cent will be a lot.

          • Bruce says:

            I think I will still be here and available. Good you making money. If you hit the jackpot, adopt me, I need a rich papa.
            Send my best wishes to your wife, and she will need to diet after all the ice cream treatments.

  2. Banot's Asawa says:

    On a side note the Marco Polo also has a great Chinese resturant a little on the pricey side but very good food.

    Anyone know a local joint that has great chinese food in town? Preferably northern chinese.

    • Bruce says:

      Banot’s Asawa,
      I know it does, but we usually end up in their Cafe Marco. There are many Chinese restaurants here, but I have no experience. Also I have noticed in the states Chinese food is different from state to state. Here it probably is either closer to the food in China or with strong Filipino influence. For me I only know Szehcuan, Hunan and Cantonese.

  3. Seth says:

    I have visited Davao four times in two years and all four times I stayed at the Marco Polo hotel. The rooms are clean and spacious and as for the cost of the room and food it is still cheaper then alot of the midranged hotels here in the States. We have eaten at all three of the resturants at the Marco Polo and I must agree that the food and service is always impeccable. I would recommend the Marco Polo to any one that is traveling to Davao.

    • Bruce says:

      The Marco Polo is a very good hotel and that is why it has the 5 star rating. I first went there when Elena took us there for my birthday last November, Click here to read the story. Every time we are there they treat us well. It is expensive for some who visit and very expensive for most Expats that live here.

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