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American in Davao’s 2nd Month Anniversary

Well, here it is, March 27th and American in Davao is still here.

When I decided to move to the Philippines, I thought it would be a nice idea to start a blog to document and journal my thoughts, experiences and observations. I get a free blog on Goggles Blogspot. It was easy to get, and they had some nice templates to use. Since I am not a programmer, I never changed the template and just concentrated on the articles and ads to try to earn a little money.

At first I wrote about the how’s and why’s I was moving from America to the Philippines.  Then I wrote a lot about my family here and about our life.

Over time I started to write more about the Philippines and what it is to live here. I would write about people, places and thoughts.

I would get a few hits or visitors a day and the money from the ads never amounted to much. Since Adsense will not pay until you reach $100.00, I would joke that I hope the first check would arrive before I died.

I was told for a while I should register my own domain and get it hosted. I was already listed on the search engines, so I wondered why spend the money for such a small reader base. From most articles I never received comments and when I did it was just a few.
Well, 2 months ago I jumped in and registered my domain with GoDaddy and put it on HostGator for the Hosting service.

I have experimented with ads and referrals. The best help was asked to be interviewed on Expat-Interview. I had known of the site but did not visit often. I started getting visitors that would read my articles and would comment. Then I found other expat blogs and would read them. If I found something I could honestly comment on, I would and sometimes the owner of the site, or his readers would visit my site and enjoy it enough to continue reading.

From this I have developed some regular visitors and have even made friends online with some. The best was my getting to know John Ray from and from that friendship I helped him get his own “”

As I did last month, here are my new stats:
Hits:  4134
Avg. per day: 87.74
Unique Visitors: 1,206
Countries: 68
Page views: 16,409
Comments: 945 (most have been since This site became a (dot)com

I will not report on income since it is still low but growing.

So with all this said, I want to Thank You all for visiting and helping American in Davao become a place I like to write and you enjoy reading. Without all of you there would not be much of a reason to be here either.

12 Responses to “American in Davao’s 2nd Month Anniversary”

  1. Ray says:

    Congratulations hope things continue to improve.

    PS Did you get that first check from Google yet? 🙂

  2. zelot66 says:


    Wish you all the best. Your blog is doing excellent.

    P/S: I’m waiting for my payment from Google anytime now.

  3. Evelyn says:

    congratulations, bruce…i hope and pray you will get to see the check soon

    • Bruce says:

      I hope so too, but earning $100 a year will not assisit me in living here. In someways I wish I can reach 62 years old for my US pension. I am only 55 at the moment.

  4. laagan says:

    Owwws…seven years is a long time Bruce. But I am sure it will come. Congratulations on your growing number of readers.

  5. Cecily says:

    Hey Bruce.

    May I ask you what you webhost is? I am looking to set up my own website and I would like to go with a host that works well.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      I use HostGator. They have a good competitive price, fantastic service and support with videos to help you with anything you need. I have crashed my site and sent a service ticket and within 5 minutes they had me up and running again.
      You can link here, CLICK to them and give me credit too.

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