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American Television Shows in the Philippines

I wrote an article about television in the Philippines and the different options available.

There is also, so I have not found yet a TV guide online or in print as in the United States. There is one site Click the City that has many of the cable companies daily listing, but for me, unfortunately, the Sky Cable franchise in Davao is not in their system.
I did mention there are many American TV shows available here, but most are reruns. Some are one year old and many are many years old. One channel has “NYPD Blue” on every night. Now this show had finished its 12 year run in 2005 and since they show it every weekday, after a few months you will see all the shows before they start from the beginning again.
Other old series showing here is “Early Edition”, “King of Queens”, “The Nanny” and some real old shows as “Combat”, Star Trek” and “Mission Impossible.”
For late night US watchers they do show “The Late Show with David Letterman”, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Show”.
There are also sports shows here thanks to ESPN and Balls. And for News there is CNN and BBC. Here in Davao you cannot receive on Sky Cable Fox News.
As in America, cable companies have different listings available in different locations so it all depends where in the Philippines you reside and what the local cable franchise offers.
I do not have the patience or the energy to list every show running here but just to mention if you’re a TV addict as I was, and you move here to the Philippines, it might take a few years for you to start seeing shows you have never seen before.

11 Responses to “American Television Shows in the Philippines”

  1. Mindanao Bob says:

    Hi Bruce – Bit Torrent is your friend! Or, at least it is mine! 😀

  2. Pirate Bay. 🙂 I stopped downloading from it a few months ago. Started now again since my ISP decided to provide for me to download with anonymous ip address:) The debate is really going on here now, as these guys are all Swedish. In fact I just downloaded a few files from there an hour ago.

  3. Dan2vero says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Wow, I can’t believe they air “Combat”, not sure they even air that here in the USA anymore…lol. Although, I did enjoy that show and of course that show was a little before my only saw reruns from time to time.
    But like anything else, we will just have to get use to what is available over there, hopefully like here, I don’t watch to much television anyways, so hopefully I won’t miss it there either.
    I do enjoy my movies though, that I will miss.

    Take care now,
    Danny 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      As Bob mentioned, there are sites that have Torrent files of TV shows and movies you can download and watch. For movies there are many pirated movies available here. Some have good quality and some not. There are some that have 30 movies per disk. Prices and quality varies but once your here you will find what and where to buy.

  4. don m. says:

    I used to watch cobat when it was new. I also watched I love lucy when it was new. I saw the Beatles on the Ed sulivan show. Is it time for me to retire yet???haha

  5. banot says:


    One year old shows? i guess i’ll just settled with the local shows again once i retire lol. You can always go online and watch it there. Hopefully, the local services will be better in the next 5-10yrs…


    • Bruce says:

      Some shows are a year old and some are older. There is always torrent downloads. Watching online does not work. They check the location and they will block outside the US.
      Local service for TV? They buy syndicated shows. I do not see the Philippines be part of a US network since it is not part of the US.

  6. Alan says:

    Id does depend on where you live as to what you can get . Here in Cagayan De Oro we do get Fox news and as you say lots of reruns . The cable company here has a channel that lists the 3 major movie networks programming but it is often wrong 🙂 I have taken to just going to the individual network site and bookmarking as you can get a brief synposis of a particular film that way . Now if i could just get the cable company to show somebody besides the New York Yankees 5 times a week i would be in heaven . Hey , that’s one live broadcast and 4 repeats of the same game . 🙂

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