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An Introduction to a new addition to this site

Once of the readers and commenter’s here has offered to help continue articles from Davao to keep this site current and active. His name is Rob Pilkinton. He usually signes his comments with a nickname and maybe one day he will let you what that is. Here is a little Bio for you to get to know him better. I am in the process editing and formatting his first feature which is about a trip to Cebu and Bantayan Island. This will be in a few posts since it is a long but delightful story. Here is Robs Bio:

I’m 58, American and spent half my life in Arkansas and part in Indiana. I traveled most all the States and hunted and fished all over them. From the Colrado Rockies to the peaks of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, to include Mexico and Canada.

I’m a decorated Vietnam veteran. I was barely 18 when I got there, turned 19 and 20 there. I spent time in Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. Been to Taiwan, Australia, Guam, Wake Island, Puerto Rico, Panama, England, France, Canada, Mexico, Korea and of course the Philippines, for the last year.

I ran restaurants for about 20 years, but have been many things. Been a professional Bass Tournament fisherman, a hunter and guide. A boiler maker, carpenter, plumber and electrician and even a certified heart monitor technician. Spent the last 20 years of my life single until I met my gwapa Filipina She made me feel again and gave me hope and happiness. We are currently building in Tugbok Ula. If you need to know anything else, just ask.

Bruce, I wish you the best in your return to the states. I must tell you something that I have told many others over the years. If a person wants to work in the states, he can always find a job. I have never been unable to find a job if I wanted or needed one. Therefore, I am sure you will find it that way to. Too many people there think someone should find them and give them a job………life does not work that way……..if you’re willing to work……and willing to look for work……..there is always work to be found in the states.

9 Responses to “An Introduction to a new addition to this site”

  1. SteveinDavao says:

    Rob, welcome to the site. I look forward to hearing your comments.
    I think your right about getting a job. Even with a 9 percent unemployment rate; that leaves 91 percent with jobs and if you look at the want adds, they still carry job postings every week. Bruce can use this taxi driving job to re-establish himself back in the states and then start shopping the job markets for something a little closer to his skill level.

    Good luck with your new home and thanks for serving in our Armed Forces, your country owns you a big THANKS!

  2. m60man says:

    Thanks Steve. Yes, you are right, 91% is still an “A”. Those who want to work can usually find a job. Maybe not what they wanted or up to their skill level, but a job is a job. Another thing I have always noticed in life. If a man (or woman) is working he is more likely to find another job or get other job offers much quicker then if he’s sitting at home hoping.

    The house is coming along good. Hope to move in an a couple of weeks. Its been a great learning experience. Building an American type frame house is not as easy here, as in the States. Been working on it a little over 8 months now. The light is shining brighter at the end of the tunnel, hope its not a freight train, hahaha. Thanks again. I hope I can pass on some good information and keep the readers entertained as well. Rob

  3. Gene says:

    Hi Rob,

    Whatkind of lumber did you use for framing? And are you able to find drywall in cooutry?
    We have an Ace Home Center in Angeles City but have never seen drywall or tape. Plus their cost is very high on even the most common items.


    • m60man says:

      Hi Gene.

      I used Lauan for all the framing, floor joists and rafters. Mahagony for the doors, two sets of French doors, 60″ each set (2-30″ doors)and one 36″ door. I found drywall (sheetrock) and tape. Mud as well. But it took me a while. They didn’t know what I was talking about. Once I figured out they call it Gypsum board, and Gypsum putty I had no problem. Their tape is mesh fiberglass, it is easier to work with for a novice like myself. I even found patterned rubber rollers for texturing the ceiling. I have learned a lot about building here. But then again they say, they have learned a lot from me as well. Wood frame houses, (American style) are very rare hear. It has generated a lot of interest from other foreingers and Filipino as well. Just ask if I can help you in any way. Rob

  4. SteveinDavao says:

    Got pictures? I’d love to see your house and any construction photos you might have.

  5. Gene says:


    Thanks for the reply. After seven years we are finally going to do it right and aircon the bedroom and fix a little here and there. But from the sound and expence of it all, I think I’ll just keep playing “Fred Flintstone” and use cement and bailing wire–and maybe some bubble gum. Hahaha…


    The very best of luck to you going home. I do agree with others that have posed on the site in recent days, in that you will surly find some kind of work there. Even if not driving a taxi, something will turn up.
    Maybe try the Las Vegas city transit bus as a driver. I did that job in Los Angeles many years ago.
    Aside from some of the screwy passengers its a fun job and pays well.

    Gene and Viol…

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