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Another Milestone at Home

If you have followed my site and gotten to know my family, I have three nieces living with us. When I moved here, all three were nursing students. Well the oldest two have finished their studies. Merliza, the oldest graduated in April. Because of mix-up with curriculum, Mona, the second oldest had to take one course during the summer semester and will graduate in October. Both Merliza and Mona are now attending review classes to prepare for their board exams.

Well now for the milestone, our youngest, Rizalina, is in her third year of nursing school at UM, University of Mindanao .  In their third year the nursing students start performing “duty” at local hospitals and clinics. This is when they finally gain their experience life as a nurse. Each week they work in the different de nursing.Friday we attended her “Capping” ceremony. Except for the heat at the UM auditorium, which is an open air building, we saw our little Riza, in her nurses uniform walk up on stage and receive her Nurses Cap.


The hardest part was spotting her. We arrived late and all the nursing students were already seated. Because of the crowd, only one member of the family was allowed to sit on the main floor, so I had to sit up on one of the side balconies. As I got up there, looking at all the students sitting in rows waiting for the ceremony to begin all you could see was all the young ladies and young men in their white nurse’s uniforms. All the females in white, dark hair tied back in buns, and the distance mrizaade it difficult to find the one yo

u were there to see. My only savings was in the beginning of the ceremony, the students were requested to go to their parent or sponsor to thank them for allowing them to attend school. I watched and finally saw Riza go to her Elena. I then stood there at the rail and watched as Riza returned to her seat. I memorized which row and seat she was sitting so I could take photos and watch for her to go up on stage to get her candle and then her cap. riza-capped

Well, the ceremony was beautiful, especially when all the students stood in formation and then marched around the visitors with their caps on and lighted candles in their hands. Plus were the inspirational speeches to drive them on towards their chosen careers.


After the ceremony we met up with the rest of the family and some friends and had a nice dinner at the Grand Mensing Hotel. dinner

Next I look forward for the eldest girls to pass their boards and then start their careers as nurses. Then our little Riza will continue to follow her older sisters in the health field. There will be more milestones to pass as we all have over our lives. I know Riza continue to make us proud, just as her sisters and older brothers continue to do for us.

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  1. danny says:

    Hi Bruce,

    This sounds like a great ceremony to attend, this is another thing that separates the USA from Philippines. They don’t have these type of ceremonies for students like this anymore, that I know of here in the states. Of course they have the big graduations for when you complete your 4 year college degree, but in specialized course like this, they don’t make such a big deal about it anymore here. I think it is important to have these ceremonies, these young men and women work hard to achieve there is great they still do this there in PI.
    To all your nieces, I wish them the best in there chosen field.
    Would love to see some pictures of the ceremony, sounds like an interesting ceremony.

    Salamat kaayo,
    Danny 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      Sorry for the delayed approval of your comment. You jumping in before I could set it to schedule for a later date.
      Here in the Philippines, ceremonies, displays and awards are sometime too much. At our oldest nieces Pinning, which was 2 days before the general graduation they had about 4 speakers. Before each speaker, there was a speaker introducing the speaker. That once was not too bad because it was in an air conditioned venue. The capping was in an open air auditorium mid afternoon. It was hot and humid especially with all the attendees. It ran about 2 hours. I am surprised nobody passed out from heat exertion.

  2. johnray says:


    Give my congratulations to Rizalina…seems to be a very beautiful and bright girl…My best wishes to her.

  3. Ken Harmes says:

    Good luck to all of you.

  4. Riza says:

    Wow, we have the same first name, Rizalina..congratulations to your niece…it’s weird because I was to take up Nursing in college too, supposed to be, my classmates and I was planning on continuing studies in college together and we all agreed Nursing is the course, my mom told me it’s too expensive, so…
    Again, congratulations!

    • Bruce says:

      But you instead became an English teacher and now you do virtual office with a very good knowledge of English. There are too many nursing graduates but now many Filipinas have a high competency of English. So I think you made a good choice and can be proud.

  5. Mackeran says:

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

  6. Tom says:

    My Finacees sister just graduated from her nursing school in April. She is studying for her exam now. Good Luck to everyone. 😎

    • Bruce says:


      Thank you for your good wishes, we have two in review school for their boards. Maybe soon they will be nurses abroad and will buy me a nice new house.

  7. Marvin says:

    Congrats to your girls Bruce. Your o so right about going a bit overboard when they have these ceremonies. I’ve been to dozens since operating a dormitory next to the college. They spend weeks preparing every step and the speeches just go on forever. The beauty pageants are even more over the top. Many of the grandparents just can’t take it and come back to the dorm to cool down.
    Tell your little nurses good luck and prayers during exam time.

    • Bruce says:

      With all the overboard with ceremonies, it is like when I was asked by a Filipino what I thought about architecture in the Philippines. I said architecture and advertisements,,,,” Big, bright, bold and in your face”. He agreed with me and now he uses the comment.

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