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Another Monthly Update – February

As you should know from my past apologies, it is difficult to work the 12 hour shifts, talk to Elena and get enough sleep to write often here.

Most days off are filled with laundry, house hold chores, banking and other errands. Also when life becomes routine, you have trouble thinking about what to write.

Well here are some items of interest. First with Elena’s Visa situation and the National Visa Center requests. After paying the fees for the Affidavit of Support and the Immigrant Visa Application I submitted the Affidavit of support. Then I had to send Elena the application for Immigrant Visa since it had to be signed by her and she needed to send me additional documentation. This documentation was previously sent to USCIS, but I guess they keep it in their files and do now pass it along.

I am then notified by the NVC that certain items on my brothers and my affidavits need to be corrected, and additional information included. They also requested the forms be signed in Blue pen to prove it is an original signature. Don’t they know there are color printers so blue can be copied too?

Well I sent it all back including Elena’s the Immigrant Visa Application this week and I hope it goes through. If I am not notified by email, I guess we will know when Elena gets the package from the Embassy.

Some things are new with my job. A while back, I put in a request for a straight shift instead of the broken up shifts. I was previously working 5:30am to 5pm Saturdays unrestricted, 3:30am to 3pm Sunday and Monday geographically restricted and Monday and Tuesday 3:30am to 3pm unrestricted. Now am on a shift of all days 5am to 4:30pm unrestricted and my shift car has one of the new credit card machines. This is now to our company, in the past we did not take credit cards.  It is nice having the same hours, the same car every day unless it is in for repairs.

As for income, with the later hours I get more rides since not much happens at 3:30 in the morning except on weekends. I have been booking a nice amount on the meter each day and my tip percentage has gone up too. I now usually make between 38 to 52% tips of the amount booked on the meter.

Last weekend two interesting things happened. On Saturday, I picked up two young couples, about 32 years old. A pretty blond girl sat up front. Looked at my name on my Taxi Permit and asked me if I ever lived in Hemet, California. When I answered yes, she took off her sunglasses and asked me if I remember her.  At first, I was afraid of being accused of something, but I said she looked familiar. She then mentioned the name of a close friend who lived in the same development I did in Hemet. It turned out she was his daughter and I had not seen her since she was in her low to mid teens. I was amazed she remembered me after all these years.

The next morning, I was next up on the taxi line at the MGM Grand Hotel. As I was waiting to be called up a gold limousine pulled up across the island from me. As I looked over I noticed Manny Pacquiao, his wife and entourage got out of the Limo. I called out “Manny, kumasta ka.” When he looked over, I got out and mentioned I just moved back from Davao and my house is up the street from his old townhouse. He shook hands with me and his wife mentioned they now own a house nearby in Robinsons Highlands.

At that point, I was called up to load a customer so I was unable to get a photo with him or his autograph. Maybe next time I will have more time.

One other this is the weather has been cold and it even snowed a few weeks back. It would melt as it landed, but it snowed just the same. With the cold weather, especially in the morning when I leave home, it is COLD on my scooter. I hope that soon I will be able to buy a car.

I will let you all know as things progress. Thank you all who continue to put up with my lack of writings and keep up checking in and reading of me continued saga.

18 Responses to “Another Monthly Update – February”

  1. Donm says:

    You and manny have somthing in common you both keep fighting. I hope all goes well for you and your wife. It is hard to belive it now takes this long for the visa to go through the system. I wiil be in RP next week for a short visit but not as far south as where you were living. Good luck again!!!…..

  2. Marcel says:

    All I can say is good luck Bruce with Visa processing. When I was sponsoring my wife and filling out her paperwork, I’ve kept re-reading immigration documents over and over all the time to make sure that I followed their instructions and requirements to the letter. Still, if they start nitpicking there is nothing one can do, just do as they ask.
    Snow in Las Vegas – shocking, I need to go and check it out there, but I better wait till summer since I am sick of the snow here in Canada already.

  3. roy says:

    Interesting story Bruce! All the best for you!

  4. Jeff says:

    I have a friend in Ohio going to Cebu in March (3 more weeks) to bring his fiancee back with him. They have been waiting almost a year. They are stopping in Hawaii to marry before returning to Ohio. Hopefully not much longer for you and Elena. Good luck Bruce.

    • Bruce says:

      Was it the VISA process took a year? I heard fiancee visas take 3 to 6 months. Well any way. Good Luck to them and I hope all goes through soon for me and Elena.

      • Jeff says:

        I think my friend could of brought her back a few months earlier but the cold and snow of Ohio had her concerned. December, January and Febuary can be brutal. You know she will not be use to it but Elena won’t have to deal with that in Vegas. So they decided to wait a few extra months since we are getting closer to spring now.
        I am waiting for your post that Elena is “on a plane”. How much longer Bruce?

  5. Anthony Lane says:

    Hey Bud, Keep on Keeping on. Cant help your buddy but wishing him all the best. Remember when in davao i have a taxi for you.

  6. Hi Bruce – Glad to know you are still keeping your chin up and working hard.Hopefully Elena will get her visa soon to join you but she will be happy to wait till the snow disappears.
    All the best to you both.

  7. Tom N says:

    Good post! Do you think you make more money because you are in a taxi that takes credit cards?

    • Bruce says:

      Tom N,
      I get more rides since I do not lose a customer for not taking credit cards but mostly get less in tips. Many times when a customer has to pay around $14 and change to $15 and change the customer will give you a $20 bill and tell you to keep the change or in other cases given a $5.00 tip. With a credit card many just hit the 20% button.

  8. Peter says:

    You might want to change your “About Me” section since you have moved back to the U.S.

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