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Arrived Safe and Well in Las Vegas

At my last post I was still in Inchon, Korea. That was a long experience. There were hotels and rest facilities but keeping on a budget I just walked around or sat at a gate area. Finally the staff manned the gate. I went up and asked if it was possible to get reseated with something with more leg room. I was afraid with the lack of sleep and the entire ordeal I might get leg cramps. I was hoping he would take pity on me and give me First Class but only gave me an aisle seat at an exit row.

For a while I have heard rave reviews about Korean Airlines but for me it was nothing special. It was as good or as bad as all the other airlines I have flown internationally. Food was just ok and the service maybe less then I have had on other airlines. The only think I liked this trip was the airport. It is not as huge as the airport in Singapore, but to me much more accommodating. I also liked that you did not have to go to an area for wifi, the entire airport is covered.

On the flight I was so tired but as in my past flying, could not really fall sleep. I did doze a few times but nothing to really help with the extreme fatigue. I could not concentrate on any of the movies and would have to put my book down after a chapter. The flight was good in the sense there was only a few turbulent spots and they were mild.

We finally were coming into Las Vegas and I was shocked how much the city has grown. The last time I was in Vegas was 1993. There are now entire new areas of casinos and freeways. The plane turned and descended comfortably and the wheels finally touched terra firma. As I walked into the Immigration area I saw all the people in front of me. There was an officer telling which line to go to. Most lines had about 10 people in each.  When I got up front he pointed me to go straight ahead to a line marked for crew. I walked up to the counter; the officer looked at me, asked where I was arriving from and let me go through. Wow, so easy and fast.

Next was customs and I realized there are no porters to assist with baggage. I grabbed 2 carts. The Long carousel was moving but nothing on it then a short one started. As I moved to it, I see one of my boxes. It was the second item to come out. I was excited but not as much as a few moments later I see my other 2 boxes and 2 suitcases come through too. I have never had my things come out this fast before in my life.  Later I noticed the people in Manila put Priority stickers on all six of my pieces. Now comes the trick, I had to move two heavy carts by into the maze of the dividers to get to the customs officer. There was one lady officer at the entrance. She asked me if the boxes contained saleable items. When I explained everything was from America and I lived in the Philippines for 2 plus years and now moving back, the lady send me directly to a big X-Ray machine.

I again explained to the lady and she just told me to put each item on the conveyor, which I did. Then I moved to the rear or the machine and saw all my things. I expected some questioning or be asked to open something when I asked the office what next. He just pointed and said, go through that door, I am done. Another Wow, It must have been about ten minutes from the time I exited the plane to the time I could exit the airport.  In all my travels, I have never gotten out this fast. There have been times it took longer to get out of the ramp into the main airport.

To keep my friends anonymous I will call them Bill and Jane, not their real names.
As I exited the doors all I saw were limo drivers with their signs with their fares names. Then I see a short Filipina and her mouth saying “Bruce.” I called out her name and she smiled. As I approached her husband walks up. We all shake hands and he points where we need to move my stuff while he gets their SUV. We loaded all my baggage in and off we went.

In the 80’s and early 90’s I had been to Las Vegas many times and had been around the city. Because some of my trips were business trips, when I was a service tech for a computer company, I had been to areas away from the casinos and hotels. Looking from the plane and then driving to their home I was amazed how this city has grown. The area between Vegas and Henderson used to be mainly barren dessert is now filled with housing and shopping. You cannot tell where Las Vegas ends and Henderson starts.

We arrived at their house and I was shown where my room was. I brought in some of my stuff and started getting settled. Thursday morning Jane told me Bill told her he would take us to the M casino for their buffet dinner that evening. I spent the day doing more unpacking and settling in. Of course I spend a lot of time online talking to Elena. We are now using Skype to video conference.

Next post I will talk more about my plans and activities getting settled in Las Vegas.

26 Responses to “Arrived Safe and Well in Las Vegas”

  1. *lynne* says:

    Glad you’ve arrived safe and sound, and wow that’s a really efficient and fast trip thru customs and immigration!! I have 3 hrs to go thru the same in Chicago *and* make my connecting flight to Springfield n another terminal.. I hope there aren’t delays or anything that would eat into those 3 hrs…!!

  2. Marvin says:

    Hang in there Bruce, so far so good, we’re all pullin for you and Elena. Can’t wait for the post telling us your picking her up at the airport.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Welcome back Bruce, i’m glad your journey back is safe.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks. Hows everyone in San Antonio doing? Is things working well with Elmo on the house plannings?

      • Vanessa says:

        We are doing fine here in SA Bruce, yes it’s moving along, he sent Richard few layouts already. Richard and Elmo are communicating a lot lately about the design. It’s definitely in progress. I’ll be Vegas in June(2nd week), if you’re not doing anything, let’s meet up for lunch or something, my treat(wink).

        • Bruce says:

          I am glad I was able to find you someone to build your house, even if I am out of the loop. Let me know your dates here and we will schedule to meet.

          • Vanessa says:

            Yes you did. Thank you. Hopefully Richard will stick with him. You know how he is, he can be very picky. I’ll be flying there June 11 Friday till Monday. Saturday, i have a wedding to attend after that i don’t have anything plan yet.

          • Bruce says:


            I hope our schedules will work out and I can take you up on that meal and seeing your pretty smile in person again.

  4. roy says:

    Welcome Back Bruce!!!

  5. don m. says:

    glad to hear that you came back safely. Mercy and I are glad all is working out for you. Keep us posted.

  6. Kevin says:

    Welcome back Bruce. Now take some time and unpack and get caught up on your sleep. Keep us posted

  7. Randy says:

    Hi Bruce. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound and your miraculous express lane through Immigration and Customs on your return.
    Wish you all the best and hopefully a speedy reunion with Elena.


  8. Andrew says:

    Hey Bruce..Glad you got back OK. That was “WOW” fast the way you got through Immigration & Customs. Good Luck!

  9. Caesar says:

    Hi Bruce!

    I am glad to hear that you arrived at Vegas safe and sound. I wish you the best there dear friend as you start a new chapter in your life back in the U.S. of A.

    Take care Bruce.

  10. Tom Martin says:

    I am glad you are home. A new chapter in your life book. Make it a great chapter. You are missed and I still wish I would have had time to get things together to have returned with you.

    One day I am going to wake up and come to my senses and go to the mall, buy a ticket, say nothing to any one and that night be on a plane to the States. I admit the real reason I stay is I am afraid of starting over at 70 plus with health issues.

    I wish you the BEST!

    • Bruce says:

      When you buy the tickets, if your flight ends in Las Vegas, I hope you tell me so I can meet you at the airport. There are many facilities that will give you a decent place to live and better conditions you are now. Plus you will have less stress without everyone lookign for a handout.

  11. Evelyn says:

    hi ,bruce..
    welcome back..
    my computer was going haywire..
    i couldn’t go online for quite sometime
    i missed reading your site
    hope u r doing well in vegas..

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