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Birthday Celebration at Blue Jazz Beach Resort, Samal Island


This year was a special treat. Our nephew Peter, who is currently a 4th Marine Engineer, was home on his vacation. It was also special since on October 23rd was his 26th birthday. To celebrate his birthday, besides dinner and cake, that next Sunday the whole family spent the day on Samal Island at the Blue Jazz Beach Resort.

In the past, we have gone to two other beach resorts but nothing like what Blue Jazz offers. From the moment you arrive by boat, you see the upper scale facilities. The main beach area is shorter than the others are, but you see the two free pool areas. They have a lower semi-circular pool at beach level, which is fed by a horizon edge pool above. Around the upper pool are umbrella covered tables and little nipa huts that are for rent.

beach-pool upper-free-pool free-seatingpeir

barAs we walked past a beautiful round covered bar area, we saw the covered seating areas. There are pavers and clean sand areas as you approached these tables. We all sat down and in Filipino tradition, a grill was started and food was prepared for our early lunch.

Well this time the family went overboard on food. The grilled pork ribs and small tuna. There was also shrimp, chicken, kinilaw, salad, tortillas, and of course rice. We relaxed while all was prepared and then the feast commenced.

During our lunch, two girls dressed as a mime and clown stopped by to invite us to their Sunday family activities at one of the pavilions. Later they came back with someone in a Tweety Bird costume.

the-family-at-bj me-and-clowns elena-and-tweety

Later a few of us walked up to their water slide and pool. Along the way, we passed the overnight rental units that looked very neat and accommodating.

The water slide pool is only 80 pesos per person and the first use of a floatation tube is free. I have never used a water slide, and at first was hesitant to try. However, with a little prompting from the attendants and Elena, I grabbed a tube and climbed the hill and steps to the top. As I sat on the tube and laid back for the ride, the attendant pushed me off with the words “Super Fast”.

water-slideWell I shot down the slide going almost vertical up the sides of the turns and then felt my butt bump as the dips on the straightaway towards the bottom. Next was the splash into the pool. Wow, what a ride that was. After some laughs and jokes, Elena and I went back up to ride the double tube together. Again, as we were pushed off, the attendant pushed us off, he called “Super Doper Fast” and with the added weight, we were flying.

This time on the curves, we slide up the banked side so high I thought we would fall out, but with the centripetal force, we stayed on the raft. Then once the straightaway started, our momentum kept us going back and forth up the sides until the last part and the butt bumping drops started. Gee, that was so much fun and I cannot believe I had never ridden a water slide before.

After a while we walked back to our table, some went to shower, and change clothes before our trip back. We needed to watch the time since the last boat leaves at 5pm and if you miss it, you will need to spend the night. Therefore, by about 4:30 we packed up and headed for the pier to get the boat ride back to Davao. The ride back was also a thrill, the normal calm Davao Gulf was choppy and they had to slow the boat to keep everyone in their seats.

This is now the third beach resort I have visited on Samal and to me it is the best so far, my hats off the man who designed this wonderful place to relax and enjoy.

7 Responses to “Birthday Celebration at Blue Jazz Beach Resort, Samal Island”

  1. Hi Bruce,

    Looks like a great place! And your photos really do credit to the place – especially when you make them full screen size. Absolutely beautiful. And I am looking out the window at 4C or 39F and rain! Will be down that way near end of February.

    • Bruce says:

      It was really nice and the first beach I have visited where I fully enjoyed my day. With the constant heat here, can you bring some of the cold weather here for a few days?
      Look foward to meeting you when you visit and getting to know you better.

  2. Ken says:

    Hey Bruce,

    I second what John said about you allowing full screen viewing option on your pics….It really does enhance your readers viewing pleasure.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks. Unfortunately I do not take a camera with me all the time so many of my articles are without photos. I could look through the internet and use some, but I try to write more about living here and sometimes photos are not needed. I wil try to show more when I can.

  3. laagan says:

    is this a new resort? i have never heard of this one. is it near pearl farm?

  4. Evelyn says:

    nice place,bruce..
    looks like you all enjoyed your day at this resort…
    esp the water slide…
    i have not experienced that yet…
    hmmmmm..might try someday…
    ohh nooo i think i’m too old for that…hahaha

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