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Birthday Party at Field of Dreams

I know it looks like I am always going and then writing about Field of Dreams. Lately it feels like it. Now that is not a complaint, I love visiting there.

Last Sunday, November 9th we were invited to go back for another nice reason. One of the Directors Glyn Lao invited us to attend her son Marvin’s Birthday Celebration.
Glyn had told us about it at the Homes Anniversary party. She felt it was a nice way to bring a party to the home, celebrate the other boys whose birthday was in November and to show her son how some unfortunate children have gotten a better chance in their life living there, but not having a regular family and home.

My friend Louis joined me for the trip again. My wife Elena and his wife Venice did not come for health reasons, Elena had a bad headache and Venice had a bad cough and cold.
With the light traffic, we arrived about an hour early. This gave us time to spend with the boys and also George and Lalaine who are directors and most always there.

Soon after our arrival, Father Tom Martin arrived with his caregiver and we all sat and chatted on the front patio. I always enjoy seeing Father Tom and talking to him. He is a nice man and makes you feel at ease with him.

One nice thing I noticed was they printed my Blog about their Anniversary Party and disply it for all to see on their bulletin board.

Next to arrive was Glyn and her son. We talked a little about how we have been and just normal chat. Then a friend from the Expat groups, Andrew and his wife Nida arrived on his motorcycle. Andrew is an avid amateur photographer so after his arrival and introductions we walked around so I could show him the Homes building and their garden, piggery and chicken coops.

There were other ladies that arrived. Dolly Dulalas, Tina Fajardo who brought along her sisters Lourdes Demapanag and Elizabeth Fuentes from Kuwait and another friend Eva Jana.
The boys also invited some of their female classmates and they later did some adorable dance routines for our enjoyment.

Eventually 3 ladies from McDonalds arrived to set up for the boys’ party. All the boys received hats with their names written on them. There was welcome announcements, a prayer by father Tom and then the games.

The girls had some party games for the boys like “pass the balloon” “balloon walk” and some others. It was fun watching all the children playing the games.

At one point, Father Tom had all the boys who were celebrating their recent birthdays come up and after a little prayer for each gave them a Timex watch. I later learned it made the other boys jealous, but as Lalaine told me, they need to learn and their day will come.
When it was time to eat, all the children received a chicken and rice meal from McDonalds and the adults were invited to enjoy a catered meal of Filipino items. There was also birthday cake and bottled sodas.

After our delicious meal, the boys and girls demonstrated their dancing skills and as always we were able to see the older boys doing their Hip-Hop dancing.

As usual here in Davao, the sun goes down fast and we decided it was time to jump into our car and return back to our world.

I will always be happy to continue my visits to the Field of Dreams Boys Home and cherish the warm and wonderful feelings, friendship and closeness I have developed with everyone there.

I also want to give a special thanks to Glyn for inviting me to help celebrate her son’s special day and the friendship we have developed.

2 Responses to “Birthday Party at Field of Dreams”

  1. Louis says:

    It’s always a fun day up there and the kids are all great.

  2. Bruce says:

    Yes Louis. I am also looking foward to DAEA’s Christmas party for the Boys on December 13th.

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