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Boyd’s Pizza House/The Garlic Bread House


A few weeks ago, I was told about a little restaurant here in Davao and not too far from my house, it is called Boyd’s Pizza House/The Garlic Bread House. It is a hole in the wall, nondescript place that if you did not know where to look, you might miss it.

What I was told was their pizza was the best in town. Well as you might know, I am originally from New York where their pizza is famous. So one Saturday Elena and I decided to give it a try. I was told it was on Palma Gil Extension just off of J.P. Laurel. We past it twice before Elena noticed it. We parked and entered the restaurant and I was a little concerned. The interior has very little in decorations and the basic wood tables and plastic chairs did not do much to help the décor. The main area has tiled floor but the side sections are just painted concrete.


We sat down and looked over the menus. They have a regular menu and a monthly special menu that I do not think ever changes. I decided to try their pizza and picked a traditional type with Italian sausage. Elena ordered their pork loin plate which comes with a mushroom gravy, seasoned rice and vegetables.

Elena’s meal was delivered first and as I waited for my pizza, I tasted her pork. I was shocked, after eating so much tough pork in many small restaurants in Davao, it was moist and tender and as good as you would get in most American restaurants. The restaurant was crowded and since they only have one pizza oven, I had to wait a long time for my pizza. To make up for the wait, they brought me some of their famous garlic bread. Finally my pizza arrived and it was delicious. It is similar to the modern pizza with slices of mozzarella. It was nicely topped with a generous amount of sausage and had sliced onions too. With beverages it was under 400 pesos which was amazing for such quality food.

I have been back many times since, two to three times a week. On one of my visits I met the owner and chef. He is originally from Kidapawan and was trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and then worked at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. With such training, I do not know why he returned to the Philippines, but I would guess all of his customers, me included, are glad he did. He originally opened his first restaurant in Kidapawan but eventually closed it and relocated it in Davao.

Over my many visits, I have either ordered or tasted some of their items. They are all delicious and well made. At first I was always ordering their pork loin but then tried their pasta with roast chicken and mushrooms. It is penne pasta in a garlic and oil sauce with chicken, mushrooms and vegetables. It was so good; I saved part of the garlic bread to wipe the plate clean to get every drop of sauce.


Another favorite for me is there Pizza #3 which is a white pizza with roasted chicken and mushrooms. Their pizzas come in three sizes, single, double and family.

They have a Hungarian Rice Entree which is not for the meek and you need to enjoy spicy food for that one. There is also Hungarian dumplings which is a fried wonton wrapper stuffed with the Hungarian sausage meat.


They have for order or takeout Garlic bread which is not the usual sweet Filipino bread and more like an Italian type of loaf with a swirl of garlic throughout.

They serve Pepsi products and also have other light beverages and also beer is available. The Wait staff is very courteous and continues to monitor your needs throughout your stay.

They are open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinners. If you visit there for lunch, there is a good chance you will see me there, I am the Kano with a satisfied look on his face.

Below is their menus, I apologize for the quality of the photos.


10 Responses to “Boyd’s Pizza House/The Garlic Bread House”

  1. richard tompkins says:

    A good pizza place in Davao! Hurry up retirement……

  2. JakeB says:

    Hi Bruce, Thanks for the dining tip, I will be sure to check out the place in December.

    • Bruce says:

      I was there again today and tried their spaghetti in peso with chicken. It was not the usual green peso sauce but was full with chicken and tasted great. My friend got an order of garlic brad sticks. They are like in the photo with the past and you get about 8 peices all for 50 pesos.

  3. cori says:

    Nice.. sounds like you guys are doing ok there for Pizza. Pizza and Mexican foods are a couple of the absolute ‘can’t get it right’ here in Tokyo. I’ve had to learn how to do all my own Mexican food.
    Do you guys have costco there?

    • Bruce says:

      No Costco here in Davao. There is one similar store, which I wrote about, Makro. But they really are not discounted.
      There is many pizza places here. I know of only one new Mexican Resturant. I have not been there yet. There is one Filipina wife here that makes and sells home made flour tortillas and salsa.

  4. Vanessa says:


    Glad to you suggested this place to us, it was very good food for the price.

    • Bruce says:

      Over time I have tried more of their items and have enjoyed them all. The only problem I had was with their spaghetti with curry chicken, it was too spicy for me.
      I now usually end up there for lunch 2 times a week.

  5. Hey guys! nice to hear that from you..

    I’m from Boyd’s pizza here in davao.. You may like us on facebook..

    feel free to put up some comments and suggestions..
    you may share your photos or videos on our fanpage..

    thank you!! 🙂

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