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Brown-Outs again

Yesterday and again today we were at Gaisano Mall when the lights went out. Then the generators kicked in for partial lighting and necessary functions for the mall. I went outside, as usual, for a cigarette and could not talk easily to a friend because of the roar of the generator motors.

I am not sure how long until the power returned, but it was hot until the air conditioning finally lowered the temperature.

According to Davao Power, it was a loss of power from the National Grid and the quickly activated the Bajada Plant to restore power to key locations, such as Government buildings and Hospitals.

I am not sure the cause of the Grid losing power and I hope it is for the high usage during these HOT days and not some sabotage from any of the Anti Government groups on Mindanao.

All I know, with the heat, I enjoy the comfort at the malls.

6 Responses to “Brown-Outs again”

  1. Ray says:

    Bruce I guess you are becoming Filipino now….going to the mall for aircon 😀

  2. thank God for the malls.. I used to cool down in malls too and usually head over a coffee place with free wifi 😛

    I am from Bicol region and we get brown outs there more frequently than other regions. I still remember, after typhoons brownouts would last for a couple of months before it gets restored coz most power facilities gets wiped out during typhoons..

    • Bruce says:

      Yes, I was never a mall person in the States but here it is almost a daily visit. You now mention another reason Davao so nice, Out of Typhoon belt.

  3. Al says:

    Technicality 🙂

    I don’t agree with the go to the mall for aircon, in fact you end up spending more, here’s how:

    Running a typical aircon unit would cost you an average of 10p/hour. Now, if we go to the mall ONLY to cool down, then we would end up spending 200php+ for that coffee and transportation. That’s 20 hours worth of aircon.

    We take those 20 hours of actual compressor use (that’s when the aircon draws most current) and divide it at least in 2 since the compressor does not run at all times. If your house is reasonably insulated, you can divide that even by 3, which means that your outing to the mall for aircon equals about 2-3 days worth of aircon 🙂

    My aircon is more like run 1 hour, stay 2 or 3, I have nice and cool place and my bill is ~PHP1500. I have friends using only fans and typical appliances and their electric bill runs around 800PHP so you get the idea.

    • Bruce says:

      I do not understand it, but have not figured out the rhyme or reason some houses spend less for electricity and do more than some who do less and spend more. But that is close to understanding the answer to Einsteins relativity.

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