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Bruce and Elena’s Wedding

Well all my readers, the day finally came. Elena and my wedding.
As many know, to do anything official in the Philippines there are many papers and forms and then copies, copies and more copies.

Last January, while in Manila, we went to the U.S. Embassy and received my “Capacity for Marriage”. This is a document from the U.S. saying I have no marriage ties and free to marry here in the Philippines.

Then about 3 months ago we went to City Hall to find out what we need to get our Marriage License. From me we only needed copies of my passport, the form from the U.S. Embassy and copies of my divorce, which I had. For Elena she needed a few items from the NSO, National Statistic Office. She needed new NSO Birth Certificate and a clearance that she is free to marry.

Then as you have read in past posts, Elena had to have a hysterectomy. With the operation and recovery time, we had to put things on hold.

Finally last month we went to the courthouse and filled out the application for our marriage license. Then there is a 10 day wait until the official license is available.

Once we received this, Elena went to the Clerk of the Court to get a date and time for us to be married by a Judge in a civil ceremony.

Here the bride and the groom each need 2 Ninong and Ninang. These are also called Sponsors or as we would call, witnesses.

I asked the Rey Owner/Engineer and Neal the Architect where I work and Elena asked 2 good friends, Becky and Lorena, who was with her the day she went to the Courthouse.

Finally the day came, Wednesday July 9th. The night before Neal, the Architect, text me to tell me he was ill and had asked one Churchill, one of our coworkers to be his proxy.

Our time was 4PM. About 3:30PM Elena, Becky, Lorena and I jumped in the car and drove to the Courthouse. Rey was to meet us there with Churchill.

The Courtroom was small and there were 2 other couples there to be married at the same time. Our papers were checked and we put the rings and 7 peso coins on the table to be ready for the ceremony. The Judge came out and started. Unfortunately Rey and Churchill had not yet arrived.

Good thing the Judge had a good sense of humor because if you know me, if there is humor to be made, I will it. During the ceremony a few times the Judge would add “and your Future children”. Since I have had a vasectomy and Elena’s hysterectomy, I would look at her and whisper “Children?”

When the Judge said “Kiss the Bride” I hugged and kissed Elena deeply, not just a smooch.

After the ceremony was over it was time for the signing, My 2 Ninong and Rey’s wife Lolit finally arrived. After all signatures we went out for dinner. We went to Coco’s on F. Torres which is a nice and better scale restaurant.

Another happy part of the day was at 9:00PM our nephew, who is a Marine Engineer arrived at the airport. He will be home for 3 months to study and take his Boards for his license.

On Sunday July 13th we had an Open House Wedding Reception from 12 noon to 8PM. I felt with all the friends we have made and all the people at the office, it would be easier and cheaper. I had posted the invitation and directions at the office and either emailed or posted invitations to all the members of the 2 foreigner groups I belong to.

We ordered food from a caterer, a large Lechon baboy (whole roast pig), and Elena cooked her famous Pasta with shrimp in a butter garlic sauce and pasta with ground beef in a tomato sauce. She also made her World Famous Mango Float and of course we had a wedding cake.

Our living space is large but what a full house. At 11:45AM Rey, his wife and 2 little daughters arrived. Then approximately 10 coworkers. From then it was kind of a blur. People kept coming and coming and coming. Filipinos, Expats and their wives, wives of Expats that are away attended. I lost count but I think we had approximately 70 visitors and at one point there must have been 40+ in the house at the same time. I was happily surprised that some people I have only met a few times came and brought gifts too.

It was so hard for me to socialize and spent most of my time moving from one group to another. A friend of ours brought their Karaoke mics which has the songs and videos built into the mics. So there was singing, conversation, joking and lots of eating. 3 guests brought cakes. At one point someone while looking at the cakes asked me what I will have for my 1st Anniversary. I responded “diabetes”.

About 7:30PM the crowd thinned out and we started opening the gifts. One friend gave us 2 joke gifts besides a real gift. The joke gifts were a counter bell for Elena to call me and a can opener for me.

We received Wine, Brandy, glass sets, vases, a beautiful figurine, food warmer and many other items. The BEST and most surprising we received the night after our wedding. We were out and I received a text from our nephew. He said he bought us a wedding gift and we will see it once we get home. When we walked in, in the dinning room there was a beautiful and large China Cabinet.

When we moved all the gifts into the Sala (living room) and I was amazed all the gifts we received.

I thank my nieces and nephew for all their help. I felt bad that they did not sit and enjoy the party because they spent most of the time washing dishes and utensils to keep a clean supply for each guest. They kept cold beverages on the tables and made sure everyone was served.

The wedding and the party culminated our LOVE for each other and to us both is the main LOVE commitment. It showed how much we LOVE each other and also showed how many friends we have here.

To all that attended, to all that have sent good wishes and too all that read this, thank you very much.

14 Responses to “Bruce and Elena’s Wedding”

  1. bofdem says:

    Congrats Bruce!

    When you get a chance send me an email. j2006[at]…

  2. mia says:

    You both look so happy, Bruce! Here’s to a lifetime of peace and happiness!

  3. Bruce says:

    Thanks for your good wishes. Elena and I have the close loving relationship as I have always dreamed of and closer than most couples I have known in America and here in the Philippines.

  4. Thomasj106 says:

    Elena and Bruce,

    Congratulations to the both of you! Many years of health, happiness, and prosperity!


  5. Hi Bruce


    PS! Can i repost your marriage topic i will grab a couple of paragraph then i will link this site to my readers i love to collect lovestories hehehe if you will allow me to repost it!

    Thanks for sharing Cheers!!!

  6. Hi Bruce

    Were opposite me i become fat since when i come here wahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s why i really want to know how to drive soond. I need confidence. hehhee

    PS! Your very much welcome i love blogging. This is my life as of now and watching TFC everyday.

    • Bruce says:

      I know, American eating habits can cause over eating and weight gain. Also if you home a lot and bored, many people eat. You need to watch your carb intake and exercise. Take walks, ride bicycle, something to burn calories.
      If you really want to, make it a daily ritual.

  7. Marvin says:

    Wow Bruce you got married on my birthday ! Thats some good karma for ya.

    • Bruce says:

      It is either good Karma for me, or bad Karma for you. 🙂

      I am enjoying reading your comments. I would like to know more about you. Where your from, how long you have lived here and the places you have lived. Also if you would like to write about some of your experiences or observations, I welcome you to be a guest writer. If you enjoy it, I will give you your own log into the site.

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