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Here in Davao and I would assume all over the Philippines along most commercial streets there are many little businesses. They might be in the front of a house, in front of a business or even a curbside stall.

They will sell almost anything, flowers, snacks, fried bananas, coconut andmango juice, cell phone covers and more than I can think of at the moment.
One that I have frequented when my car was in the shop for repair is the Carendaria. A Carendaria is a little restaurant with a few tables and plastic stools. At the front they serve inexpensive foods for the local pedestrians.

Most I have seen has a table with many covered pots of foods. You walk up, and lift covers until you find something you would like for your meal.

Once you tell them what you want, they fill a small plate or saucer with your order. You then get a plate of rice and a bowl of broth.

The place we most often go to has their foods in long chafing pans behind a glass window. There vegetable dishes, pork, chicken, fish and beef items, with beans, carrots, squash or maybe okra. There are some places that have goat and other items.

There is a container of drinking water and glasses to help yourself. There is usually a refrigerator with sodas and even beer for sale.

A vegetable order is about 10 pesos (26 cents US), plate of rice 6 pesos (13 cents US, meat dish 20 pesos (45 cents US). A small bottle of soda is 13 pesos (29 cents US). and a large bottle is 25 pesos (56 cents US).

So usually it costs me 39 pesos (88 cents US) for lunch and I am usually comfortably full.
To save money some Filipinos bring their own container of rice but either way it is a cost effective way to have a meal and there are usually many such places to eat on most streets.

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  1. mia says:

    love the photos, bruce! keep ’em coming! it’s amazing how a filling meal can still be had for less than $1.00. with coke to boot! i haven’t been to a carenderia in a while but i’m sure in manila where i usually stay it will cost at least 30% more.

    take care!

  2. Bruce says:


    Thanks for the comment. I wish you and othersd would leave more comments and also let me know what you would like me to write about. It is hard to take photos since it is not easy to have camera with me all the time.

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