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Remit2Home final instalment

I received an email and a call from a representative of Remit2home. After telling me to revise the account info they deposited my money back in my bank account. So, I lost only the interest I would have received in a bank and the service charge. The representative told me to send again and they would not charge me a service charge. I told him with all the lies and trouble, I would never use them again.

Remit2Home Update

Since all my emails never worked, I am thinking someone say my post here. This morning I received a phone call from someone at Remit2Home telling me I needed to update my account info and then the deposit will work. I just wonder why it took MANY EMAILS and my posting here and a few other sites to get the phone call. I would think an updated account info should warrant a call or an email. Not just continued emails from them...

Remit2Home or Not Remit2Home… NOT! ! ! ! !

Caution using for money transfers!!!! First I want to mention, this is not slander. Slander is making false statements or false claims about some person or business. This is all accurate and true. My Fiancée lives in the Philippines and I live in America. I often send her money for some support, or to build up some savings for when I arrive there to live. I have used a few of the money transfer companies...