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Chippins Buffet Resturant, Davao City

Tonight was another of my nieces birthdays and to continue our tradition we go to a buffet dinner and then home for birthday cake.Most of the “all you can eat” buffets are all Filipino foods and I find a few items I will eat, but not many I enjoy, until tonight.

Tonight we went to “Chippins”. It is on Roxas about a block past the Marco Polo Hotel. It is a nice place with a modern upscale furnishings, table cloths and cloth napkins. It is a little more expensive than the others we have previously gone to, but it is worth the difference. It is only 330 pesos ($6.97 US) per person and it includes a beverage.

They had lumpia, spring rolls, breaded fried fish, and pork loin with pineapples, beef and broccoli, asparagus in peanut sauce, of course white rice and a few others. For desert there was blueberry cheesecake, holiday fruit cake, Chocolate cake with a rich fudge topping, macaroni fruit salad and some others I do not remember the names.

The staff was attentive and well dressed.

For me, of the 5 or 6 other buffet restaurants, Chipins is the best.

11 Responses to “Chippins Buffet Resturant, Davao City”

  1. Archer says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Happy New Year, over there..
    I wonder if you can eat Kinilaw or ‘Tinolang Manok with Malonggay’ Chicken Soup with Lots of Malunggay Leaves – Very effective for hang-overs and stress? I hope you will like the taste. :p

    Over here, I am not usually fond eating Indian or Arabic food but I’m getting used to it because they’re cheaper than Filipino or Western food. Smell is extremely pungent but ‘edible’ otherwise hehe. Only thing I still don’t like is a hot tea mixed with fresh milk and ginger. for me is a bit repelling. I missed the foods home. 🙂 Hehe

  2. rick bowden says:

    Hi Bruce

    I went to Chipens a couple of times and i agree the food the service and the place is good, well worth a little extra i agree. Clean and smart and good staff and i really liked the food too, i think i like the local food better than you and yes to Archer i like Kinilaw and Malunggay leaves….but also love indian food, i am a bit jealous of Archers choice, maybe i just like food, full stop.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Archer, or is it James :-)) your confusing me.
    I have had Kinilaw, but do not eat it often. I eat Tinolang, or so my wife tells me.
    Happy New Year to you.

  4. Bruce says:

    Sorry James, it was me replying

  5. Bruce says:

    I like alot of the local foods, but find the quality better at home. I find some of the buffet places alot like the states, cheap over cooked foods for the masses.
    I do not know Indian foods as well as you. I have only had it at Taj Minar, so I have nothing to compar it to.
    Archer is a Filipino living in Dubai

  6. BrSpiritus says:

    I like taking walks in m neighborhood… why? So I can find the tender Kalamunggay leaves in the open lots of course 🙂 And I love kinilaw or any SuToKil in general. I like Indian food and I’ve had some arab dishes as well, but my all time favourite is Chinese cooking, especially a Nice Szechuan or Hunan dish that’s wonderfully spicy.

  7. Bruce says:

    See, you need to restore JBL and your cooking lessons.
    It will also give you something to do.

  8. James says:

    Sorry, Bruce. I forgot to revert the name back to ‘James’ after doing some tests. 😀 Now back to James.

  9. Bruce says:

    I was just joking with you. Thanks to your photo with the comments I knew it was you. I hope you had a Happy New Year and I hope this year brings you peace, happiness and you will be with your family as you have planned.

  10. Tom Martin says:

    We finally paid a visit to Chippins. I enjoyed it and would suggest it to others. It was late when we left and had a difficult time getting a taxi out front. A taxi finally stopped after about 20minutes. An American and his family came from no where and tried to hustle the taxi away from us. Fooled him he thought he would have his teenage son junp in the front seat and take the taxi. I got in the back seat and said unless you are going with us I suggest you get out of the taxi. His Mom a Filipina came over and told him to get out. His Dad was not a happy camper. It took me five years of loosing taxi’s to people that walk up and cut in front of everyone before I said no more. The staff in front of Chippins seem to get a kick out of it because we drove off and they were laughing.

  11. Bruce says:

    I am glad you went and enjoyed it. I hope to go again soon. Maybe Elena and I can join you some evening.
    About the taxi stealing, it is not an American trait. I hear about Filipinos doing it too. See you have now been here long enough to assimilate.

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