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Christmas Day in Davao 2009

Well Christmas Day has arrived in Davao. Because of family coming into town for my nephews weeding last week, some of the family decided to stay through Christmas. A niece and nephew from Surigao who were here decided to go to Kidapawan with their uncle since they never been there before to see the city.

Well my brother-in-law, who has fruit stands in Kidapawan, sent a text Elena that they would not be here until late afternoon Christmas day. Therefore, dinner was to in the evening. Because of this, the lechon was ordered to be picked up at 6pm.

Mid morning, I asked if anyone in the family would like to watch a traditional American movie “It’s a wonderful Life” with James Stewart. As always, not to insult, many said yes so I dug out the movie and had it ready. Well with a house full, only two decided to come watch. After the movie, I drove Elena to the mall to buy more provisions because there is never enough and something is always forgotten.

Mid afternoon, a few of us sat to play a card game. While playing the group from Kidapawan showed up with extras. It turned out my sister-in-laws family lives in Davao too so they were all heading over there and returned about 4pm. At 5:45pm, we jumped in the car and drove to get the Lechon. We got there we were told they were waiting for the delivery from the location that cooks them. We waited and waited. Finally, at 7:00pm a motorcycle pulls up with four pigs in their cardboard wrapper showed up.

When we got home the women start cooking, the rest of the family moved into the Sala (living room) for Karaoke. Here in the Philippines most Filipinos love to sing no matter if they can carry a tune or tone def. In addition, the speakers have to be turned out so the whole neighborhood can enjoy the serenade.  Because of this, I retired to the bedroom, closed the door and started writing this article.

Finally, I was called into for dinner. There was the lechon, spaghetti, pancit, lasagna, and of course kilos of rice. For desert was macaroni fruit salad, maja blanca which is like a thick pudding made from coconut milk, macaroons and brownies.

After dinner, the singing started again so off I ran to the bedroom. If you ask why I do not sing, I am a bass and my voice is so deep it sounds like Lurch from the Adams Family. Once the dishes were cleared, we all went into the sala for the gift exchange. Last weekend it was decided to do a “Secret Santa” gift exchange. In America, the way a “secret Santa” gift exchange is works is with the recipient’s name on the gift and not knowing who gave the gift. Here the way it works it the person who bought the gift has their name on the tag and they dance around and then hand the gift to the person whose name they drew.

Then I received extra gifts from my nieces and nephews who live with us. I was surprised since last year I did not receive anything from them.  I knew what I was getting from Elena since I was with her to try on for fit when she bought them.

This is the third Christmas I have had with my new family and each year has gotten better then the past. There was more communication and love then I had experienced. Now comes a niece’s birthday on the 30th, New Years, Elena birthday on January 6 and our oldest niece’s birthday February 1. Then I can relax for a while.

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

P.S. if anyone is curious about my funny looking mustache, I suffer at times with alopecia and that area of the mustache fell out and is starting to grow back.

10 Responses to “Christmas Day in Davao 2009”

  1. Hi Bruce! Alopecia! I had to look that one up! I think anyone over 50 suffers from that!

    Glad your Christmas went well. Christmas in a foreign country is always different. I know it is here too. Glad you had a good one.

    • Bruce says:


      Alopecia is not old age pattern baldness. It is caused by stress. I have had it, over the years probably 5 to 6 times, head, chin, mustache. Right now it is starting to come back in but it is gray so not seen.

      I hope your Austrian Christmas was white and wonderful.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Elena. I didnt make it to Mindanao this trip to Asia which lasted 6 months this time! I hope you remember me!

    / Stefan

    • Bruce says:

      Welcome back. I wondered what happened to you. How can I forget a man who read over 100 of my posts on one weekend. I hope you enjoyed your extended vacation and glad your safe and well.

  3. Ben says:

    Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and Elena. This is my second time to read some of your post(s). I enjoyed this post especially. I plan to be a regular reader.

  4. Evelyn says:

    happy new year,bruce and my advance bday greetings to your wonderful wife,elena..
    hope we’ll get to see each other someday again..
    good luck to a beutiful new year ahead

    • Bruce says:

      a Happy New Year to you, your American Family and all those back in the Philippines.

      Hope to see me again someday? You better visit us or we visit you.

  5. pinaywife says:

    I see you had a very hectic holiday schedule. Christmas in the Philippines is really a frenzy of activities and I miss that. I’ve been celebrating Christmas for the past two years now in Phnom Penh, where celebrations are really so quiet and subdued compared to celebrating it there. But its still great coz I get to have it with my husband and daughter and new friends here..

    Happy New Year to you and your family =)

    • Bruce says:

      True, here in the Philippines it starts in SeptemBER and keeps growing. Then all the cooking for New Years Eve.
      At times I joke that I need a job so I can go to work and relax.
      I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year

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