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Coffee Shops

How life has changed. When I was young and for many years a “Coffee Shop” was a small restaurant with linoleum covered tables and basic food menu. Then with Starbucks and other named branding emerged. They sold high end coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, teas and other similar beverages. They would have cakes, cookies, scones and other light snacks to compliment there beverages.

When I first moved here so many people talked about the Coffee Shops and the ones they liked. If I contacted someone to meet, or they contacted me, it would usually end with which coffee shop to meet.

It would go like this, “what part of town are you? Then let’s meet at xyz coffee shop.” Now I love the taste of coffee, but I need to be careful. If I drink too much coffee I can get Ocular Migraines, which cause little squiggle prisms in my eyes.

Everywhere or I should say most everywhere there are coffee shops and more opening all the time. There are coffee shops in the main concourse in the malls, in office buildings and all over town.

There is one at Gaisano Mall where Elena and I would meet all the time. If she was out running errands, she would tell me to meet here there. I would bring a book, sit on a comfortable sofa and read while I drank coffee. The nice thing here in Davao, they are more relaxed. People can site at places with tables and seating without buying anything. I would always order something and if I was to be there for a long time, I would always ask if it is

Then I bought a small light weight laptop to be able to work on the internet, check emails or research and work on writing articles. I then would go to the Coffee Shops that have wifi. The only coffee shops without wifi are the open shops in the mall concourses.
With this now in mind, my eye would notice more of the coffee shops while driving around town. I am not going to list all of them because I probably will miss mentioning some and there are many sites already that have a long list.

There are some I enjoy and from visiting them on a semi regular basis have gotten to know the employees and some of the management of a few.

You can order coffee, coffee type drinks, other beverages, sweets, sandwiches and even a hot meal. There are electric outlets to plug in your charger and comfortable seating. Some have smoking areas. One even has an air conditioned area for comfort.

Many all have some theme or style. One has a tree theme and their Restroom looks like you’re inside a tree. Prices vary but not more then maybe 10 pesos. Some have discounted refills and one chain gave me a discount card to use at all their branches.

These places are needed here because many Filipinos realize the need to have a computer, but the added expense for internet access at their home might be too much. So they will buy a laptop and when needed just head to a coffee shop. Unfortunately I have heard of large groups will meet at a shop, one will order a cup of coffee and for a few hours conduct a meeting with their laptop open. Because of this I know of one shop that charges internet access after 3 hours of use and another charges a fee to use the electricity to charge their computers. Well, with the culture not to insult, this is a problem that they have to deal with.

So, if you are here in Davao or plan to visit, you might just see me with my little laptop and a cup of coffee in front of me typing away. If not, just text me and ask which shop we can meet.

6 Responses to “Coffee Shops”

  1. jan says:

    Good that they are not going to meet in a ‘coffeeshop’ in Holland. 😉
    In my home country that means that you are going to meet in a hash joint. (those are called coffeeshops in the Netherlands)
    check: here

    • Bruce says:

      I knew that. 🙂
      I have a cousin near Amsterdam. She said it is legal to buy small qualities. She also mentioned the owners are probably breaking the law unless all their deliveries are made in the legal quantity.
      Actually, she explained, it is condoned, not legal. Just as euthanasia is not legal but condoned.
      I guess like here, corruption in not legal but it looks condoned. hahaha

  2. JakeB says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Ahhh, you brought back memories of the old style coffee shop. I still see some of these old fashion coffee shops along the highways at truck stops, but even these are going away to a quick self serving machines that are located inside large fuel stops that offer wi-fi 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      11 years ago, I drove from California to Florida. Truck stops were like mini malls with food courts, shopping and lots of amenities. I felt embarrassed in a car with a U-haul trailer.

  3. Jim says:

    In my neck of the woods, (SW Alberta) coffee is a necessity…to stay warm! LOL Balmy -25C today but tomorrow is promising…-10C! Bring on the Joe!!!

    • Bruce says:


      I remember the first time I was offered soup here. In my mind soup is a comfort food for cold days. Coffee here is like in Europe, a place to sit and relax.

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