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Computers and Internet for Students

This morning I was reading an article on the Sun Star newspaper online. There was an article about how the Government with grants from the business sector are placing computers with Internet access into some High Schools.

From my time here I have learned and seen many young Filipinos with Lap Tops and the crowds in Internet Cafes. From talking to many young people I have learned about the high level of computer, graphics and application knowledge they already have.

A while back when I worked for an Engineering and Architecture Firm, all the employees were proficient in the uses of AutoCad. I learned many things from them and I was able to teach many time saving ways to use the program and to make the use of the software easier for them to work.

I have also met many who were amazing with computer graphics. Using Corel, and Adobe products.

The desire for knowledge is very strong here. One reason is as so many youth want to advance and for Filipinos the dream of getting a good job in the BPO industry here and/or going abroad to make a good income and with that help their families survive and life a better life.computers

With the Government placing computers in the schools, I expect there will be more students increasing their knowledge to be more marketable in the world employment market place.

I hope these grants include needed licensed software.

14 Responses to “Computers and Internet for Students”

  1. Mindanao Bob says:

    Personally, instead of providing licensed software, I think that the government would be wise to embrace the Open Source movement. Go with 100% Linux and Free applications. For almost any need, there is a free open source application.

    • Bruce says:

      I agree with you about the open source verses cracked software. But there are some applications not available in open source programs. Either way it is nice having computers for students as long as they do not just waste the resources on Friendster and games.

      • Mindanao Bob says:

        Hi Bruce – I am not aware of any computer needs that can’t be done with an open source application. People always tell me that there is not a good photo editing program, but I use open source Gimp even for Windows, and I find it does everything I need. What application do you know of that there is not an open source program to do? Just curious if I missed some.

        • Bruce says:

          I agree there is a lot of free open source software avaliable. I use Thunderbird and enjoy it better than Outlook.
          For me, I would like to find a full featured CAD software.
          Also for doing work, an open source program will do fine in most areas but for future employment knowledge of a top level program helps get a job.
          I have known draftsman proficient in some other programs than AutoCad and either did not get the job or were laid off because they could not make the transition in an AutoCad office.

  2. you’re right Pinoys really have an abundance of techie geeks and I think that’s a good thing and should be given the more opportunities by the government.

    thanks for the link up Bruce. Added you to my recommended links too.

    • Bruce says:

      Yes, many smart and capable techies here. I added the link because I feel you have something interesting to read. I get many requests and find their content not compatible with my site and my readers.

  3. Kevin says:

    I remember I took a trip over to Talicud Island last summer and the principal told me there was only one computer for all the students to use. Also, the power only came on at night. I hope the government can place lots of computers in the schools, but sometimes, the schools on the more remote islands need power too. I enjoy reading your posts. We hope to be in Davao in a few years.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. How are you? I remember reading your articles on Bob’s site. I hope so too and I hope they are utilized for all the right reasons. The knowledge that can be learned and the opportunities will increase especially with all the out sourcing ventures here in the Philippines. I look forward to meeting you once you get here.

  4. ceblogger says:

    the public school where my sister teach, was one of the first beneficiaries of these computers. but what they lack at that time was capable computer teachers.

    as to software licenses, the govt should either use open source or buy licenses in bulk.

    • Bruce says:

      Maybe they can find qualified computer teachers that are also qualified English teachers so they can improve the students in both levels. If you hear of the need in Davao, I am looking for a job. hahaha

  5. ceblogger says:

    you need a work permit to teach. or maybe just teach parttime at an international school. or maybe, start with a tutorial class. hehe.

  6. Electronic says:

    Good article, computer study even have been popularized starting from elementary school in Indonesia.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for visiting. There is a foreigner here that has a foundation that puts computers in elementary schools. I hope they are used well and will help many move up the economic ladder with their knowledge.

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