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Contributors Wanted (continued)

Last week I wrote an article asking for contributors needed to keep this site active after I move back to America. I have received two articles and I appreciate them. I will post them either this week or next.

One thing I would like the first time someone sends me an article is a little bio about themselves, so I can introduce them. This way we all can get to know a little about the writer and where his or her experience or connection to the Philippines or Filipinos.

I also have realized some people would want or need a chance to earn some money for writing. I know I thought I could make some money too. What I am offering, if any writer has their own site or internet business, I will put on the site a banner or sidebar ad for their site. If you have neither but want to join an affiliate program and place an ad for that on the site, I will allow that too, just email me the code, link or ad graphic and linking information and I will include that on the site.

As many readers have commented, they would like to see American in Davao continue to give honest, open and respectful information about  the Philippines, Davao, the culture, the cultural differences, experiences and/or observations that will be interesting and helpful to all readers.

I have tried to make this site for information and as a guide to people thinking of visiting, retiring and/or moving to the Philippines and Davao in particular. I have always tried to do it with respect. It is easy to look at the life and people here on First World Nation standards and compare it to life and the people here.  What takes time to realize, even though there is an over population and extreme poverty, Filipinos have lived here for a very long time. The country has major influx of people and cultures from many countries. Malays, Chinese, Muslim, Spanish, Japanese, Korean European, American, and others. The influence on the life here has had a positive and negative on the people and their culture.

Changes are long and difficult, and they have to be made by the people and the government. We can share, teach, show and train, but it is up to them to decide what they want. We cannot force them to change so it is more comfortable for us. We need to accept what life is like here. I have found you make better relationships with a smile and a kind word then yelling or complaining. Sure, I complain, we all do. That is because we have trouble accepting the changes.

The more information we can share and discuss, the more we will all learn to live here or understand the differences and difficulties if we bring a Filipino to our respective country.

So, in closing, please help keep American in Davao alive as a source of information for all to read and learn.

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