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Davao is Getting Closer

I am so excited, but tired too. Today I took all my boxes to the shipping warehouse. They charge by volume, not weight. Well it is amazing how many things you want to keep.

When I thought Elena would be moving to Florida, there were things I wanted for her and some things she wanted to make cooking easier.

So, here I was, looking at all these new kitchen things, never used. I decided I might as well ship them there. Immersion Blender, new set of pots and pans, a flatware set and a rotisserie. She told me about a “Turbo” she uses there to cook chickens. I thought it was their name for a rotisserie so I bought her one of Ron Popiels “Showtime” units.

Then there is books that I had not read yet, lots of towels and bedsheets that make great filler and packing materials. And so many items that I wanted to help remember home, such as photo albums, pictures in frames and figurines and knick knacks.

Well I first thought I would have about 5-10 medium boxes. And it ended up being 17 boxes at 1.4 Cu Meter.

I hope there will be still room in Elena’s House for me too.

I also ordered my plane tickets. Unfortunately I am flying there on a tourist visa so I must show a round trip tickets. The US will not let you leave and the Philippine immigration will not let you stay without proof you can return home without being a burden on either countries.

I also have an appointment Monday at the Philippine Consulate on Monday to get a 1 year visa.

Once I am there, Elena and I will marry and then I can apply for a resident visa.

4 Responses to “Davao is Getting Closer”

  1. wow u shipped ..17 boxes wow thats a lot! congrats i know its late but they said better than never. lol

    • james harrison says:

      I have about 500 lbs of personal items i would like to ship to Davao from houston tx can you recommend can you give me the best way to ship it i work for kbr in Iraq I only go back to the usa one time a year my other r&r’s i go to davao also my wife would like to visit the us any advise about visa’s I would like to take you and your wife to dinner next time i am in davao maybe jacks ridge have you been there jim harrison

      • Bruce says:


        When I was moving here, I looked for International Shippers online. Also if you can find Balakabian shippes in Houston, search online or contact Asian markets. They usually are agents or know of one. Balakabian boxes are not checked by customs or have tarrif fees. Both ship by volume, now weight.

        Dinner sounds great, and as a guest I let the host pick the spot.

        Feel free to contact me for any assistance and if I can get any info on Shippers in Houston, I will email you.

      • Bruce says:

        Sorry, I forgot to answer about a visa for your wife to visit the US.
        I have not tried to bring Elena to the US yet. What I have heard, it is very difficult to get a tourist visa for a Filipina.
        I had heard the Filipina has to show large holdings here such as land, homes, business and money in back to show they need to return.
        I do not know anyone who has done this, so I have no one to ask. Maybe one of the readers here can comment.

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