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Do Not Leave Home without this..

You might be wondering what the photo is, it is a package of All-purpose tissues.  You might think,” I do not have a cold”, why carry tissues with me. Well if you are in a mall, a store, many offices and even many restaurants and you need to use a public restroom, you will need this type of product. This is because many restrooms and/or toilet stalls do not have toilet paper. Most public restrooms and many restrooms in businesses do not supply it either.

In many office restrooms, there usually is a large bucket and a handled pail. This is because many Filipinos like to wash their private parts with water and not paper when there are finished. Some do use paper first but like to wash with water after.

In some nicer restroom, there is what we would think of a sprayer for a kitchen sink. This is there for those who prefer water to wash. I joke of it as a Filipino bidet.

This is not much of a story, but something to remember when you visit the Philippines and out around town and “nature calls.”

18 Responses to “Do Not Leave Home without this..”

  1. I have been experiencing this many times in Asia. I never learn to bring this 😉

  2. greg says:

    Bruce–thanks for these tips that I would never think about. One more ‘must pack’ item.

  3. don m. says:

    Charmin makes a tightly rolled tp that sells for $1 in us. I took it to to pi on my last trip. It holds 100 sheets in each package. It fits very nicly in my pocket. Saved my butt many times. Ha Ha.

  4. OK Bruce, you asked for it – if they wash with water, and there is no paper, how do you get dry! 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      John in Austria,

      The truth is they do not dry. That is why at times you see a wet spot on someones jean covered butts.

      • roy says:

        Hello Bruce, I have tried to hold my tongue about this not because of its indelicacy but because I thought the rest of the readers and including you, have focused on one thing which to me is not nearly as important as our concept of my being clean. Filipinos are contended if there’s soap and water and tabo (water dipper or a small pail) around. If there is no tissue to dry pat one’s bum, it is common sense to wait for a minute or two to let the water trickle down. I have seen wet arm pits but I have not seen what you call “jean-covered butts” to be wet for to conclude that this person has just taken a dump and has only used water. Most Filipinos wear under wear, and sometimes shorts under their jeans. It would take a lot of wetness for the water to seep through these at least two pieces of clothing. You can try this. First, use tissue to wipe off the excrement. Second, pour water and apply soap. Rinse off the areas carefully so you don’t wet unnecessarily your whole derriere. Wait a minute or two so the rest of the water drops off. Then put on your jeans. You feel wet but your pants would not look wet.

        • Bruce says:

          I was not saying anything wrong about the Filipinos way of cleanliness and I was not trying to insult anyone for their habits. Washing with soap and water is defiantly a more hygiene way of cleaning ones bottom.. I am just letting visitors know to make sure they have paper in case they need to use a CR here. Americans use toilet paper. All restrooms (CR’s) in America have toilet paper available and is never a thought. If a Foreigner is here visiting and needs to use a public toilet, I am just letting them know to be prepared. Think of the discomfort of someone without paper in need, rush into a CR stall, drop their shorts and relieves themselves and then realize there is no paper. That will be a bigger problem.

  5. Marvin says:

    Tabo Tabo Tabo ! A Filipino in Australia was fired from his job for refusing to use toilet paper and instead splashed dirty water in the CR.
    Another reason to carry tissues or hand towels is that most places serving food don’t provide anything to wipe greasy hands or face with. I always have a small sweat towel hanging out of my pocket at all times.

    • Bruce says:


      Very true. Many establishments just hang a towel for all customers to use and that is about as sanatary as just drying your hands on your jeans.

  6. Randy says:

    Now if we could only fit a toilet seat in our pocket we would be all set.
    I am not a fan of trying to squat over a toilet bowl that has no seat but it should also be noted that many restaurants and many Mall/public toilets do not have toilet seats on their toilet bowls either.

  7. don m. says:

    Has your web site been under attack the last few days? My on line protection has been working overtime the last few times I have opened you site. It does a good job of cleaning out the trojan programs that have been tring to down load to my computer.

    • Bruce says:


      I have not received any other comments, nor has I been getting any messages when opening the site on my computers.. Is it trojans or just some ad or something your software thinks it ia a virus?

  8. don m. says:

    it says it is redircting me to another site. and also a trojon of which type Im not sure. It just did it again when I went to your site.

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