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Elena Finally Arrives

Elena finally arrived here Tuesday August 9th. Her flight arrived at 6:30pm and everything went fast through Immigration and Customs. At 7:15pm Elena walked out of the terminal and into my arms.

As we left the airport I drove Elena up Las Vegas Blvd to see the hotels, then we stopped at the super market to pick up necessities for the next morning. Wednesday morning we went to a mall for Elena to have her first experience at a American Mall and we bought her a hat to wear to shade her face. Then we drove to the Stratosphere to meet up with one of my long term readers, Marcel and his lovely wife Judith. They are  from Toronto, Canada  and did a road trip across the US and stopped here for a few days to meet up with us.

We first went up to the top of the Stratosphere tower which is 1,149 feet tall which is over 100 stories high. Up there we had a great view of the whole Las Vegas Valley. After that Marcel and Judith graciously treated us to a buffet lunch at the Bellagio Hotel. Elena enjoyed seeing and tasting so many items available. I over did it too especially the deserts.

Thursday and Friday we spent going to different shopping areas to buy items needed for our apartment. Thursday night I was able to get 2 free tickets to the Chris Angel Believe show at the Luxor Hotel. Elena enjoyed the magic show and was amazed at the huge Egyption type displays.

Friday evening I cooked Elena dinner and would not let her into the kitchen to help which frustrated her since she had always cooked for me.

Now life goes back to normal for me. I am writing this Friday evening and need to hurry up since I get up at 1am.

I will try to keep up with posting Elena’s experiences and observations here as often as I can.

33 Responses to “Elena Finally Arrives”

  1. Ben says:


    It’s great to read and see that you and Elena are reunited at-long-last. May all your days together going forward be blessed ones, and all your problems be little ones.

  2. Carmela says:

    Congratulations to both of you! The anticipation is over, I even breath a sigh of relief for you Bruce. Wish for lots of blessings as you build your life together. Maybe when I visit Las Vegas we’ll have a chance to meet.

  3. Neal in RI says:

    Congratulations, I am sure you are relieved finally that your Wife has arrived.

    Elena, Welcome to the USA I wish you and Bruce all the best together.

  4. Anthony Lane says:

    Congrats Bruce and Elena! Nice to see things are working out. Godbless always. I have a job offer for you if interested which is in Japan if you are interested. Get at me if so!

  5. Anthony Lane says:

    P.S. Dude you are fat now. That driving and buffets. Joke lang!

  6. don m. says:

    Glad to hear the two of you are back together again. Boy did it take a long time. Hope to meet the two of you one of these days. Sounds like you had a good get together the first few day!! Best to you both.

  7. Happy news! It must be wonderful to get united again!

    Regards from Sweden!

  8. Mrcel says:

    It was pleasure for Judith & I to finally meet with you both. If possible, keep us updated about Elena’s adjustment to the US.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Congratulations Bruce, I am very pleased for both of you

  10. Norm says:

    Welcome to America Elena. I hope your trip went well and you can get settled in and adapt quickly. Best wishes to you both.

  11. jimmyd says:


    I hope that together you guys can accomplish much more than you could separately.

  12. Greg says:

    Congrats to both of you! The road Elena had to take getting here was a long one with may detours, but after several years, finally both of you are together in the USA! Sarah and I will be going to Vegas in late October, so hope to get to at least treat you two to a dinner. Good luck with everything moving forward.

  13. Lonnie Carreau says:

    Welcome to America Elena. If you guys find your way out towards Dallas, look me up. I have followed this blog for over a year now.


  14. maria says:

    bruce and elena
    many happy days ahead in your new adventure of life here, discovering new things together. please continue to write, bruce

  15. Vanessa says:

    Big welcome to Ate Elena, i hope she adjusted well. See you guys soon. Say hello to Ate Elena for me.

  16. Jeff says:

    I know it has been a long wait. I am happy for you both and I hope Elena enjoys the states. And looking at you in the pics maybe Elena should do some of the cooking, you’re like me, love the buffets.

  17. Evelyn says:

    a big welcome to elena

  18. BrSpiritus says:

    Glad the long wait is now over. We are in the NVC phase now, I sent in the AOS last week and will be sending in the IV Application (DS-230) later this week.

  19. paul says:

    Congrats Bruce! You finally did it! My best to you and your lovely wife. I live in Cebu now, I have a wife and new baby girl.
    Stay in touch
    Paul your buddy from Davao

  20. roy says:

    I’m happy for you Bruce and happy for Elena as well! I wish you both the best.

  21. joe says:

    congradulations….best wishes

  22. Ms Caroline says:

    What lovely story about you and your wife Elena.I am also from Davao City and been living here in Vegas since 1999.I am now married to a Canadian and last year my husband and I went on vacation in Davao and spend mostly in Samal Island.He abosolutely feel in love with the people and the simple way of life in the Philippines.We are working on going back permanently in the next 2 yrs.Good luck to you and your new wife.

  23. Rod says:

    Hi Bruce are you still running this site? You have really good content.

  24. preston wheeler says:

    i would like to know how safe it is for americans to visit in davao i have plans to go visit my girfriend who i met online as soon as i can your reply i would be gteatful for ,,,, please reply to my emaile if you can thank you so much

  25. Bert Gregory says:

    Bruce, Thank you for all the interesting articles you have posted, I found your site a while ago when I started researching licence information for myself when I went to Davao. We have built a house on the Garden Island of Samal (Davao). We have a small motorcycle there and I wanted to use this to get around. It’s good to hear you have been reunited with your lovely lady, living apart is never any fun. I retire in just under 15 months and will spend more time there. I am looking forwards to meeting other expats who live in and around our area there. We have met our Irish neighbour recently, there is also a Kiwi nearby whom we haven’t met.
    Keep up the good work and perhaps one day we will see you in Davao 🙂 Cheers Bert

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