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Elena’s Second Week in Vegas

As of this writing, it is now ten days since Elena arrived in Las Vegas.

We have been to Walmart’s a few times buying things she wants for the apartment and herself. Elena enjoys how the store has so many types of items including a food market.

I asked her of her feelings about Las Vegas. Her comments are: “Las Vegas is WOW.” The streets are so wide with many lanes. Even when traffic is bad, it is better than in Philippine cities. There also  is a view of the mountains

surrounding the Las Vegas valley. In addition, the City and the streets are so clean.

We also have been to Costco and Elena was so shocked with the large quantities of products. Her eyes went wide when she saw the strawberries, so many, so fresh and so large.

With the free taste, samples we tried some Tri-tip beef and she was amazed how tender. We did buy a package of 9 mangos. They were from in Mexico but Elena told me how sweet they are. She is also enjoying all the types of apples here compared to the pulpy Fuji apples back home.

The other evening we went to Applebee’s and we had a nice and friendly Filipino waiter. They have a special (promo) running where you get one appetizer and two entrees for $20. We shared an order of spinach and artichoke dip with chips,   then Elena ordered a 3 cheese penne pasta with chicken and I had a steak with baked potato. Elena’s eyes opened when she tasted the steak,for the price, the steak was so tender.

There is a site online, where you can get free tickets to shows since if a show is not sold out, they like to have “Seat fillers.” Yesterday I ordered tickets to see “Divas” where Nightly Frank Marino is the world’s most beautiful female impersonator, drag queen as Joan Rivers with others impersonators’.  Click here to see a YouTube video. Now in the 10 days here, we have seen two shows.

Don’t get too excited guys, these are men.

Before the show, we walked across the street to Caesars Forum where there are some high-end shops and restaurants. Elena enjoyed how beautiful the outside and inside was decorated.

Overall, Elena is enjoying the city, the different tastes of foods available and the large quantizes and varieties. The only problem she has so far is because of the dryness with the low humidity her skin is dry and we both have a cough.

As I asked her what else she feels about Vegas and she said the best part is, she is with “Her husband and he takes such good care of me.”

The flip side is she misses her friends and family but she daily talks, texts and chats with them online. She is also craving many Filipino foods but is enjoying the foods here.

34 Responses to “Elena’s Second Week in Vegas”

  1. don m. says:

    Very intresting. We like the mangos from mexico also. We just went to Reno on the other end of your state and left some of our money to help pay your taxes. Sure sounds like you two are having a good time.

  2. Marvin says:

    Don’t forget she need her daily dose of rice….no matter what.

  3. Lynn says:

    Bruce, is there an Asian market in town? If so, and you haven’t been there yet, you should take her there. She’ll probably find many familiar grocery items.

    In two weeks I’ll have a new Filipina sister-in-law — she’s coming to the states with my brother next week on a Fiancee visa — and am looking forward to meeting her in person and seeing her reaction to living in America. (I’ve only “met” her a couple times on video chat.)

  4. Marcel says:

    It’s great to see Elena been treated so well by you. I will eagerly wait for more news from you. Maybe you can get Elena to write a few own words about her experiences. Just an idea…

  5. Jeff says:

    I agree with Marcel. Let Elena write a few lines about her experiences in America. I know it is a lot different than in the Philippines. Do you plan on retiring back to the Phil. when you can draw social security?
    Also: I saw that show years ago, it was called LaCage.

  6. Evelyn says:

    hope to see you both regards

  7. Miss August says:

    Hi Bruce and Elena,
    I’m a LiP reader and also been visiting your blog now and then. I’m glad that your wife is finally here. I’m from the Philippines and I live here in Vegas. I would love to meet with Elena and maybe show her around where I live. We’re recent transplant to Las Vegas and I’m trying to meet people. The four of us (me, my husband and you two) should meet up for dinner at one of the Station Casino buffets sometimes.

  8. Randy says:

    I am so happy to see that the 2 of you have been re-united. Immigrastion is a horrible experience when you are kept apart. It took my wife almost 3 years to cme to Canada. I wouldn’t wish that Immigration nightmare on anyone. I can only imagine that there must be a large Filipino community in Las Vegas. It helped my wife out a lot by going to a Filipino community church where it gave my wife the opportunity to meet many other Filipino’s in our area which of course made the Immigration to Canada much easier, in my opinion. I would think Elena would enjoy to mingle within your own cities Filipino community.
    Good luck with your new life.

    Best regards,

  9. Norm says:

    I admire you Bruce…your making it happen. I have a Filipina I met in Cebu. Nice girl around my age. She wants to come here. I just need the courage, and the money especially, to take the trip and see this through. I’m working on it, I like your blog, I use it for information about the emigration and for general encouragement in my pursuits. Thanks and Best Wishes.

  10. Caesar says:

    Hello Bruce,

    I am glad that you and Ellena are together in Vegas now. I knew things will turn out fine. I am happy for you. Take care now dear friend.

  11. BrSpiritus says:

    Glad to hear Elena is adjusting. Venice and I just found out that the NVC completed our case today and are forwarding it to Manila. October is full but maybe November she can have an interview. I’m so excited!

  12. Rick Levy says:


    I think one thing that will help Elena over the cultural hurdles is that you lived in the Davao. and know how stressful life can be in a society with different social norms from those you grew up with especially in the beginning. So besides having the edge of being familiar with the Philippines, you can empathize with the stress that Elena is in turn is now likely experiencing as a foreigner. I’ll bet that will make you more patient than other Americans in transnational marriages.

  13. Jim says:

    Hi Bruce – We are so glad to read that Elena is now in Vegas with you and settling down to life there.
    It’s never easy to adapt to a new country but like the thousands before her we’re sure she will cope in the end.
    Life is much the same in Mindanao with lots of rain this year.We have friends visiting Davao from the UK so we will drive down from CDO in two weeks time for a couple of days to see them.
    Meanwhile both take care and continue to enjoy life together.
    Jim & Marilou.

  14. Brad says:

    Bruce, any updates? You have curious followers out here. Life becomes monotonous after a while I know but many of us are curious as to how Elena’s adapting to life here in the states.

  15. Jimmy T says:

    Well done Bruce,
    Seem’s like you have reached the top of your mountain.

  16. Lonnie Carreau says:

    Glad to see things are going well. Perhaps its time for Elena to start a PinayinVegas blog. 🙂


    • Mary says:

      I too agree with Lonnie. Hey Elena, I want to get a woman’s perspective on her life immigrating to the USA. I immigrated back in 1987 on a K-1 visa (spousal visa). It only took me 3 months back then to have my visa processed and for me to leave Manila to California. After I did my 2 year residence, I filed for US citizenship. As soon as I got my citizenship, I filed immigrant visas for my parents. It then took them only 6 months for them to get to the USA. To make the long story short, all of my family is here now. I am now divorced and never remarried. After working so many years here in the USA, I now want to retire in the Philippines. I feel that I am more at home when I am back there. I love talking tagalog, and love filipino food. To me, being in the USA is good for working and saving money. But when the recession started in 2008, and a lot of people lost homes and jobs, it just isn’t the same now. When I retire, I want to retire in comfort, and not having to worry on being penniless when in my old age, all my money are just going to pay for health care costs. Retiring in the Philippines would allow me to retire in comfort with no fear of being poor. It will allow me to hire a private nurse should the time come.

  17. Great adventure by Elena in Las Vegas. I wish I can also go to Las Vegas someday.

    Great blog about an American living in my hometown Davao, my favorite city in the whole world. Happy New Year! Cheers!:-)

  18. Douglas Polk says:


    Got a cab back from the airport a couple weeks ago, just remembered to come check out the website. Good stuff man, it would be a shame to see it go down. Keep upates going though!

    Best of luck with everything,


  19. Marissa says:

    Hi, sorry long time no hear from me. Been here and there and everywhere 🙂

    I’m glad that Elena finally made it to you, how are you these days? 🙂

  20. Mary says:

    I am happy for you that you finally reunited with your wife. I have one concern though. From the last time your apartment was robbed, did you have intentions to move to a different apartment now that your wife is there for security reasons? Remember you said it may be an inside job?

  21. Mary says:

    One more thing, the next time you give us updates, refrain from posting your work schedules. You are giving the would be robber a heads up on when he/she can rob your place. Awhile back, someone posted in facebook that they will be gone from their house on a certain time frame. Well, one of their supposedly facebook “friends” robbed their place. It so happen that she left her webcam on. It captured the robber’s face. They were apprehended eventually. So please, I appreciate the wonderful blogs you have been keeping us entertained. Just don’t anymore post your work schedules……

  22. Marcel says:

    When I met Bruce in August of 2011, he has basically mentioned to follow him trough Facebook.
    I don’t do Facebook myself, but unfortunately we need consider this website abandoned as his work schedule does not give him enough time to update it.

  23. Cesar says:

    With the hours he’s working(12 hr. shift)how can he possibly have time to update this blog….I’ve been there…I was a taxi driver here in Vegas for about 12 years,with the long working hours you’re practically don’t have any time to do anything else but catch up with sleep…you pretty much don’t have a life….just discovered this blog and hoping that Bruce will update soon….

  24. angelynne says:

    Hello Bruce,

    Finally Elena`s there with you, im very happy for both of you, hope to hear from her soon, can`t wait how excited your wife to tell me her new adventures there with you, muah! Ingat and God bless alwaays!

  25. Jing says:

    Funny how you mentioned dry heat in Vegas. After living in the desert for 5yrs (2yrs in humid NY).. One thing I missed while on vacation here in Davao, is the dry heat in Vegas. I’d rather have dry skin which can resolve with lotion, than sticky sweaty feeling. She’ll get used to it and yrs from now when she gets back here in PI, she will looking for the dry heat 🙂

    Hope to hear more updates from you Bruce..

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