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Excuse the Appearance – Missing Photos

Last week I upgraded the version of WordPress running this site. WordPress is the software application that this site is running. I did a backup of the system on the server, but took for granted everything was saved.

I then found some problems with the new version, so I deleted everything on the server and copied my backup from my local computer back to the server. At first I noticed the theme was missing and rebuilt that area.

Last night I noticed all the photos were missing. I looked and found the directory where the photos are kept was empty too.

I am going through each article and uploading the missing photos. So please bear with me. I hope to have them back today.

I have also learned to keep all photos used on the site in its own directory locally to be able to upload them all at one time if this happens again.

I am always learning about having a site and realize never relax, once you do the Internet Gods will bite you in the butt.

Once I am done, if there are any photos you see still missing, please let me know.

6 Responses to “Excuse the Appearance – Missing Photos”

  1. jan says:

    I’m happy to know that I am not the only one with a bad backup when upgrading WP, Ha, ha….
    Let this be a lesson for every backup you make.

    Two very helpfull plugins are:
    WordPress Database Backup and System information

    with those two you can easily restore the backup in case something went wrong.

  2. Evelyn says:

    yah, i also made some comments but it didn’t go through..i thought something went wrong…

    • Bruce says:


      Looks like all is fixed now. Let me know by email if you find any problems. I am sorry, when I restored all the photos lost, I could not find the ones from Basti’s Brew when we first met.

  3. Evelyn says:

    i’ll check my album if i have a copy of those photos…

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