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Field of Dreams 1st Anniversary

If you read my Blog, last June I wrote an article about Field of Dreams Boys home in Tugbok, Davao City, Philippines

Field of Dreams is a boys home in Biao Guianga, Tugbok District in Davao City, Philippines.It is a well built, well maintained hope for 30 boys that are either orphans, displaced, or from family’s that just cannot take care of them.

The Home is a modern masonry building that is clean and well cared for. It has 5 dorm rooms with 6 beds each. The dorm rooms have a vanity with sinks and separate room for toilet and shower facilities, There is built-in closets for the boys things too. There is a kitchen and activity rooms besides office space. They also have a large area for a garden to grow vegetables and even raise chickens and pigs to feed the home.

Well Saturday October 25th the Davao Area Expat Association was invited back to Field of Dreams to help celebrate their One Year Anniversary.

Elena, my friends Louis and Venice Tamasi and I drove out there. Once there we met with a friend, a retired Priest Father Tom Martin was already there when we arrived. Unfortunately no one else from the Expat Community attended.

Before we arrived, La Fayette Lim of NCCC Cares together with his family(owner of NCCC stores) brought a group of Chinese Youth, about 40 youngsters to visit the center. They had parlor games, bonding, gift-giving and interacting with our boys. Despite the threat of the rain, everybody had fun and even promised to visit them again soon. They wanted to join the program in the afternoon, but the rest of the group seemed to have other appointments elsewhere, so they left just an hour before your group arrived.

When we arrived, all the boys came running out to greet us and to put our right hands to their foreheads to show respect.

At first we sat, relaxed and chatted with the people there. I got to meet again George L. Cabaljog, Executive Director and Lalaine Cabaljog. I do not remember her title but she is one of the Directors.

One little boy Omar came up to me and would come over and stand with me pressing his back to my chest and holding my arm. He was so cute and in such need of loving attention. He would move from me, to Father Tom, then to Louis and back again. Sometimes against one of our chests and holding the hand of another.

There were many guests from the local community. Faculty members of Biao Guianga Elem. School and Biao Escuela National High School. The PTCA officers were also there. Neighbour centers from Padre Pio Children’s home represented by the Sisters and the Directress of The Care for the Elderly, Barangay Council of Biao and the community. The Homes Board of Directors were also there.

The guest Speaker was Mrs. Mila T. Segovia from the Dept. of Social Welfare and Development and The Center Manager of the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth. Mrs. Segovia is also the focal person for Persons with disabilities and older persons. The former Head of Regional Center for Drug Dependents. Awarded 1 of 10 Most Outstanding Social Workers of the Philippines. Awarded Dangal ng Bayan, a highest award conferred to Gov’t Employees for Exemplary performance and ethical conduct in Malacañang Palace.

Finally the presentation was to start and we moved in to the courtyard where seats and tables were arraigned. First was a Holy Mass. After that the staff of Field of Dreams did a Doxology. During the song the stereo stopped working, but the Nuns, Novices and a lot of attendees sang to keep the presentation going. It was moving as you will see in the video.

Then Mrs. Mila T. Segovia spoke to the group about her position and the work of the Boys home for the community.

There was some wonderful dance presentations with the boys doing their hip hop talents, boys and girls doing ballroom style dancing and other dance presentations. The girls that danced with the boys were classmates from Biao Guianga Elementary School and the Biao Escuela National High School. The dance was choreographed by Grendel one of houseparents at the Boys home.

It brought smiles to my face and the others attending seeing these young people dancing old style dances without the embarrassment we see in our home countries. As you can see in my video how cute and well they danced.

They then gave out Certificates of Appreciations to a lot of the guests for their assistance and support to the Home. I was called up as the representative of Davao Area Expat Association and was asked to say a few words. I told how wonderful and impressed I was with the home and their staff to see these 30 boys always clean, dressed well and the love and respect they give to all visitors.

They then served a wonderful meal of local foods to all attending. It was nice to see how the staff and the older boys helped and made sure all the younger boys were seated and well fed.

I know with the problems of the economies in most countries, it is difficult to donate and support charities when it is hard to feed your own families, but I wish there was a way to find a company or corporation to endow this home to continue its fantastic work for these boys and their community. If there is anyone wishing to donate, I am sure I can find a way for you to get your donation to the home.

In a land where you see such poverty, beggars and street kids using crime to support their families, an organization such as Childhope-Field of Dreams Children Charity Foundation, their staff can take these displaced children and give them a chance for a better and more quality life.

I commend all the Staff for their wonderful work and the love and guidance they give to the children.

I hope to get my associates from the expat community to make at least one visit a month to just visit and play with the boys to give them the much needed bonding and to show them they are not forgotten.

For the video and photo slide shows of my visit and the visit of the NCCC Care group, please click the links below.


For another article and video of the day from my friend Louis, please click HERE

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  1. Louis says:

    Nice video Bruce but a bit long. Thanks for the linkback.

  2. Bruce says:

    Thanks, I would have liked to cut down the video, but had trouble finding a good place to cut. Maybe someday I will hire you to edit for me.

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