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Field of Dreams needs Help

I while back I wrote 3 articles about Field of Dreams, a boy’s home in Tugbok, Davao City with photos and videos.

Field of Dreams was started by Lawrence Field from England. He started the Foundation, purchased the land and had built a well constructed facility to house 30 boys. There are 5 dorm rooms, each housing 6 boys in each. Each room has closets for the boy’s things, CR consisting of a vanity with sink, a shower room and a toilet room. The facility also has a kitchen, dining room, day room for studying and a game room for the boys to play. There is also an office and a guest room plus housing for the staff. The building was built in a Courtyard design so there is a large open area for outdoor activities and there is also basketball hoop for the kids to play the most loved sport here. There is also a large area where they plant bananas for sale and a small piggery and chicken coop.

The boys are either orphans or from homes where the family is so poor they cannot take care of the child. The boys range in ages from 4 to 16 and attend local public schools.

Each time I had visited Field of Dreams the staff were always so nice and the boys are very loving and respectful. They are being raised well and are always clean, dressed well and when you see their bright eyes and big smiles your heart swells with the love. Most of the children have not learned much English yet but no words are needed as the come up to get to know you.

One of the Expat groups I belong to, Davao Area Expat Assoc. helps out each month with a sack of rice and some medicines that might be needed. But with the economic crisis the foundation in England has not been able to raise any money to continue to support the Boys Home.

They need approximately 2000 pesos ($40 USD) per boy per month to keep the Home in operation. Unfortunately the Board of Directors has not been able to find corporate sponsors locally to endow the home and they are trying to find other ways to raise money. If they could find endowments with a guaranteed donation each month, they can continue to do their good work.

It would be a shame if the Home closed and the boys would be back on the street with no place to live. The home is giving these boys a chance at a better life and with the assistance of DAEA and the others that visit this home are teaching them there are nice foreigners living here that care.

Because of this, on May 3rd they are having a fund raising at The Buffet Palace on McArthur Hwy in Matina. On that day there is the Prize Fight of Manny Pacquiao versus Ricky Hatton on a large wide screen TV. If you are in Davao and interested in attending, click here for all the information.

Also if you are interested in supporting such a wonderful organization you can leave me a comment or email me through the “Contact Me” tab on top and I will forward you the email of the Director of Field of Dreams.

10 Responses to “Field of Dreams needs Help”

  1. There is so much talk about the economic crisis here in the West and how it affects the welfare here. I know though who will suffer the most, it is the worlds poor, and they are among those who will be forgotten in the crisis. Sometimes it is lack of funds cause of the crisis as it is in this case.

    I am so moved by this and I wish I could help in some way. Personally I can’t. Bruce just want to tell you that the link you provided is not working.

  2. twopenneth says:

    such a noble cause but i understand how it can be a difficult task to continue with it. thanks for writing this bruce.

    • Bruce says:

      It is so hard here to get charitable financial support for an organization such as Filed of Dreams. Plus with the social shyness, the Board does not actively go out for support.

  3. maria says:

    hi. i read your articles of your visits to this place. i hope financial support can be found some way to keep this needed place open. i support three people financially in philippines monthly; my parents and my aunt, who never had kids of her own. she helped my brothers and i while we were growing up. now its my turn to support them and without my financial support, life would be really tough for them in their senior years. the burden of financial support falls on me because i am the one here in america although my brothers have engineering degrees there. but as you know, the pay is little.
    i hope there will be a good turn out at the fund raising.


    • Bruce says:

      You are very kind to help support your extended family. This is part of the Filipino culture that is hard for an American to understand. I hope it works out for them too.

  4. AdB says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I’ll be happy to sponsor a child. Could you tell me how to do it?

    Many thanks.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks. I am not sure how they are set up to receive funds. I will email you the directors email address. Hopefully we can find enough sponsors to keep the home open and giving these kids the life and opportunities they deserve.

  5. AdB says:

    Apologies, I didn’t pay attention to the “contact me” instruction.

    Will be contacting you through that now. Many thanks.

    (I am happy and sad I am at the same time that it is foreigners who do the sort of thing that should come naturally from fellow Filipinos. I truly, truly and greatly appreciate what you folks are doing to help alleviate the sufferings of these children.)

    • Bruce says:

      After the first time I visited they became part of my heart. And seeing how these unwanted kids got a decent home, education and life of love makes me always want to help.
      Thank you for caring too.

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