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Filipino Love and Care of Family

Here is a story that shows how important love and family are in the Philippines.

Last week one evening Elena’s niece Mona collapsed. Elena called her nephew who is Mona’s older brother. They took Mona to the hospital.

Here in America, when a family member is in the hospital, family members will come each day to visit during visiting hours. The visiting hours are generally afternoon until mid evening. The mornings is for doctors to visit and take any needed tests.
After a day or so, the family will work out a schedule so as long as one or two family members are visiting, they all do not have to come.

Well, it is different in the Philippines, Elena and her nieces and her nephew set up a schedule so there was always at least two members of the family there with Mona. 24 hours a day someone was there.
When shift would change, the new arrivals would bring food and drinks for everyone.

I now have an old aunt who is in the hospital. Elena asked me who is there with Aunt Judy. I told her that each afternoon someone would come visit her for a few hours. Elena was shocked and said to me, “What if Aunt Judy needed something over the night, who would get the doctor?” I told her each bed has an emergency button to call a nurse. Elena was so upset that there was no family to be with Aunt Judy at all hours.

The love and caring of Filipinos is amazing and so caring and kind. We all could learn a lesson from them. Yes, most are poor in the Philippines and have to make do with whatever they can, but the caring and love for everyone is so much more beautiful. As the old saying goes “Money cannot buy love” in the Philippines Love is a commodity that is priceless.

The best news of all is Mona is better now and my Aunt Judy is being cared for.

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