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Final Countdown to my Leaving the USA

The countdown is getting close. 3 more days left in Florida and then to the airport.

I have all my bags packed except for the last odds and ends such as toiletries and the clothes I have used this week.

Stupid me, when I shipped out all my stuff, I never thought about all the clothes I had to bring, so extra bags for all the clothes. Also Elena wanted me to bring my golf clubs so I have a fun activity at times. Fun, well I have not played in 10 years, so unless stress equals fun, I do not know how much fun I will have. I think it will be a lot of time at a driving range first.

The hard part is my mom. In the 10 years I have lived in Florida she has had me to do many things for her. Changing florescent light bulbs, setting her TV and VCR when power goes out and all little handyman jobs around her house. Well, there are handymen around and friends of hers to help.

Too bad she is so computer illiterate. I would have loved to give her a computer so we could video conference, but she barely knows how to use her cell phone.

I do have to go through the cabinets and empty all the stuff that has accumulated for all these years. Luckily my neighbor and realtor will sell or dispose of all the furniture and items left behind before the house sells.

So, Tuesday morning, December 4th I jump on my plane. As usual it will be a log flight. From Florida I fly to Las Vegas, also known as Lost Wages. With the 4 hour layover it would be nice to visit some of the newer hotels that I have never seen before, but with my backpack and carryon, I do not want to have to lug them around. I do not know if there are still lockers to put things in for a while with all the fears since 911.

From Vegas it is a direct flight to Manila except for one stop. I am not sure where the stop is, but I am sure it is get off the plane, sit in waiting and back on again.

One good thing is I land in Manila in the morning and fly to Davao a few hours later. In the past, I landed in Manila late at night and had to wait all night for a morning flight out. The only pain is you go through immigration and customs in Manila and then have to lug all your luggage onto a bus to be taken to the domestic airport. But I know there are many nice porters to help you get everything carried.

So, it looks like my next post will be me in Davao City and my journals name is in fact a correct description of my local.

Thank you to all my readers and I hope you will continue to read my journal of my life. I hope someday there will be comments asking me about situations or to discuss my stories.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you will continue to enjoy my site and wil comment in the future. Also visit to read the history of how Elena and I met

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