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Friendship has no Boundaries

As I had posted recently, I met a nice young man from Palawan. His name is John Ray. His wife and him are school teachers in Palawan. I found his “blogspot” blog and found the personal articles interesting. From Commenting he visited my site and then a friendship was born.
Over the short time we became friends. I then helped him move his site to its own .com and that led to the birth of

He wanted to try Blogging to maybe make some extra income for his family and a better life. He also wanted to express his thoughts and life to the world and I have here.
Yesterday John Ray sent me an email and asked me to post it for all to read.
I hope you enjoy his sincerity and will visit and support his site as you do mine.

Here is John Rays email:

It’s been a month already and I would like to celebrate my friendship with Bruce from American in I totally forgot that we just became friends one month ago and it seems that we have been friends for a very long time. I guess friendship also knows no boundaries, race or color…and yes…age as well.

I got to know Bruce when he commented on one of my posts in my blog. Back then I was hosted at Curious, I clicked on the link and was then directed to his brand new blog. I got very interested about his posts and commented furiously (so to say). I was quite gratified since he was the first blogger to reply to comments. After several comments, Bruce emailed me and that day our friendship began. That day was February 13, 2009. Ironically, it was Friday the 13th. (I do not believe in this) Yesterday was our one month of friendship and more ironically, it was still Friday the 13th. Hahaha..

Our friendship developed quite fast. It was as if we have known each other for a long time. We exchanged emails and talked about our life, opinions, and events. We slowly began to know each other, some through our emails, some through our comments in each other’s blogs and some through our posts. We also helped each other in many ways. Bruce proved to be a good critique, especially with my posts and it became very helpful to me as a blogger. Also without Bruce’s help, it would have taken a very long time for Palawan Anecdotes to transfer to its own domain. Again, I give my thanks for this to Bruce.

As with any other relationships, I know there will come a time that our friendship will be tested. That of course is the hard part. What I pray to God is that at all times, may He be the one to guide both of us in our friendship. I believe that friendship is something you do not just take out of the box and use and through it way when it is old. To me friendship must grow deep and tall. Deep, because friendship must be built on strong foundation not on trivialities or on wrong motives. Tall, because without friendship it would be impossible for a person to attain his capabilities in life.

To Bruce, may we have a long and lasting friendship!

Thank you John Ray for the friendship and letting me into your life.

18 Responses to “Friendship has no Boundaries”

  1. ceblogger says:

    That’s my cousin Johnray! hehe. It’s been a year since I last saw him in Palawan. And there we talked about blogging, and the money-making opportunities that it brings. It took him too long to take off.

    • Bruce says:

      Yes, he is your cousin. You mention monney making oppertunities. Unless you can find a hi volume visitor site, you do not make great riches on the internet. If it was so easy, why are we all not rich. hehehe

  2. ceblogger says:

    bruce, there are many ways to make money online, and there are many ways to make high-visitor volume sites. but that would be a long post. hehe.

    we just talked about earning on the sides. not really about get-rich-quick schemes as we both value hardwork. i did earn then around $500 in three months. but i stopped as i can no longer take those paid posts plastered in my sites.

    for now, it’s just blogging for fun, and finding new friends, as friendship knows no boundaries.

  3. ceblogger says:

    i see ads on your site. you’ll be making more money soon with it. 🙂 but i know that you have a different aim for this site. and whatever it is, may you be successful with it.

    • Bruce says:

      I know there are ways to make better money on a site/blog. Pay-per-post ads reviewing products and such. One day I might make a site to do that, but this site is my journal about me. Yes I would like to make better money here with the ads I have and will add, but the integrity of this site is most important.

  4. Lee Golden says:

    The new website looks nice. I am sure it is keeping you busy. I hope all is well with your wife and family. Adelma and I are doing well. I think we are planning a trip to the Philippines in October. We will be spending most of the time in Bacolod. I am looking forward to going to Bohol and Cebu on this trip. Things have not changed much here in the states. The real estate market is so bad Standard Pacific is going to be closing the South florida division (Westbrooke). We all will be looking for a new job real soon. I may just stay in the Phils HAHAHA!!!!

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for visiting. I hope you will visit and enjoy. When you come to the Philippines, I hope you can visit Davao and us. Please have Adelma let her friends know about the site. As for you, real estate is booming here, maybe you open office in Davao.

  5. zelot66 says:


    Congratulations bro! I can see that you are gaining popularity on the internet. Your site meter shows more than 3000 visitors. It was only 1000 last week. Well, after all, moving out from your native land isn’t bad at all.

    Looking from another side of the coin, people really care about you, they want to know how you cope with your life in foreign land. To me, it’s a good story to tell the world. It takes great amount of courage to get out from the comfort zone and start your journey again from zero.

    I wish you all the best. One day I would like to see all your interesting posts in this site published as a best selling book!

    • Bruce says:

      Yes, it is amazing how the site is growing and the friends I made, including you and JohnRay.
      Are you offering me a publishing deal? Do you really think someone would buy a book like my story? 🙂

      • zelot66 says:


        Hahaha…I’m not offering you a publishing deal. It’s a suggestion. There are few bloggers here in Malaysia do that.

        • Bruce says:

          A friend told me to write a E-book on “how to build a house in the Philippines” I am trying to get an Architect friend here to collaborate.
          This is my first “Writing” job and even though I get good comments, I have no idea how to organize a book.

  6. I hope I will be welcome to visit you too Bruce! You will be one of the few expats I have visited if that will happen! I met some expats and been invited to heir houses in the Philippines. Particularly on Negros. It is really interesting. As my interest for moving there is getting stronger day by day I love to talk about life there in the Philippines. My job here looks a bit brighter now, so I am happy for that. The Swedish currency is really rotten too, so I better wait out the storm a little before I go to the Philippines to stay long term. But hopefully I will go for vacation there soon again. I will go to Borneo next time also, to collect Brunei, my last country to visit in south east Asia. 🙂 I also want to climb Mount Kinabalu.

  7. bloggista says:

    Knock knock! Hehe, I came from John Ray’s blog. He has an awesome blog by the way, and so is your blog.

    I used to live in Davao when I was a kid, and still go there from time to time. I have some expat friends living there as well. Maybe we can meet up whenever i get the time to visit there.

    Blogging takes passion and dedication – and some writing talents that obviously you got. Hehe, got to be honest, writing isn’t my cup of tea – so that’s the biggest obstacle to my passion in blogging.

    Nice meeting you online – truly, meeting people and forging friendships knows no boundaries. More power!

    • Bruce says:

      As you have read, John Ray and I have become friends through Blogging and I feel real good in my heart how I helped him. I try to guide him and he helps me with some of his research.
      I appreciate your enjoying my blog.
      About my writing talents. I am amazed when I get complements since I am not a good writter and if not for spellc and grammer check in MS Word, I would look like a total idiot.
      I also enjoy making friends over the net and would enjoy meeting in person too.
      Feel free to let me know if you come to Davao and we can meet for coffee, or a nice dinner if your buying. 🙂
      I will check out your site too.

  8. Pameladype says:

    Wow! Thank you very much! I always wanted to write in my site something like that

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