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Friendships and Help Through the Internet

For a while now this site has had a reader and commenter from America. Actually both he and his Filipina wife are readers and commenter’s.  They have visited Davao before and had plans to visit again and arrive this month.

A while back he mentioned that once he retires here, it there was something he needed from the States he would ask friends planning to visit to bring some items or have them ship it through a Balikbayan shipper.

Balikbayan shipping is a way to ship personal items and the shipping cost is based on box size and not weight.

Well, I joked, if he visited, I would like some Seagram’s 7, which has not been available in Davao. The next comment I received was just one word, “done”.

Since electronics are imported in the Philippines and with that a import tariff, I asked about purchasing for me an external disk drive to have for backup and then replacement if my large external drive ever crashes. He informed me a good system available that I did not know about was a docking station where you can just insert an internal drive. The price is less than the external drive type that I use and with it; I can have multiple drives to use. I was interested in a Terra drive, but he convinced me to get two 500 GB drives so I can alternate for backups.

There were a few other items I asked for that is not available, one being the PM type of non-aspirin pain relievers, like Tylenol PM. Again he said no problem. Well Monday evening they came to our house for dinner and with them all the items I requested. The price was even less than I expected. Since I am not a big drinker and rarely ever drank at home I was shocked to see two 1.75 liter bottles of Seagram’s 7.  I hope I can finish these bottles before the alcohol evaporates.

The main point of this article is to show the help, assistance and friendships that can develop over the internet. Here is a couple that read my site for the information I provide, and at times comment with any agreement or even disagreement. They planned a trip here and were willing to purchase and bring items I wanted and needed.

With an article about having hobbies, he decided to open his own site Philippines or Bust (Retiring in the Philippines)

I have met other readers from this site, some who live here and some that visit. One of the most memorable was meeting Evelyn, a Filipina from General Santos City that works as a Caregiver in California. When she came back to visit her family, she invited us to visit her city and gave us a tour. She and her friends were so friendly, gave is gifts and would not even let us pay for anything during the day.

This is one of the most delightful ways that shows how the internet makes the world smaller and the connections and friendships that can be formed.

13 Responses to “Friendships and Help Through the Internet”

  1. Hi Bruce,
    Yes, it’s true, the Internet is wonderful. I met a lady friend in Bacolod via Skype over 4 years ago and she and her daughter are still my friends. As long as you are wary, it is a great place to make friends. Nice story today.

  2. laagan says:

    This is nice. The internet really connects a lot of people. I am able to get updates of what is happening with my friends from various part of the world through this avenue…the internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time 🙂

  3. Evelyn says:

    wow, i read my name here…hahaha..
    tenks for mentioning my name…
    don’t worry, now i know what you like..the next time i’d go back for a vacation ,i’ll have seagrams first n foremost in my list of my pasalubong..hahaha..
    well, your willingness to visit gensan alone was already a big deal, was realy my pleasure that you have accepted my invitation…my hello to elena…

  4. wayne says:

    im here in davao I m having problems with gout type of pain not real serious but I know l have a big toe for sure I have some celebrex here to get the inflamation down but dont have any tylenol three here w me I found your site by typing in tylenol three and davao l am near victoria plaza Do u have an idea where l might find tylenol 3 here in Davao Thx Wayne

    • Bruce says:

      I think they have acetaminophen which is the chemical for Tylenol. I do not know about if they have with codeine. I know I take the PM type of Tylenol and need it shipped from the US. See if they sell codeine or ask your doctor. Sorry I could not be more help for you.

  5. Vanessa says:


    Nice meeting you and Elena also thanks for the great dinner and hospitality, your wife is a good cook for sure. Sorry we didn’t get to meet again, it was a busy month for us and we are all over the place almost everyday. I actually need another vacation lol. Say hello to Ate Elena for me.

    • Bruce says:

      It was wonderful meeting you and Rich. We enjoyed getting to know you both and look foward to the next time you visit Davao. Send my regards to Rich and thank him again for the items he brought for me.

      Elena says hi and thanks for appreciating my cooking.

  6. Hi Bruce,
    Im the same thats why came about as I found a lot of information out of date or forums highly critical of peoples views outside the admins. But over the last 2 years Ive helped people move, get married, visas and also a few emergencies along the way. Made a lot of good friends along the way but the other thing to be aware of is the “thieves or con men” that hide within the community of expats. The Legacy scandal wrapped a few of the sellers of the policies in the web but also there is people I know who were robbed of months of work without being paid, business investments only to find out the company has disappeared and so has the person who took the investment. So its a two edged sword to be cautious of good friends are hard to find and hanging onto the good ones is important especially in crisis.

    • Bruce says:

      There are good and bad in all communities. Not all expats are good and helpful and I think a lot are pro porting themselves about things they are not. The chances of meeting someone here that knew you back home is slim to none, so you can be whoever you want. Unfortunately I do not have a good memory to remember lies, so I a just me.

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