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Fustrations with Internet Connections in the Philippines

Here in Davao, and probably all over the Philippines there are a few choices for Internet connections. I do not have all the information for all the products, but will comment on what I know.

The one we use and from talking to others PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) is up more and has had consistent service. One problem is if it is available in your location. There are areas where Landlines are not available. Especially if your in a remote area, far from a main road or in an area where there is not enough demand for landlines so they have not run main lines.

PLDT for me has had the best service of all, but best is a comparison description. Lately my connection has been very slow from late morning until very late at night. I have called once and they blamed my router. I connected my computer sirectly to the modem and it still is slow. I have seen more cannot connect errors than I have wanted to see in a lifetime. I do not know if they have an overloaded Hub or what it is, but I hope I can get them to fix this soon.

Here are some other options:

Smart Bro. This is a wireless connection where they install an antenna on your roof. This also has an availability problem. If there is buildings blocking the line of site to the antenna can be one or too far from an antenna that services that area, if there is one. They also have a 3G modem that plugs into your USB port. This can be expansive if your planning to be online for an extended time period. It is a prepay plan and can be loaded like you load your cell phone. The cost is 10 pesos per 1/2 hour.

Globe Communications has a wireless landline and Broadband service.  It is also wireless and can have the same problems as Smart. They also have a USB modem connection at the same price.

BayanTel is also a Broadband and wireless land line product. If you plan to use only one computer, they have a wireless telephone that has a port to plug into your computer. If you plan to use a router and have more than one phone, you will need a different system.

So in closing, the connection type avaliable differs from your location and needs.

12 Responses to “Fustrations with Internet Connections in the Philippines”

  1. ceblogger says:

    we only have fewer choices really. in Manila, cable TV companies also offer cable internet but for selected villages only.

    i am waiting for an update of the Kizuna satellite. I guess this one would be another option for those in far-flung areas (no phone, no cell site).

  2. zelot66 says:


    It’s much different from here in Malaysia. We are using fibre optic. Our broadband connection is superb. wireless connection is every where in town. There are more than 5 telco operators providing internet connection; TM, DiGi, Celcom, Umobile, Maxis and etc.

  3. johnray says:


    So you have already decided to post about these predicament..hehehe..the Philippines is in the late technological era..well I guess you just have to make do of what you quote Jackie Chan…Hope for the Best and Expect for the worst..hehehe

  4. Ray says:

    I got Smartbro for my girl in La Union and it worked quite well. Not fast but well. 🙂

    When I first bought her a laptop we got PLDT Weroam and that was expensive and slower than slow. Does that service still exsist?

    Now we are together and do not need internet to communicate. 😀

  5. Cecily says:


    This is my first time to visit your site. I was led here by a link regarding earth hour. I must say that I find your posts interesting. It’s always nice to read about the culture I grew up in from a different perspective. 😀

    Anyways, I am a content writer and I use BayanDSL. It’s pretty reliable and only gets a little slow when my brother is one the other PC downloading music, but other than that I haven’t had any problems yet. I do use a router for it, but it’s of poor quality (hehe – the results of misguided frugality) so it acts up sometimes. In general, however, the connection is fine. 😀 I have also tried using the SmartBro but its painfully slow and is rather unreliable.

    The type of browser I use helps with the speed too. I find Internet Explorer to be the slowest, Firefox to be the most reliable, and Google Chrome the fastest. 😀

    I hope the connection options get better and faster someday soon. 😀

    Enjoy your stay in Davao.

    • Bruce says:

      Welcome to my site. It is interesting how I hear good words and horror stories from people who use the different services.
      I guess it depends on where you live and how much the service personel of the company about helping you solve the problem.
      I use both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I installed Google Chrome when it fist came out, but did not use it since there was no Java for it. I will try it again.
      Hopefully one day the city’s phone lines will be switched to fiber optics.

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