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Getting Older

As we get older, our hair starts turning gray, hair stops growing where we want it (on our heads) and starts growing where we do not (our back, ears and eyebrows)

When we read, our arms are getting shorter, the print is shrinking or our glasses get thicker.

Also at times we get forgetfull and our memory wanders with lost thoughts.


6 Responses to “Getting Older”

  1. johnray says:

    My father has all these white hairs already. I on the other hand have a few white hairs already hehehe..well it is part of growing up and old.hehhee…

    This video is really funny…I like the song..hahahahaha…I hope it does not happen to you…or me..hehehe

    • Bruce says:

      Glad you enjoyed the song. Now you have something to look foward to. I think I am already there but not sure.
      Remember gray hair is a badge that you worked foward to. Just tell your wife or students that they were caused by them. 🙂

  2. Anthony says:

    After back and forth to Davao many times i have just cut it all off. Kills two birds with one stone(Sorry animal Lovers). Keeps the grey out and head much much cooler!!!!

    • Bruce says:

      Being black, I have noticed in America more and more are doing it. It looks good on a black man but strange on most caucasions. Be careful with nicks and razor burn. hahaha

  3. Anthony says:

    Bruce,I am good with an electric razor on the head but have to use “Magic Shave” for the neck. Made for the brothers for razor bump. If you need i will bring for you!

    • Bruce says:

      Even though I am 55, I still have a full head of hair with no thinning. The nexk hair is not really started yet, and the ears I just pluck out.

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