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Good Friday 2010 (update)

It is now the afternoon on Good Friday. As I posted, this morning I was at the airport early to pick up a reader/friend who was arriving from America.  Once I arrived, I met up with my friend’s girlfriend, her sister and their mother. I have a Filipino friend, who works at the airport, and was able to get us inside the airport to greet our new arrival. Here in Davao, if you do not have tickets, you are not allowed to enter the building.

Once inside it only took a few minutes for our happy visitor to enter the baggage area. He was happy to meet his girlfriend and her family. After they hugged and kissed, we retrieved his luggage and off we went to his accommodations. As I suspected, traffic was very light, but I was surprised to see more traffic than last year.

After getting settled in, we all jumped into my car and headed off to Red Knight Gardens. I know this place well since it is where I play bridge twice a week and I know their restaurant would be open today. We had a nice breakfast. Towards the end of our meal, I realized, besides all four of them sitting in his room, there was nothing else for them to do all day with the city shut down. I sent a text to Elena and asked if it was ok to bring them all to the house. He brought us both some nice gifts for out past and current assistance.

I first drove them around the city and was nice not to get in any traffic tie-ups. We then came to my home where we all say and relaxed. Because of the shutdown, we had already planned to invite them for dinner. The girls have a brother in Davao and decided to go visit him for a while, but will return for dinner.

I let them know; I have little plans for the week and will be available if they need me for anything and to drive them if needed.

I know this is not much to tell, but what do you write when a city is closed.

6 Responses to “Good Friday 2010 (update)”

  1. Caesar Erel O. Macahilig says:

    Hi Bruce,

    The trip to the airport was interesting though….your guest from the US was really happy to see his girl here in Davao. I think things will be going great for them.

    Yup, there was no hassle driving through the city today for most people are at home doing once a year reflection of their lives or at churches participating with the various Holy Week activities (Catholics and Christians alike).

    With the city business activity down into almost to none, I am thankful that there are no scheduled power blackouts. We all know that our local utility company is implementing rotational brownouts here to maximize the little available power to all consumers. At least I can stay at home cooled with the air conditioning unit on.

    The very small volume of traffic this morning reminded me when I was in Oslo. It was that many number of vehicles traversing the City of Oslo. (How I wish that this same small volume of vehicles in Davao, even after Holy Week, remains.)

    Its your typical Holy Week Good Friday traffic situation in Davao. City activities bounces back on Easter Sunday. Watch out for the Easter Bunny.

    • Bruce says:

      We all thank you for your assistance at the airport. Yes, the couple look happy and her family is happy with him too.
      Today if I venture out, I will see the traffic back to its normal crazy self.

  2. julieanne says:

    hi bruce

    happy holiday…Do u still meet with jim?because i remember its his birthday today..
    anyway kindly give my regards to wife elena.



    • Bruce says:

      Welcome back, how are you? I did not see Jim for a while, probably the last time was when we ran into you both at Greenwich. Recently ran into him and he was doing OK. Not really friends much anymore, but social to each other.

  3. BB says:


    If you get a moment. Could you e-mail me. I should be relocating to Polomolok in the near future and might be starting a business venture in General Santos. My home in now in Toronot but I have the opportunity to move and I would like a little heads up.

    Thx and be blessed!

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