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Good Friday 2010

To be able to post my articles on the scheduled day and time I am writing this on Thursday morning. Today I plan to venture out and see how the beginning of the shutdown of the city is progressing. The malls will probably be crowded since there will be no shopping tomorrow on Good Friday.

Tomorrow I need to get up early. A friend I made through this site is arriving from America. His plane is scheduled to land early. His Filipina girlfriend, her sister and their mother are planning to meet at the airport too. Since the city will be in a closed condition and since I made his reservation at an Apartelle I know, I promised to pick them up at the airport and drive them to his accommodations.

It will be nice to meet in person someone I have only known through this site. This is a kind of opposite story of how he found this site. His Filipina girlfriend was a reader and then contacted me for advice about their online relationship and to assist in any thoughts I had about their meeting and future. I am not a psychologist or relationship counselor but with my time here, my experience and all the contacts I made, I explained to them things they need to understand with the different cultures and respect.

One time this American asked Elena and I to do shopping for a birthday gift for his girlfriend and her twin sister. We were happy to assist and Elena did the shopping. One-day the girlfriend’s mother and sister came to Davao to meet with us and collect the gifts. We had coffee and talked for a while. I was amazed how the mother discussed with me about some of the more controversial articles I wrote and being a Filipina told me my understanding of the people and culture was correct.

It is nice, meeting people who have followed my site and have asked for advice and then want to meet me when they visit. As many know, there is a more popular site about live here in the Philippines and the owner of the site has become a kind of celebrity being noticed in public and someone visitors want to meet.

A few times, I have been out and someone will come up to me and say “you are American in Davao.” After I get over the shock, I reply with a smile, “well there are many Americans in Davao” where they then smile and say they recognized me from this site.

With my plan to move back to the states, I set May because in April there will be three different visitors to come to Davao and have asked to meet with me and assist them in different things. One visitor has even offered to hire me for 2 days as a driver to take them to some of the local tourist spots.

I will write about these meetings, as long as the visitor gives me permission to do so and I will also report about this year’s Good Friday.

10 Responses to “Good Friday 2010”

  1. sandy says:

    Seems so weird that things are closed, because here in Vegas it’s business as usual 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      This is a country with very strong Catholic traditions. I have explained to Elena that there are traditions here that are not done anywhere else in the world.

      • Caesar Erel O. Macahilig says:

        Hi Bruce,

        As others say, “Only in the Philippines”. You can’t find such traditions anywhere else. People here are devoted Catholics. They can afford even to close shops even for two days (Good Friday and Black Saturday)knowing they can catch up with the “loss” on Easter Sunday.

        Easter Sundays here are celebrated like literally people rose from the dead and they jam packed the malls, beaches, amusement parks after attending Sunday early morning mass called the “Salubong (Tagalog) or Sugat(Cebuano)”.

        Sugat(Cebuano) (a short play before the mass) is illustrated by Catholic teachings as Mother Mary literally meets Jesus Christ after the resurrection.

        • Bruce says:

          I am not going to get into my feelings of how the church keeps their power over their flock here and what I feel is a bad type of control.

          I hope you and your family have a good Easter day.

          • Caesar Erel O. Macahilig says:

            Hi Bruce,

            Yes, I agree with what you are saying. Despite I grew up in a Jesuit School, roughly three years ago I have seen what is the “reality” and the “actuality” of religious groups and it is not a pretty site. I have shifted from being a “Catholic” to the very old and narrow path that I have found 3 years ago.

            I wish you a pleasant weekend Bruce with your family.

          • Bruce says:

            I go between being a believer or a higher power to being agnostic. I do not like how religions control some minds and chose not to belong to any “oraganized” religions.
            A wise man once told me “Religion is mans way to justify a higher power”

  2. Marcel says:

    Bruce, I prefer your website because of the way you write, I like your frankness and the fact that you are not afraid to write about controversial topics. Other site feels a bit too nice (positive) for me sometimes even though I visit it often as well.
    I really hope that you will be able to continue post articles after your return to US, your style is what makes this website so interesting.

    • Bruce says:

      I try to tell it like it is, but try to keep respect for all including the country and it’s people.

      As long as I get help, I will continue this site as long as I can. I hope I can get writers that can contribute on a regualr basis so I can keep a schedule of articles.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Bruce,had you come here earlier ,we would have met again in Vegas as i am going there on april 15-19…
    But whenever you are here,and would want to visit Disneyland,I would be willing to meet up with you and buy you dinner,ok?
    I am 5 mins away from Disney Anaheim.

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