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Google AdSense Account Disabled

The title is the header of an email I received today.What does that mean? My Goggle AdSense ads were disabled and all the money I was to receive from Google was put on hold.

Why, because of the information I received, it was because of invalid clicks of ads on my site.

One time in the past, Elena, curious of the ad content on my site, clicked on some of the ads from her computer. What Elena did not realize, an IP address is the same on all the computers in our home connected to our router.From this I received an email from Google notifying me that invalid clicks were made from my IP address. I explained that to Elena and she stopped.

Recently on some days I see on my Site Meter there has been a large number of Page Views from a user. Some from Davao and some from other countries. I remember a while back when Stefan, a reader from Sweden found my site and decided to read all my articles over the weekend.

There have been other readers that found my site and mentioned they were going to read more of the older articles too.

I remembered back when I found Bob Martins site Live in the Philippines and over a few weekends read every article he wrote.

Now, I never click on ads to help others and most time do not click on ads.

Unfortunately from my site meter and Google Analytics there is no way to see who or where these clicks came from. We are just under the BIG BROTHER Google to allow us or disallow us from using their ads.

I also wonder if it was intentional for someone to sabatoge my site. I know I have mentioned about my page rank and have mentioned to some friends that I was close and then passed Adsense minimum $100 of payouts.

I also realized, if you want to stop someone, you could go online and site there clicking ads just as you can kill their bounce rate bay opening and closing someones sites quickly with no more then the home page view.

I do not know if this is the case, or if someone that had no idea of the damage they were creating and wanted to help me. I will never know.

I have sent an appeal to Google and will have to see their decision.

I know some of you will tell me about the other ad revenue services such as Bidvertise and Adbrite. But those sites have a smaller ad group and are only Pay-per-Click and not a Pay-per-view as AdSense has both.

Well, if someone reads this and is guilty of the cause of this, please let me know and maybe I can get Google to reduce my earnings and clear this up. Also someone is guilty and does not want their name, or site shown here, write me from the contact me link on the site header.

30 Responses to “Google AdSense Account Disabled”

  1. laagan says:

    this is so sad…but I do not generally click ads unless they interest me. so i am not guilty.
    hope things work out for you soon

    • Bruce says:

      I do not often click ads and at times find the URL and not through the site where I saw it. If it was sabotage, I hope someday Google will set things up to disallow clicks they find questionable and let the publisher to continue using AdSense.

  2. Jade says:

    This is so sad…I hope you find the solution to this problem.

    • Bruce says:

      Deep down I think there will never be a favorable solution for me with Google. They are the GOD of the internet and I have heard of others who when close to, or recently passed the $100 minimum poit to get banned by AdSense. Maybe it is a scam to not pay out to small publishers.

  3. Mindanao Bob says:

    Hi Bruce – I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. I hope that you can clear it up and get back into business again.

    • Bruce says:

      I hope so too and I hope I can find some other decent ways to make some money. I keep your advice in my head and working on some of your ideas.

      • Mindanao Bob says:

        Really, AdSense is not the best way to make money on your site anyway, so the loss is not huge. You just have to implement the better methods, though.

        • Bruce says:

          I know that, but until I can find direct ads or other avenues of income from this site, Adsense was the best. Most of the other ad services are only pay per click and I have not had much luck with them. I think most of the readers are just that readers. Maybe I will have better revenue luck with another site.

  4. *lynne* says:

    Bleah, that sucks.

    I know I felt a moment of panic when I realised I had clicked an ad on my own site, back when i was first starting a malaysian abroad. I think it occured twice. I have since been able to just ignore the ads, even though, since I blog about things that interest me, sometimes I am sorely tempted to click to find out more!

    I hope your appeal is successful.


  5. nurin says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog some time ago. I have heard of a few similar stories of google banning the writer – most of the time it’s beyond our control of who is clicking our ads. I have a colleague of mine whose adsense was banned because ads were clicked from his own IP. Which was from his workmates – quite beyond his control aight..
    Wish you all the best.

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for visiting. It is true. I try to believe it was some misinformed do-gooder trying to help. I hope it was not someone trying to sabotage my site.

  6. Jan says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Sorry to hear that you are ‘banned’ by Google adsense.
    For myself, I subscribed to have adsense on my site too, but the account was never approved. Why? I don’t know. I sent them an email, but they never respond. I’m thinking now to go to other services like Bidvertise or Adbrite. They might not work the same as adsense but the more members they have, the more they can do to make it better for ‘us’.

    • Bruce says:

      For approval you need to fill in all the info, and then they mail you a pin number to enter. I have Bidvertise and Adbrite but they are pay-per-click only. Most readers of our sites come to read and not for shopping, so not many clicks. Also I find they do not have as many advertisers buying ads for a Expat in the Philippines. I am working on some other blogs to hopefully be more of an earner.

  7. Bruce, I clicked a few times many weeks ago, on some ads because of an interest. Usually I never click on ads. I have been busy the last week so I didnt visit your site since easter. I dont really understand this. Clicking from same ip I can understand, but if I click now many times it must be valid clicks. What I mean is: Clicks from other ip:s than your own, must only be “good” clicks right? This sounds rotten to come from a big company like google.

    • Bruce says:

      Unfortunately Adsense will not let you know where the clicks are from, what IP or what they consider invalid clicks. I wonder if they realize here in the Philippines and in many places a lot of people use coffee shops or restaurants with WiFi and there can be users going to the same site and being on WiFi will have the same IP address.

  8. At least there should be warnings sent out if they feel something is wrong, so the site owner can change something in time.

    • Bruce says:

      Remember Google is the Big Boys and control everything. Most people use Google for search so they even control who is on the first page of searches. We all have to bend over and let them do it to us in the rear.

  9. Philmor says:

    Oh that’s so sad… I’ve heard about that too in some publishers. Some other said it’s a scam. I don’t know if I reach $100 they might banned me too .. 😆

  10. ceblogger says:

    I got a case of PPC sabotage and blackmail written here:

    I’m sorry to hear about your ban, Bruce. I hope they’d hear your appeal and reinstate your account. maybe the guilty one had no intention to sabotage your site.

    you can protect your site by google’s site authentication. right now, anyone can just pluck your publisher id and post it in their site. then they click from there. with the authentication, your id can only appear on your approved site.

    also, i got a tip from RTCunningham of Show only the ads to search engine visitors. He’s an expat like you and is willing to help people who are developing their sites.

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for the advice and links. For right now they are moot. Until I get reinstated from Google, if they approve my apeal, I do not need any protection since their ads are not showing.

  11. ceblogger says:

    hi again, bruce! i found an article here: this might help in asking google for a reconsideration.

    • Bruce says:


      I have already sent 2 appeals and even mentioned that if they feel there were some invalid clicks, they can reduce my earnings. But they replied that they will not reinstate me. Oh well, Google is the BIG BOYS and I am just a little blogger so I guess Adsense and I will not be seen together again.
      Hopefully some other company will open a way to make some income with pay-per-view ads as big or bigger than Google.

  12. cornyman says:

    Hello Bruce,

    since this week you can link Google Adsense and Google Analytic together.

    This means you can see from now on, which user clicked the ads and how often they have been clicked.

    Have a good time in Davao!

  13. Alan says:

    I think many of us have had issues with Google at times . I am currently awaiting a pin # to be mailed to me as my account is on ” hold ” also . Have no idea why since i have had the account for 10 months .

    I don’t click ads on sites that i have links to from my blog but i might if using another IP . 🙂

  14. Al says:

    @Bruce: In my case I was shut down without clicks from me or my peers. Appealed several times, waste of time.

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