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Google Page Ranks

Yesterday I received an email from a friend congratulating me on having a Google Page Rank of 2.

Now I have heard in the past about Googles Page Ranking. It is a way they feel the importance of a site for search reasons.

A page rank is based on some algorithm that tested how many sites link back to the tested site and how important those sites are rated also.

Another rating company is Alexa. These 2 are used by other sites to determine if or what type of advertising or connection they are willing to do with your site.

When I looked into Pay-per-post type of way to make money, I saw companies that required a Google Pagerank of 3 or higher.

Do not worry, American in Davao will always be my personal forum and I will not fill it with articles paid by others to post. Any sites or companies I do write about will be because I feel something to write or comment about.

Back to me having a Google Page Ranking, it is nice to see how this site has grown. As I have mentioned in the past, I started this Blog in 2007 as a free site on Blogger as a way to forum my life, observations and thoughts being an American Expat living in the Philippines. I did eventually registered my domain and had the site hosted. I never expected the change and growth would be as big and fast as it has happened. Now with the Ranking, it is just a little more information that I must be doing something right.

I know a lot of my readers also visit Live in the Philippines by Bob Martin and many have found my site from his. One reader even commented that he enjoyed my site but I will never be as well read or as large as Bob’s sites. I never expected to grow as much as I have and never expect to be as big a success as Bob has attained. I consider Bob as a friend and look at him also as a mentor and also a pioneer of blogging as an Expat. His knowledge and insight of the use of the internet is vast and I am happy when he assists me in times of need or confusion.

At first I wrote a lot about my family activities here with lots of photos. As I and this site developed over the 17 months I have tried to be more insightful and descriptive of life here and less on my personal life.

I hope to continue to bring you my thoughts, views and observations and I also welcome comments, good or bad, about what I write. I also hope we all develop into a small community and will also with comments give me thoughts about items you would like me to write about.

Thank you all again, from all over this world. Do not ever feel your english is too bad, or your comments too minor to say hello and comment or ask anything.If I feel it is too unwarranted or insulting, I have the power to edit or delete your comment.

In the words of my family Salamat Po to you all.

16 Responses to “Google Page Ranks”

  1. About personal writing, it really is a balance and one must define a line where to put the limit on what to expose. There might be a day when someone that wants you bad can use something against you, even though it seems like innocent writing at the time. We all need to be at least a bit careful about that. For our own best. I am blogging too, but I am still a newbie and only blogs when I am travelling. Congratulations Bruce, to the growth!

    • Bruce says:

      I have cut down on the personal writings more for interest. I think most readers do not care about all family stories and more about life, observations and experiences living here.

  2. I am trying to write fast cause usually I do it on my lunch break…like now. I hope my english is readable:-)

  3. Palawan says:

    Bruce, congratulations!! Yes what you are doing is right and you are going where you should be….I believe you kindness has something to do with it..hahaha…regards…I am in puerto princesa right now…hoping to help my friend prepare for his wedding…

  4. zelot66 says:

    Congratulations Bruce! I hope you can turn this site to money making site soon.

    Salamat po!

  5. Janice B. says:

    Hi! I totally agree with your post – I’ve tried writing for moolah and after not getting anywhere (because of my zero PR hehehe) I went ahead and only wrote about the things that were of interest to me. Now, I am happier and yes, I still care about getting a PR for my blog — maybe someday when G will finally realize my blogs worth lol.

    For now, I am enjoying what I write about and savoring every minute of it 🙂

    More power to you! 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      First I thank you for visiting and commenting on my site. Making money is a science that I have not learned. About page ranks, as I said, a lot has to do with the sites that link back to you and their ranking. One problem I have found with a lot of link exchanges, you get lots of hits with no page views and time on site being practically 0.
      With LinkReferal, Entrecard, Adgitize and many others you get credit for visiting a site, and nothing for reading content, page views or comments. If you look at your Google Analytics you will see Bounce Rate. This is a percentage of the type of hits you get. The higher the number is an average or percentage of quick exits. If over 50% you have hits that open and close your site quickly and never click to read other parts.
      I am not sure but I would guess a low Bounce Rate would increase the ads you get on your advertisers. Also, which I never would have believed, a free blog, such as Blogspot, Myspace, or other free sites gets less notice as a (dot)com site. It sure changed for mine.
      Visiting and commenting on similar sites will bring new visitors and increase your chances for a page rank.
      Good luck your site, I have visited and will continue.

  6. mia says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Nice work you’ve done here so far! I for one don’t like Google PRs. They are so against you putting paying ads apart from theirs which yields crappy income anyway. I have had my tech tutorial site since 2002 and I have always had Google Ads on it but only get my $100 check every 5 or so months, if that! I have good traffic because of some posts I write and are linked by a lot of other blog posts so at one point my Google Page Ranking shot up to 6. Aside from Google Ads, I also have Text Link Ads on my site that makes me far greater than Google ever did. Not life changing but $130.00 a month is no chump change for me either. Then Google changed their policy that you have to dump other ads and they frown at sponsored posts (which I did occasionally)or your Page Ranking will suffer dramatically. That’s when my ranking dropped from 6 to 0 in less than 2 months. I still get a lot of traffic specially on my most popular posts so to me, all this Google Page Ranking decline is hogwash.

    I have not checked my ranking in a while but I suspect it’s either 1 or 2 if not 0. Do I care? Not at all. I still get my monthly check from Text Link Ads and to prove to myself that my ranking has nothing to do with it, I’m now up to $189.00 from $130. Not bad for just placing text ads that don’t judge you on what you do with your site!

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for your information. I do not know why but TextLink will not approve my site for their ads. I agree most of the ads do not pay a lot unless you get lots of clicks with your page views. I hope someday to find the mix of ads with content to make more, but for this site I am more concerned with content. I might try so other sites, niche sites, to use as a money maker.

  7. Karina says:

    congratulations bruce, my page rank is 1, hahaha well not complaining, still working hard on it. keep up the good work =)

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you, I agree it is not easy to find and write content. But I enjoy from the comments the enjoyment and appreciation I have received.

  8. Lizza says:

    Congratulations on your blog’s growth!

    I don’t comment much, but I do pop in from time to time to catch up on how you are doing.

    I do like both your personal stories and informational posts. 🙂

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