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Healthy Eating in Davao – Vegetables

When I first moved here to Davao I was wondering what vegetables that I know of was available here. Well there are many I knew of and some I have never heard of before. With the dietary concerns of living here, for me as well as Elena and our nieces, I insisted we have fresh vegetables at most, if not all of our dinners.

I was concerned about what vegetables I liked and knew of was available here. I was happy to find out my 2 favorites was grown here and available here most of the year. They are Broccoli and Asparagus.

I have known Broccoli was healthy for you and for me tastes good too. Today there was an article in the Sun Star that Asparagus is healthy too and both are being researched as cures and/or assistance in the fight against cancer.

In the Sun Star  they tell of 2 instances that cured illness or conditions.

FOR more than two years, Josephine (not her real name) was troubled with skin problems. It was not until she consulted a physician that she found out she had various skin cancers, which were in “advanced stage.”

After being told so, Josephine went to a friend and confided her health problem. In between sobs, her friend suggested that she underwent asparagus therapy. Since she won’t lose anything anyway, she tried it. Three months asparaguslater, the skin specialist was surprised to see that her patient’s skin looked fine and there were no more skin lesions.

On the other hand, Oscar was put on the operating where doctors found that his lung cancer so widely spread that it was “inoperable.” The surgeon sewed him up and declared his case was “hopeless.” A month later after the incident, he heard about the asparagus therapy and immediately started taking it. Almost four months after taking the asparagus therapy, his x-ray pictures showed that all signs of cancer had disappeared. Today, he is back at his regular business routine.

Yes, I know these stories makes you think of the “National Inquirer” and other tabloid papers, but they do quote some researchers. Many other searches came up with the same information and they all quote National Cancer Institute, but I went to their site and was not able to find the actual quote.

Either way, most of the time, in the Palingki, public open market, we can usually find them available along with other items. Sometimes the asparagus is very thin and you rarely find the thicker variety, still it is available.

And, I do not care if it makes my pee smell bad, we will continue to eat and enjoy natures bounty.

In the future I will write about other common and not so common vegetables here in the Philippines.

12 Responses to “Healthy Eating in Davao – Vegetables”

  1. maria says:

    hi bruce
    also include pictures of these fruits and vegetables. five days a week, my husband and i drink “green smoothies” that i make by putting fruits and vegetables with nuts (for protein and essential oils)and some water in a high speed blender (i have a vitamix blender) otherwise for a regular blender just blend, blend, blend. that way, we get it all in one swoop. when we dont drink these green smoothies we can feel the difference in our body. the ingredients are all fresh, not compressed in a capsule or pill form. not to mention so much easier on the wallet. gosh, the money we used to spend on vitamins before i discovered this way of taking in fruits and vegetables. try googling green smoothies and its also on youtube. glad to hear you eat vegetables.

    • Bruce says:

      This weekend I will bring my camra to the Palengke and take photos of the vegetables avaliable. And I will name what ever I can.
      Thanks for the comment and enjoy your drinking to health.

  2. maria says:

    hi bruce
    how about show casing and sharing the recipes of vegetable dishes that elena cooks up too. my family from leyte were not vegetable eaters so i don’t really know how to cook them with a filipina twist. thanks for considering this idea and if elena does agree, please thank her for her graciousness.

    • Bruce says:

      I will try to post any reciepes I can get Elena to share. Most of the times she just steams brocholi and asparagus, but I will do my best and report here.

  3. zelot66 says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Talking about vege, there are a lot of similiarities between Philippines and Malaysia because more or less we share the same weather. Soon, you’ll find out many other veges not known to you are consumed by South East Asian people. They are all healthy, of course. I guess by now, rice has becoming your daily diet instead of bread and red meat like what you used to have in America. 🙂

    I just watched Davao city on youtube. Well, I can understand what kind of culture shock you had gone through.

    Take care bro.

    • Bruce says:

      There are a few I had not seen before. The sweet potato here, Camote is gritty unless well mashed.
      I will tell more in next article about vegies. I do eat rice, but not the quanity as Philippinos. Sometimes Elena makes me mashed potatoes or pasta.
      We eat mostly fish, pork and chicken since the beef here is tough unless you pressure cook it.
      I will look for the video on Youtube. Thanks for telling me.

  4. BrSpiritus says:

    I love going to the Palengke and shopping for veggies, they are so fresh and cheap here and taste far better than the monsanto enhanced master race of genetic mutants in the states.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for visiting.
      There are Green Markets in some parts of America where you can get local grown vegies. But yes here they are fresh at the Palengke and nicer than in the Market. The only problem is the best are exported and we get the seconds.

  5. johnray says:


    I am glad you found the veges that you really enjoy. Since I was a kid my father always teaches us to eat vegetables. Now that I am old it seems that I cannot go about without vegetables in my diet. My favorite vegetables are malungay and squash..I really like them..

    • Bruce says:

      Your father was a smart man, maybe that is what your doing so well in your life. Of Local vegies I like Kangkong. I call it “Swamp weeds”. I taught Elena to just heat some oil with garlic and quickly wilt, or sautee it. Squash I enjoy too.

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    • Bruce says:

      I lost over 40 pounds in a year. I was 248 lbs when I arrived here and now about 190. In America I ate wrong and until I was full. Now I just eat until I am no longer hungry. I still have a sweet and desert at times, but not the quanity like in the States.

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