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Herbal Remedies

Since living here in the Philippines I have heard of  uses of herbal remedies. In America we always joke about “Jewish penicillin” which is chicken soup. There are treatments and foods, applications and more to help relieve and help the body cure its self.

There was one that worked well for me. About a year ago I had a bad case of diarrhea. I had never had such a problem before and thought it might be something I ate. For 2 days I could not eat and it I even drank water I was sitting on the toilet letting the water escape. I took some Imodium, which usually helped.

A friend sent me a text to say hi, and I told him of my problem. He told me his mother-in-law makes a guava leaf tea that works for him. We drove over and “Mama” had a bottle ready for me. We stayed there a while and I consumed a few cups of this brew. I was told you cannot add sugar or anything to it, and not being a tea drinker was afraid it would taste terrible, but it tasted ok. By that evening my appetite was returning and I was not living in the CR anymore. By the next day I was back to my old self.

Tawa Tawa Tree

Tawa Tawa Tree

There is many other home and herbal remedies here in the Philippines just as there are all over the world. Another I have heard of is the use of a tea made from the roots of the Tawa Tawa tree to increase blood platelets in Dengue fever cases. Hospitals cannot administer this to patients but I have heard of the doctor telling the patients family to bring it for the patient to drink.

I am thinking, with the help of my readers, to put articles of home or herbal remedies Guava Treeand how to cure ailments they have used and found successful with the recipe to share to all to read. As most of us have heard, there are a lot of researchers in the Rain forests, and other medical research labs testing home remedies. Many prescription drugs are based on herbal counterpart.

Of course, you should consult your doctor before using any herbal supplement or home cure before trying. Sometimes you can get an allergic reaction or can cause problems with medications your taking or a problem with an existing medical condition.

There are sites with information about herbal uses and how they help. Also about the research being done. Know the ways of curing ailments from The Amen Clinics Dr Daniel G Amen, a specialist in brain SPECT imaging. Find out more about Dr. Amen here.

I hope we will come up with some interesting remedies.

19 Responses to “Herbal Remedies”

  1. Riza says:

    I have a book about herbal remedies, while i was growing up, herbal medicines are the most effective natural cure that we can ever have, and our bodies aren’t used to synthetic medications…well, until now..(lol)

  2. Evelyn says:

    hi bruce, evelyn here……
    i’d like to comment on this..
    i think the new term that is ongoing now is called NATUROPATHY…natural healing
    please google Dr Tam Mateo..he’s a famous naturopathic doctor and cancer nutrition specialist there….
    i watched this show Salamat Dok on TV every saturday here and he was featured there ..and they are veering away from saying herbal method to saying natural healing
    they offer free seminar every sunday afternoon…
    i will find out also about Dr Amen…
    i have a book about The Green Pharmacy but its author is James A. Duke,PhD
    and i also have another book about natural healing ..i forgot the author now but will tell you later when i’ll find the book…the book isn’t handy right now….

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for your comment. What I am looking for is home remedies people have tried themselves. Which work, which cause side effects and so forth.

  3. Riza says:

    sure, let me just unclutter my desk LOL.

  4. Riza says:

    Hmm…ok, let me reconsider that…LOL

  5. Riza says:

    You mentioned Guava only for diarrhea, but a boiled guava leaves is also what new mothers bathe with, and also good for cleaning wounds. Java plum’s bark is good for the gums. In the US, if you have gall stones you drink cranberry juice, the philippine version of this is banaba leaves.

  6. Dan2maasin says:

    Hey Bruce,

    I like the idea of these type of remedies, seems to be more natural for the body. But I too would be interested in seeing more “recipes” of this type from any of your readers.

    Take care,
    Danny 🙂

  7. Julie says:

    hi sir bruce, we have so many herbal medicines here in the Philippines…guava leaf has many uses like curing wounds,toothache, diarrhea, body pains…it’s very effective when i tried it at home. i learned it from our parents whom they’ve known it from our grandparents also…there are so many herbal medications which you can find from trees, flowers, grasses in my hometown at Island Garden City of Samal ( an island near davao city).

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for all your visits and comments. I enjoy Filipinos who read and comment. It helps me know if I am on track and if my views are in agreement or opposite of my Filipino neighbors.
      I am hoping to learn and try if needed more of the herbal remedies. But as I warned in the article, people have to be careful in case of allergy or interactions with any medications they might be taking.

  8. Edzel Salomon says:

    Tawa-tawa is best for patient with dengue, these will help boost immune system and increase platelets. Many testimonial about the weeds but the doctor didn’t find any interest in studying and developing the herbs since they will find it un profitable.

    • Bruce says:

      I have heard about its properties and help with platelets. I had also heard, but not know if a fact that the Philippine Govt was studying the properties to allow for treatment, but not sure.
      Thanks for commenting.

  9. erwin john says:

    i just want to know, what is the content of tawa tawa plant which increase the blood platelet count..

    hoping for your reply ASAP!!!!


    • Bruce says:

      I tried to research for an answer and was unable to find the compound. What I read is that it does not cure Dengue but makes the body increase platelets. There is research being done and we must just await the results. All I know, online there are recipes and I am glad if I, or any member of my family comes down with Dengue.

  10. Tawa-tawa is an effective cure for dengue, asthma, cough, headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, arthritis, etc. I suggest you visit this site

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