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Holy Thursday 2010

This morning I wrote an article that will be posted Friday morning about Good Friday and my plans for the day. Well it is now the afternoon on Holy Thursday. This morning Elena and I want out to see a pool/resort she wants to take the family on Easter Sunday. In the states, Easter is usually a home day for family where friends and mostly relatives come together for a late afternoon feast. Each family has their traditions and many start with an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Here in the Philippines many families spend the afternoon at a pool resort or the beach. They pack up food and beverages and spend the day eating and swimming.

Well today, I noticed a huge drop in traffic. After we left the resort, Elena mentioned we should go to SM Mall for lunch. SM Mall is one of the newest and most modern malls in the city. So we headed over and to our surprise, it was closed. We then decided to go to Coco’s Grill newest location in the Victoria Mall compound. Passing NCCC Mall we noticed they were also closed. On our trip we passed Gaisano Mall, which is our usual spot to shop and saw they were open, but the usual congestion of jeepneys in front were much less than normal.  We finally arrived at the Victoria Mall compound and saw the mall was open but the restaurant was closed. We drove over to F. Torres to see what was open there and found most places were closed as well.

So, as usual for us, we headed back to Gaisano Mall and had lunch there. Elena went into the market to get a few things as I went out to have my after meal cigarette. TO me the mall was less crowded than normal, but Elena said the market was crowded.

As we drove home, we saw most of the businesses including the banks were closed with their steel rollup doors rolled down. Elena asked me about Holy Thursday and Good Friday in America. I told her all businesses are open and if you want the day off, you do so without pay or use one of your vacation or personal days to cover the hours.

Tomorrow I will report on more of my observations about what is happening or should I say not happening in Davao City.

4 Responses to “Holy Thursday 2010”

  1. sandy says:

    I hope you find something open to report on. Good Luck. S

  2. Evelyn says:

    Bruce,please tell Elena that it is on Easter Sunday that most stores here are closed

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