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Holy Week (final episode)

I know it has been a few days since Easter Sunday.  Easter Sunday turned out like a regular day for me except Elena and the girls had not returned. I woke up, had my juice and coffee and then met a friend at BluGre Coffee. It is a nice Coffee Shop with relaxing Jazz music playing, free WiFi and comfortable seating. I then visited a friend at his restaurant and while there I received a text from Elena that they were close and where to meet the bus.

Her brother, wife and helper were also there and asked me to drive them to the location to get a Van to return to Kidapawan. There was one more rider in the car, her brother’s future champion Cock Fighter. Yes, a young rooster in a little net bag. Well we filled the trunk with all the baggage and squeezed 7 people in my little Kia Rio and off we went. Traffic was lighter than but not as light as the few days prior.

After dropping the Kidapawan Clan off, we returned home. There was a box and small Styrofoam cooler that was not with them when they left. It turned out it was a box of crabs and a cooler of shrimp. I now feel bad I never took any photos, but with everyone moving around unpacking and Elena separating the crabs, some for us and some for a friend who asked Elena to bring some back I was just told to keep out of the way.

For dinner Elena made the crabs. They were steamed and as always, my kind sweet wife would break out the meat and place it on my plate. The crabs were delicious and I enjoyed dinner so much.

Monday night Elena was cooking and I was out of the way. I did not realize Elena bought 2 types of shrimps, maybe these qualify as prawns, and when I was called into dinner I had 4 HUGE shrimp tails lightly breaded and fried. In my life I had never had a shrimp that large. The tail meat was about 5 to 6 inches long and the thick end was about 1 inch in diameter. The meat was a little firmer than usual shrimp and had the sweetness and consistency of almost a lobster tail. When I looked at the girls taking the heads to consume I thought they were crabs since they were so big. Elena told me the 4 shrimp weighed 1 kilo. That would make each shrimp over ½ pound before beheaded and cleaned. I could not believe it and if you have never eaten a shrimp this big, just the 4 shrimp tails, a small amount of boiled potatoes and some broccoli filled me up so much I did not even want any desert.dscn1970

As I was starting this article, I mentioned to Elena about how I wished I would have photographed the crabs and shrimp before cooking and after. She showed me, and I photographed, a few other shrimp she had left over. The big one was a size of 6-7 per kilo. She also told me the cost was so much cheaper in Bislig than in Davao, almost half the price.dscn1971

Too bad it is a 7 hour bus trip or else I would be willing to send her there each month with a big ice chest to get more.

I guess in the future I will not be as upset when she wants to visit family knowing of the great meals I will get once she returns.

17 Responses to “Holy Week (final episode)”

  1. Nene says:

    hello, Bruce! guess you haven’t read my last post dated 4/12/09 (i think)referring to my hometown of Bislig(well, actually Bislig is a city now).In my post there i mentioned about our sea food which is really the best so far i’ve had. We just got back from Florida less than two weeks ago for a 2week stay (related to my hubby’s job)and i have to tell you that i’ve eaten seafood there like crabs, shrimps,and mussells. still the taste doesn’t come up to par with the seafood in Bislig/Mangagoy. and oh by the way i’ve had Maine lobster, too while in Palm Coast last December.I’d trade the Maine lobster to what you had that Elena brought you from Mangagoy hahaha! again, Bruce am hoping that one day you will visit Bislig/Mangagoy and taste our famed sea food, see the Tinuy-an Falls,or spend a day or two in the beaches of nearby Hagonoy and Lawigan. My best regards to you and to Elena.

    • Bruce says:

      Elena and our nieces wonder your family name to know if they know your mother. I do hope someday to visit Bislig. The shrimp was great and the taste was very close to a Maine lobster. I actually preferred, while in the states was Alaskan King crab legs and remember the “All you can eat” Restaurants in New York. Elena mentioned she was never at Lawigan but told me a story about going to Hagonoy as a teen. The morning trip by boat was wonderful, the water was still and smooth but on her afternoon return the water was so wavy the boad flipped over.

  2. Nene says:

    hello again, Bruce! my maiden name is ********** mom’s full name is Felicitas C. ********** nicknamed Feling..

    thanks and best regards.

    • Bruce says:

      Buy giving ****** for name it does not help. If you are interested in seeing if anyone in my family knows your mom or family and do not want your name displayed, click the “Contact Me” tab and send me an email.

  3. Hi Bruce,

    I had some prawn tails like you mention (4 to a kilo) at a resort restaurant up in Ilocos Sur, Luzon. They were so big they had sliced the tail and slipped in a thick slice of ham, battered them and then deep fried. My mouth still waters when I think of them. Served with chips, salad and a cold SMB, it made for a memorable meal.

    Thanks for the photos – now I know what I was eating! Next time slide a ruler alongside one of them so we can actually see how big they were.

    • Bruce says:

      I am glad you have had such prawns, some people I have told looked like I was on drugs. Another asked if they were langoustine. I have had langoustine and liked these shrimp better. Stuffing with ham sounds delicious. Will tell Elena to try that next time, and I hope not to forget the camera.

  4. Janice says:

    Hi Bruce! Have an award for you 🙂 I really like your posts and enjoy reading them a lot. I hope you will take the time to grab the award 🙂

    Take care and have a very blessed day ahead! 🙂

  5. Janice says:

    hahahaha 2 awards for you actually! :)(friendly blogger and best blogger) You’re in my blog Roll and I have this addiction of checking my blog roll’s latest update several times during the day lol – I love reading blogs and posts and would usually leave a comment here and there 🙂

    Keep up the good work and keep on blogging about the things you love! Ciao! 🙂

  6. Janice says:

    Oppss… forgot to tell you award is at my site: and unfortunately , is not cash hehehe it’s just a cute pic I got from Cacai M. and Meryl 🙂

    Take care and God bless!

  7. William says:

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  8. William says:

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