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Holy Week is Over

First I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a safe and Happy Easter.

Here in the Philippines, a predominately Catholic country, Holy week is a very big deal. Schools closed from Wednesday through Sunday and practically every business closed on Good Friday.

There is one practice in the Philippines that makes me wonder where devotion ends and insanity starts (this is only my opinion). In one of the provinces there are devoted Catholics that believe in flagellation and/or crucifixion as a way to show there devotion or repent for their sins. Some beat their backs with bamboo and others have themselves crucified.

On Good Friday a friend of mine offered to drive me around to show me shortcuts and places I have not known about or if I had, how to get to them. One problem here is with the crazy driving habits, it is hard to look at and remember street names and also, most roads are so curved, you do not realize a cross street can cut you over to somewhere you usually drive around to get to.

We left about 11AM and there was hardly any traffic. It was fun but a little spooky seeing streets usually full with cars and pedestrians empty.

A lot of family’s go to the beach after Church services. We had a busy week last week with all the shopping for some repairs being done in the house, we just relaxed at home. Also one of our nephews who was living with us while looking for employment, and then returned home for Holy week, came back to pack his personal things since he received a job near his home. And then another nephew came here on Easter Sunday so he could apply for his passport. He has been offered a position in Saudi Arabia as a transmitter technician.

Well today, Monday morning we had to get out to the markets to replenish our supplies for another week. With so many businesses closed for a long weekend supplies were still a little thin. Even some of the fish were not available since they have to undergo health tests before they can be sold. But we were able to find enough for our needs and look forward to next week when all should be back to normal.

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